Chapter 56: You can’t just Drag Me into This

Mo Suqing smiled mildly, although she was extremely cheerful inside. She knew Leng Xiyao very well.

She never got the short end of the stick. On the contrary, Bai Tingnan had got the worst of it more than once, but she still couldn’t learn the lesson. It served her right.

Although she and Leng Xiyao liked to engage in a good bickering, their friendship had become closer and closer at the same time. I bet you couldn’t do that, could you?

What a helpless moron.

An Huilin’s cold glance swept through each of them when she said irritably, “We are supposed to be having dinner together. Stop fighting and making a scene! If you don’t want to have dinner, just get out.”

Mo Suqing grabbed Leng Xiyao’s arm, willing her not to do anything impulsive.

However, before Leng Xiyao could do anything impulsive, somebody beat her to it.

“Ma’am, they are the ones who are making a scene. What have I ever done?”

An Huilin’s face darkened. “Bai Tingnan, get out of here if you don’t want to have dinner properly. Do not spoil our mood!”

Obviously, An Huilin was in a bad mood today. Stupid as Bai Tingnan, she kept incurring her wrath.

Having received a public dressing-down, Bai Tingnan, feeling utterly wronged, took her handbag with her and began to rush out, almost knocking over a waitress on the way. She glared at the waitress and yelled, “Are you blind?”

Then, she took off without even a backward glance.

The waitress stared at her blankly. Someone quickly came to her rescue, “Please don’t be offended. She is crazy. Just serve our dishes, would you? I’m starving!”

The waitress smiled and started to put the dishes on the table. The atmosphere improved immediately.

Leng Xiyao laughed uncontrollably. Trying hard to suppress her laughter, she leaned against Mo Suqing and whispered into her ear, “Suqing, I finally understand why Bai Tingnan can never beat me in a fight! It’s because she’s too stupid! Ah, I feel so happy.”

Mo Suqing watched her gloat over Bai Tingnan’s misfortune. She was very happy, too!

She lowered her voice and said, “Can’t you see?”

“See what?” Leng Xiyao asked.

“She’s what we call a woman with big boobs and no brain!”

Leng Xiyao burst out laughing once more, only this time she had the courtesy to cover her mouth. She fell down to Mo Suqing’s lap, weak from all the laughing.

“Suqing, I just realized that you are the real badass here!”

Mo Suqing did not reply. She pulled up Leng Xiyao and put a mouthful of her favorite food in her bowl.

After dinner, some suggested karaoke and some proposed having a drink.

The karaoke was actually right next to the pub and not far from the private dining room.

Leng Xiyao vehemently agreed with having a drink. It had been a long time since she and Mo Suqing had a drink together and it could barely be counted as one when they had a little alcohol during dinner.

In the end, people who wanted to have a drink outnumbered those who preferred going to the karaoke. It had been settled.

An Huilin waved her hand and said, “You go then; I’m going home now. Don’t forget to request a reimbursement from me tomorrow. The boss will cover every expense for tonight.”

Someone asked curiously, “Ma’am, who on earth is our boss? He has bought our company for a long time now, but we have never met him.”

An Huilin gave Leng Xiyao a meaningful look before answering, “Soon, you will know.”

Then, she left them alone.

Mo Suqing and Leng Xiyao walked toward the pub with the others.

After several rounds of beer, Mo Suqing felt befuddled. She found it difficult to control herself recently.

Leng Xiyao did not try to exercise any restraint tonight, either. She was as drunk as Mo Suqing. So were the others.

At a certain point, Mo Suqing struggled to stand up in order to go to the restroom.

Zhang Yubin, bold drunk, stood up so suddenly that he almost knocked over the bottles on the table. “Suqing, I’ll go with you!”

Mo Suqing waved her hand as a no. I’m just going to the restroom. What is the matter with him?

A few male colleagues sitting next to Zhang Yubin began to encourage him.

“Go! You must go with her! Mo Suqing is obviously drunk. We don’t want her to get lost!”

Leng Xiyao, drunk though she was, could see that Mo Suqing was reluctant. She stood up herself, with a bottle in her hand.

“All of you, sit down! I’ll go with Suqing! Besides, you can’t follow her into the lady’s room, now can you?”

Her outburst surprised the men. Zhang Yubin lost his courage he had finally plucked up.

Mo Suqing and Leng Xiyao supported each other and staggered toward the restroom.

After going to the restroom, they began the return journey. Neither of them was clear-headed. Mo Suqing pointed at the room they had just gone past. “Yao, I think we missed it. I remember we came from there.”

Leng Xiyao was hammered, but she insisted, “No, you are wrong! Our room is the one at the end of the hall!”

