Chapter 59: PDA Early in the Morning

FarAway: Hahaha!

LIsForLeng: Tell me about it! Did ur man tell u how I was dragged away last night?

Leng Xiyao chose her words carefully. What she really wanted to ask is, Did your man tell you who my uncle is?

However, she dared not ask her this, so she detoured around the subject.

Mo Suqing thought for a moment before typing into her phone.

FarAway: No, but I seemed to have a feeling he didn’t want to talk about it.

LIsForLeng: “Seemed?” Were you drunk too?

FarAway: Of course! I couldn’t be much better when u were that wasted, could I?

LIsForLeng: Well, I’m sorry. Have u sobered up yet?

FarAway: Sure, Ye Zhongjue prepared something for me to drink!

LIsForLeng: What are u doin, showing me PDA early in the morning! But I must say, Ye Zhongjue really is a great hubby 24/7! Also, he’s handsome and loving. What a huge waste, matching him with you!

FarAway: *Shy* *Angry* *Crazy* !!! R u jealous?

LIsForLeng: I ignore ur PDA, I strike u on the head, I glare at u, and I slam the door in ur face!!!

A sinister smile crept across Mo Suqing’s face.

FarAway: LIsForLeng, u r dead meat!

LIsForLeng: After giving it some thoughts, I realize I was being petty. Forgive me, Suqing. It’s because I was still too emotional! Ur PDA reminded me of last night! The humiliation of it is just indescribable! *Sobbing*

FarAway: What happened last night?

LIsForLeng: I was too drunk so uncle had to carried me home. It was a humiliating experience, I assure u!

Mo Suqing remembered that the day she met Ye Zhongjue, she and Leng Xiyao also got very drunk.

Leng Xiyao told her that her uncle had smacked her on the buttocks for it. Even now, she found it difficult to get her head around this kind of uncle-niece interaction.

Mo Suqing was going to ask some further questions when the door opened.

She looked up to see Ye Zhongjue coming inside the room. His handsome eyebrows drew together at the sight of her. “Why aren’t you up already?”

Mo Suqing batted her eyes, her lively eyelashes waving up and down like a pair of hand fans.

“Isn’t it Saturday?”

Ye Zhongjue was dazed. Apparently, he couldn’t understand why her not getting up yet had anything to do with it being a Saturday.

Mo Suqing was about to say something more when her phone vibrated again.

She lowered her head and read the message.

LIsForLeng: Where r u? Dead?

The girl was imitating her words from earlier!

Meanwhile, Ye Zhongjue had come near. He lowered his head, but could not figure out what Mo Suqing was doing.

Mo Suqing felt his shadow over her head. She took one look at the conversation between her and Leng Xiyao and quickly covered the screen with her hand.

Ye Zhongjue’s face darkened.

Mo Suqing looked up at him, feeling somewhat guilty. Laughing nervously, she said, “I’m just chatting with Yao.”


Although he had only a brief glance at the screen, he was sure it was not the text app. Looking at the open doubt on his face, Mo Suqing did not know what to say.

Somehow, she felt that the man had turned into a naïve, curious kid before her very eyes.

She pressed the back key when Ye Zhongjue was not looking and raised up the phone.

“See, I’m chatting with her. I’m not lying.”

Ye Zhongjue looked at the screen and seemed puzzled.


He doesn’t know what WeChat is? Mo Suqing thought, a little shocked.

She could not help but feel a bit weird, too. Her husband was not from Mars, was he?

Then, she let go of her judgment. It was not that unusual for a man not to know about these social media apps.

She smiled and got up from the bed. “Yeah, this is WeChat. It’s great for chatting with your friends!”

But Ye Zhongjue just gave it a glance then turned away.

“Pack your handbag and have fun somewhere today. I’ll go pick you up after sunset.”

“Have fun somewhere?” Mo Suqing repeated in a baffled tone.

“Yeah,” Ye Zhongjue nodded.

He had planned to wait for her to get up and take her somewhere after breakfast. They hadn’t gone anywhere together before.

Every weekend, it had been either that he needed to take care of something, or that she needed to gather the material for some story.

However, his plan was ruined by a phone call from his father.

His father had somehow got wind of his getting married and demanded that he bring Mo Suqing home today. He could feel that he was not in a good mood.

He knew that his father was angry.

His parents had always urged him to find a girlfriend, but the fact that he just got married without telling them still gave them quite a shock.

His father, if he wanted, was capable of finding out where he lived.

It would be simpler if Mo Suqing had already known who he was and was willing to face them with him, but the point was she hadn’t. In her eyes, he was just an assistant.

