Chapter 55: A Wickedly Beautiful Man

After work, the gang from Trend Magazine set off in procession towards Silk Empire International.

Silk Empire International was a subsidiary under Mighty Empire and famous in A City for its three “mosts” – most delicious, most equipped and most stylish.

What one meant by the “most delicious” was of course its food. The taste of the food there was second to none; it might as well be from heaven. What “most equipped” indicated was its various facilities. Silk Empire International was not merely a restaurant; it was also a pub, a karaoke, a hot spring bath, a tea house and a club. Anything you might think of, they’d got it. Covering more than five thousand acres, it was a comprehensive establishment for entertainment and relaxation located at the foot of Mt. Qingming in A City.

As for the last “most,” the most stylish interior design, it was truly unsurpassed anywhere in the city.

Needless to say, it was an enormous project to design a land of five thousand acres. However, the architecture had done a superb job in creating the exquisitely detailed piece of art that is Silk Empire International. In every corner, one could see elegance and lavishness.

It was a popular haunt for the upper class.

Of course, those who had a little money to spend were also among its regular patrons.

Mo Suqing could never have believed their mysterious boss would be so generous as to treat all of them to dinner at such a place.

That was why everyone was thrilled when An Huilin announced they were to have dinner there, of all places.

Leng Xiyao had been talking nonstop on the way there. “Suqing, why are you so cool about it? Don’t you feel that it is odd of a boss to be this kind? I bet there is more to the story.”

Mo Suqing looked askance at her. “Why can’t you think of it in a good way?”

“In a good way?” Leng Xiyao sank into deep thought. After long deliberation, her response almost made Mo Suqing choke.

“I can’t think of anything good about it!”

Then why did you act like you were deep in thought? Mo Suqing thought. I think you can come up with something much better than this!

“I have to say… you are a hard case.”

Before Mo Suqing had finished the sentence, Leng Xiyao had already pounced on her like a mad cat.

Mo Suqing was about to mess around with her a bit more.

Suddenly, her eyes fell on a group of well-suited people ahead of them. She needed not a second glance to know they must be CEOs.

She tugged at Leng Xiyao and lowered her voice, “Stop it, Yao. A group of people are coming toward us. Don’t be too carried away.”

Although Silk Empire International was a place for entertainment, the restaurant part of it was very quiet and low-key, without any of the hustle and bustle of city life.

Every private dining room was well soundproofed.

Leng Xiyao sheathed her claws and turned to where Mo Suqing was looking.

She was astonished immediately.

Uncle! He is having dinner here too? Why didn’t he tell her? She suddenly remembered that she had told him last night about how she missed the food at Silk Empire International and how it had been a long time since they went there.

Then, today of all days, the magazine treated them to dinner here. And somehow, her uncle was here too. Were these two things linked in some way?

Otherwise, how could one explain such a coincidence?

Those who were at the front of the procession, including Liu Siran and Bai Tingnan, found that their hearts were beating unusually fast.

They had never seen a man more perfect than the one before them. They stared at Leng Haoyun and averted their eyes from time to time out of coyness.

When the two groups passed each other, Mo Suqing could feel the man fix his gaze at something next to her.

Of course, it was nothing new for journalists to see handsome guys in person. However, the one at the front of the group was extraordinarily so and particularly memorable.

He was the same type as Ye Zhongjue, who seemed to radiate in a crowd.

The only difference between them was their styles.

Mo Suqing cast a glance at An Huilin. Somehow, she felt her watching intently at the wickedly beautiful man.

Moreover, there seemed to be a hint of bitter love in her eyes.

Yes, there was no doubt what it was.

Mo Suqing was stunned. Abbess Miejue was feeling the bitterness of love? Could it be possible that she was in love with the wickedly beautiful man?

However, love at first sight was just so unlike Abbess Miejue, yet if she knew that man, she would have said hello, wouldn’t she?

Mo Suqing could not understand it.

Female journalists were far more than their male counterparts in Trend Magazine, so it was impossible to stop the gossip once it started.

After the brief encounter, the women began gossiping about the man.

“Who is that man? My god, isn’t he cute? I could feel my pulse quickened!”

“Tell me about it! It’s a pity a man as gorgeous as he is not an actor or singer!”

“You can say that again. I would be one of his biggest fans if he is!”

“You are both wrong. Didn’t you see what he’s wearing? It’s an Armani handmade suit! Not something commoners can afford, I tell you! He is obviously wealthy. Why would he need to become a celebrity?”

“A young man from A City with a look that can wreak havoc and money that I can only dream of… surely we should have known about him?”