Mo Suqing could not talk her out of it. She thought she might just have remembered the wrong room, so she followed Leng Xiyao to the room at the far end.

The truth was, Leng Xiyao did remember correctly. The problem was, she forgot who she was with.

Every time she asked Leng Haoyun to take her there, they were assigned Room No.1 at the end of the passage. It was reserved for bigwigs of the city.

Reaching the room, Leng Xiyao pushed open the door, a silly smile on her face.

Mo Suqing looked around. All the faces were unfamiliar to her. She shook her head to clear it, then took another look at the people in the room.

They had been surprised when the door opened. However, when they found two pretty girls standing there, their expressions were turned from shocked to wicked.

They were here to do business. Usually, there were beautiful women entertaining them. But today, they dared not do anything untoward out of respect for a special companion.

However, when they saw two drunk women appearing at their door, it was inevitable for them to have dirty thoughts.

Ye Zhongjue did not pay any attention to what was happening, even when the door to the room had opened. Few things could attract his attention nowadays.

On the other hand, Lin Ran, who had gone to the restroom, saw it upon returning.

What he saw was this: a group of men looking at two lost lambs at the door with undisguised hostility.

Thanks to Ye Zhongjue, they were only looking and hadn’t made any imprudent moves.

Mo Suqing and Leng Xiyao were a little stunned. They had no idea what was happening and just stood there, unable to decide what to do.

Behind them, Lin Ran could not see their faces. He approached the two girls and tapped Leng Xiyao on the shoulder. “Excuse me, who are you?”

Leng Xiyao turned around and the stink of drink rushed forward. She was obviously wasted.

“Who are you?”

Before Lin Ran could answer her question, Mo Suqing turned around, too.

When he saw the pretty face of Mo Suqing’s, Lin Ran immediately stepped back out of surprise.

Isn’t she Miss Mo, the woman Boss wants me to keep tabs on?

He had known that Miss Mo was very special to his brother, so he found it very strange that he apparently hadn’t had any reactions to her presence.

He peered in the room over the girls’ heads.

Ye Zhongjue was sitting in a dark corner, his head hung low as if deep in thought. He did not notice anyone at the door, nor any change in the atmosphere.

It looked like his boss had not seen Miss Mo at all. Lin Ran quickly walked around Leng Xiyao and over to Ye Zhongjue.

Meanwhile, the other men had been restless. When one of them saw that Leng Xiyao and Mo Suqing were turning to leave, he could no longer hold back. He pounced and pulled the girls back into the room.

“Pretty ladies, come on in. Don’t go without a drink!”

By now, Mo Suqing had sobered up a little, enough to feel she was in some kind of danger. Did we accidentally bump into a pride of lions?

Somehow, she could feel their stare on them was malicious and evil.

She pulled Leng Xiyao behind her and eyed the people in the room warily.

Ye Zhongjue had hung his head low, so Mo Suqing never saw him.

In the meantime, Lin Ran had walked over and bent nearer to whisper in Ye Zhongjue’s ear, “Boss, they took Miss Mo into the room by force!”

Ye Zhongjue had thought Lin Ran was going to give him a report on some business matter. When he heard the phrase “Miss Mo,” he snapped his head up.

Mo Suqing was standing in center of the room. She looked like a wary hen protecting her chick with Leng Xiyao behind her.

Seeing that the girls were in the room now, none of the others gave it a shit about caution anymore.

Before Ye Zhongjue could do anything about it, a man had already extended his hand toward and smiled obscenely at Mo Suqing.

Just when he was about to touch Mo Suqing on the arm, she took a step back involuntarily.

Before Lin Ran knew what had happened, Ye Zhongjue had stood up, stridden over, and gripped the man’s outstretched arm. Then, he gave it a twist.

The man roared like a boar being shot.

Ye Zhongjue glanced over at a jaw-dropped Lin Ran, telling him with his eyes to come along. Then, he escorted Mo Suqing and Leng Xiyao out of the room, leaving a bunch of old men behind.

Leng Xiyao, who was dragged out by Mo Suqing, was no soberer than before and did not know a squat about what had happened.

In contrast, Mo Suqing had completely sobered up after she left the room. Though a bit groggy still, she had no problem recognizing the person in front of her.

“What are you doing here?”

Ye Zhongjue thought about how it would have turned out for her if he were not in the room tonight and found himself unable to calm down.

Doesn’t she know how to protect herself?

He had not thought about the more important problem until she asked him why he was here.

At the critical moment, Lin Ran appeared. Ye Zhongjue pulled him forward.

“This is the manager in my department. He took me here to do some business tonight. Isn’t that right, Manager Lin?”

Seeing what was going on, Lin Ran wept on the inside.

Big Bro, are you kidding me? You can’t just drag me into this!

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