How could he tell her now that he had lied to her all this time, that he was President Ye Jue of Mighty Empire, the group that dominated the business world in A City?

He knew he couldn’t do it. He was too afraid of scaring her away to say anything.

He chuckled bitterly. He was no better than some despicable man who lied to get a woman to marry him.

However, he must go home and make a clean breast of it to his parents today.

He was not afraid of going home. He just feared that, since his father knew him very well, he had known he would not bring Mo Suqing with him and set a trap for him to go home, so that he could take Mo Suqing away from the house.

That was why he must persuade her to go out today. Any place would do, as long as she did not stay in the house.

Mo Suqing gave him a quizzical look. “Why must I go out? Can’t I just stay at home and rest all day? I’m tired!”

Mo Suqing pouted, obviously reluctant to go anywhere.

Ye Zhongjue wavered from his decision. Then, he forced himself to cast aside every doubt.

He looked Mo Suqing in the eye and said in a voice that allowed for no objection, “No. I have something that I need to deal with and you don’t know how to take care of yourself alone here. Besides, you will be very bored staying home. We need to buy some groceries too, but I haven’t got time to do it. Can you be a good girl and go shopping?”

Mo Suqing wavered between being lazybones at home and going out for a while. In the end, she decided to listen to Ye Zhongjue.

It was mainly because Ye Zhongjue said he hadn’t got around with the groceries.

Alright then! She supposed she could do it. After all, she was free today.

Mo Suqing finally agreed to go out. Ye Zhongjue felt immensely relieved.

After they had breakfast, Mo Suqing called Leng Xiyao to go out with her.

Leng Xiyao, who was in the living room at home, cast a glance at the man reading the newspaper on the sofa.

Her butt was still stinging from the spank last night, but she replied to Mo Suqing’s invitation in a fearless tone, “Okay! Let’s meet up in the wetland park!”

Leng Xiyao took her handbag and began to sneak out.

However, a pair of long legs blocked her way squarely when she reached the door.

She looked up at Leng Haoyun’s poker face, hers gloomy.

Wasn’t he reading the newspaper? How did he appear at the door in the blink of an eye?

“Where are you going?” Leng Haoyun demanded coldly, his tone almost inhumane.

Leng Xiyao was pissed off. Why should I tell him wherever I go?

Keeping in mind how he had smacked her last night, she swore she would never want to see this cold-blooded, suffocating person ever again. Or at least not for a couple of days.

“I don’t think I need to tell you my whereabouts!”

Like a rebellious teenager, Leng Xiyao held her head high and glared at Leng Haoyun unyieldingly.

“I am a grownup, not a kid anymore! Please stop treating me like I’m a ten-year-old, uncle!”

Leng Haoyun’s face tightened. She resents me for telling her what to do?

It hit him that she had been suppressing her feelings. Until today, when she was fed up.

He had thought they could stay at home and spend time with each other today, since he had finally had some free time. Nevertheless, Leng Xiyao had been like a cat whose tail was stepped on, hissing and growling.

“Okay. So… don’t come home too late. And be careful!”

Leng Haoyun sounded gruffly, betraying no emotions.

Leng Xiyao was taken aback. He was unusually amiable today! He just let her go without requesting anything from her. That was new.

Since he had said yes, she’d better leave immediately. Otherwise, if he regretted it, she would have to beg him again!

Making up her mind, Leng Xiyao ran out cheerfully like a bird who had been freed.

Watching her, Leng Haoyun felt a headache developing and rubbed his forehead. Maybe… he needed to change the way he treated her.

When something was pushed to the extreme, it might backfire. Similarly, he had been too strict to her, so now she became rebellious.

Maybe no one would believe him, but Leng Haoyun could feel that his niece had just entered the teenage phase.

Looking at her jaunty steps, Leng Haoyun’s eyes became deeper and darker.

When Leng Xiyao showed up, Mo Suqing had already been there. She noticed that Mo Suqing was wearing a grudging expression.

“What’s the matter?” Didn’t your man please you well last night?” Leng Xiyao asked playfully.

Mo Suqing rolled her eyes. “Can your imagination be any more overactive?”

“Sure! How is he in bed?”

Mo Suqing sighed. Why would I choose to spend my wonderful weekend with her and be forced to discuss something so dirty?

Leng Xiyao, seeing that Mo Suqing was speechless, waved her arm happily and found her own spirit lift.

“I’m joking! I can see you are in a bad mood, so I purposefully made a joke.”

Mo Suqing gave her a look and said, “I knew you did it on purpose…”

It was Leng Xiyao’s turn to be speechless. She didn’t know what one could possibly have to say to that!

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