Someone chipped in, “Not necessarily. It’s like nobody has ever seen the CEOs of Mighty Empire and The Unparalleled. It’s not a problem for the rich to avoid appearing in newspapers!”

Everyone went silent in an instant.

Was it possible that the man whom they had just passed by was the CEO of either Mighty Empire or The Unparalleled?

No way! What was the possibility of that?

Seeing the shocked expression of her colleagues, the person who had caused the alarm quickly laughed a nervous laugh.

“I don’t really know! Don’t take my words seriously…”

All breathed out a sigh of relief. For one second, they had believed she was revealing the truth she had found out!

An Huilin sneered inwardly. What they did not know was that the man was actually their mysterious boss.

Lost in her thought, she turned her head and cast Leng Xiyao a glance.

She looked naïve and innocent enough. When Leng Haoyun walked past her, she didn’t even look up. Nevertheless, she was sure Leng Xiyao was the person she had seen in the picture the other day.

It was hard to imagine she was such a manipulative person, though young she was.

Leng Xiyao seemed to sense An Huilin’s stare. She snapped her head up.

An Huilin quickly looked away, trying to hide the fact that she had been looking at her.

The group entered a private dining room. Mo Suqing kept telling Leng Xiyao, “They had a point, don’t they? A man so wickedly beautiful can’t be a nobody.”

Leng Xiyao almost puked the water she had just drunk. She forced the liquid down her throat, her face chokingly red.

Wickedly beautiful! A look that can wreak havoc! Haha… Inside, she had burst out laughing. If her uncle heard about those comments, his face had to darken!

Mo Suqing peered at her. “Why are you reacting so strongly?”

“No…” Leng Xiyao waved her hand while coughing violently.

Frowning in puzzlement, Mo Suqing patted her back to help her regain her breath.

“You know, when we passed each other, I felt that the man looked at you for a moment. But maybe I am wrong!”

Hearing this, Leng Xiyao almost fell from her chair.

Mo Suqing was a good gossip journalist for a reason. Her olfactory sense seemed to be better than that of a dog, able to smell all kinds of gossip!

Mo Suqing caught her arm. “What’s the matter with you today? You are acting weird. Are you having one of your fits of sporadic craziness?”

It was rare for Leng Xiyao to not retort back. Instead, all she did was laugh nervously and smile embarrassedly. “I just feel that you may be stretching the truth a bit. There are too many wealthy people in A City for us to know each one of them. He’s probably just a CEO of some random company. As for what you said about him looking at me… that is impossible. There are so many of us. Maybe he is looking at someone else!”

Mo Suqing looked at her suspiciously.

“Why do I feel that your denial is a bit too eager? And your smile is so fake!”

Mo Suqing raised her eyebrows. Leng Xiyao turned away, her face contorted. That’s strange. Suqing has turned into a clever detective today!

She has so far seen through her every pretense! This has got to stop!

Mo Suqing poked her in the back.

Leng Xiyao turned around with her fake smile and, before Mo Suqing could say anything more, blurted out, “Say no more! I’ll collapse right here and there otherwise. This is the only expression I can manage tonight!”

Mo Suqing looked at her as if she was looking at a crazy woman and confirmed, “Yes, the expression of a dead fish.”

“You—” Leng Xiyao forced down the dirty word coming up to her throat. Mo Suqing was too belligerent today for her to beat her. I’d better change the subject!

She put on her fake smile yet again and said, “Suqing, you are good! Well, it’s been a while you and I have a good drink. Come on, raise your glass to a toast!”

Mo Suqing raised her glass, then said emotionlessly, “I do not want to talk to you now!”

Leng Xiyao bristled. I just don’t want to fight you; it doesn’t mean I can’t!

She spoke loudly, “I do not want to talk to you, and I throw some crap at you!”

“Ha!” Someone had water spurt out of his mouth; several people were laughing hard.

The journalist in the business section sitting across from them asked smilingly, “Suqing, what’s wrong with you and Xiyao?”

Bai Tingnan glared at them, as if she would like to kill someone.

“This is a public place. You like to be in the spotlight, don’t you?”

Her sarcastic tone made the woman who had just spoken a little awkward.

Leng Xiyao looked at Bai Tingnan curiously. “Well, yeah. Don’t you know?”

Bai Tingnan did not know how to react to her response.

Then, Leng Xiyao continued, “Silly, this is the secret behind my extraordinary success in beating you! I practice my verbal skills by bickering with Suqing all the time, to beat you in critical moments like this!”

Leng Xiyao smiled insincerely and took a swig of beer to soothe her throat.

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