Chapter 54: Cursing All the Lovers in the World

Everyone was startled, including the poker-faced Mo Sulian.

A middle-aged man came toward them. He looked at Leng Xiyao and placed a hand on her arm, seemingly surprised, “Little mistress, why didn’t you come to me and say hello, since you are here? Come! Don’t just stand here. Let Uncle Xiang take you for lunch.”

Leng Xiyao looked a bit uneasy, as if a secret of hers had been found out.

Uncle Xiang saw Mo Sulian and Bai Tingnan and asked uncertainly, “Are they your friends? Come along! Come with us. I’ll arrange a private dining room for you.”

He had not seen the fight between Leng Xiyao and Bai Tingnan.

Leng Xiyao pursed her lips. “No, I do not have stupid friends like them!”

Bai Tingnan’s face turned purple with rage. Leng Xiyao, how dare you to insult me like that in public!

Leng Xiyao pushed Mo Suqing forward from behind her and pouted, “Uncle Xiang, this is my good friend!”

Then, she glared at Mo Sulian and Bai Tingnan before walking away.

Uncle Xiang barked out orders to clear a dining room and prepare the dishes as he followed them. 

It had been a while since Bai Tingnan and Mo Sulian last went out. They had planned to have a great time with each other over lunch. However, they broke up in discord before they could have eaten anything or had a great time.

Bai Tingnan glared in the direction where Leng Xiyao had headed and clenched her fists angrily.

Then, she watched Mo Sulian walk away without a second glance before she herself left the restaurant sulkily.

After they entered the dining room, Mo Suqing pointed at Uncle Xiang, who had his back to them, and gave Leng Xiyao a puzzled look. “You know him?”

Leng Xiayo blinked and nodded. She had been holding back her true identity from Mo Suqing for far too long to know how to tell her everything.

After hesitating for a while, she still did not say anything. Instead, she said casually, “Well, I have never patronized a new restaurant before, have I? Of course I do that for someone I know! He’s the director and manager of this restaurant. You can just call him Uncle Xiang. A very nice guy.”

“Yeah,” Mo Suqing nodded. “I can see that.”

Although she didn’t know better, she could see that Uncle Xiang was very nice to Leng Xiyao.

It was obvious from the way he hastened to spare a room for them when the restaurant was crowded.

While they were having lunch, Leng Xiyao was not her talkative self. Mo Suqing found her absent-minded.

All of a sudden, after eating a mouthful of mushroom, she looked at Mo Suqing. Her expression became very solemn and serious.

“Suqing, what if one day you find out that I have been hiding something from you – but I swear,” Leng Xiyao raised her hand emphatically before continuing, “I didn't do it intentionally; I have some unspeakable reasons – will you be able to forgive me?”

Mo Suqing thought for a moment and looked at her calmly. “No matter what the reasons are, as long as you have the best intentions, I will forgive you.”

She was not a fool. Although she and Leng Xiyao were best friends for many years, the girl had never once invited her to her house or mentioned anything about her family except for the fact that her parents had long passed away and she lived with her uncle.

Who didn’t have their own secrets? She believed that when Leng Xiyao found the time suitable to tell her hers, she would.

Leng Xiyao returned to her normal self in an instant. She skipped over to Mo Suqing’s side and waved her arm happily. “Suqing, you are the best!”

Mo Suqing smiled. She had just expressed what a normal person would think, and the girl couldn’t be happier.

“Sit back down and eat your hotpot! Otherwise we will be late for work.”

Leng Xiyao stuck her tongue out playfully and returned to her seat to resume her lunch.

Meanwhile, in another dining room.

Guan Zixuan had finished his meal. Like a lazy, elegant tomcat watching over his territory, he looked at Mu Ling’er sitting across from him.

A mischievous smile was hanging at the corner of his mouth. The scene that had just taken place outside his room was unexpected. His interest in that woman, Mo Suqing, was certainly piqued by the exchange. What should he do now?

He said the answer out loud in a flat tone with a hint of laughter to the woman in front of him, “Ling’er, go home by yourself after lunch. From now on, don’t come see me anymore.”

Incredulity gleamed in Mu Ling’er’s eyes, as if she couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

Her eyes were filled with tears and she suddenly found she had no appetite for her favorite food in front of her.

“Zixuan, you didn’t mean it, did you? What happened?”

She looked at Guan Zixuan, her expression confused and sad. She had no idea what she had done wrong.

She approached him and tugged at his sleeves, begging desperately, “Zixuan, did I do anything wrong? I’ll never do it again, okay? Please don’t do this!”

Guan Zixuan raised his eyebrows expressionlessly. She had not done anything wrong. It was just that he had found a new target, that was all.

Enthusiasm for his new-found prey flashed through his eyes. Then, he glanced at the woman by his side who had tears in her eyes and chuckled coldheartedly and sarcastically. For god’s sake, she works in the entertainment industry! How can she let her heart be broken so easily? Her expression would make anyone feel sorry and piteous, definitely not wanting to say anything harsh.

However, she had made the wrong move. Guan Zixuan wasn’t like anybody else. He had no pity and compassion.

Slowly, he pushed away Mu Ling’er’s hand and said in a light tone, “Seriously, you will stop doing anything I tell you not to?”

“Yes!” Mu Ling’er nodded frantically for fear to upset him.

“Alright then. There is only one thing I would like you to stop doing,” Guan Zixuan said.

Mu Ling’er looked at him eagerly, waiting for what followed. Guan Zixuan stood up and smoothed his clothes, smiling all the while.

He patted Mu Ling’er’s delicate face. “Stop loving me. I hate it when you do that.”

Then, he left the room.

Mu Ling’er broke down and started crying uncontrollably.

Yes, she had wanted to use his fame to help with her own reputation, but she had never thought he would leave her. Why did things come to this?


Mo Suqing and Leng Xiyao went back to the company after lunch. The moment they entered the office, Bai Tingnan’s gaze turned towards them and followed their every step with a menacing glare.

Leng Xiyao pursed her lips. The woman was good at threatening people with no real actions. Then, when she lost in a verbal fight with her, she would play some tricks on the sly. Sooner or later, one of her schemes would backfire.

Leng Xiyao gave her a contemptuous look and pulled Mo Suqing to their seats.

When it was near time to get off work, An Huilin emerged from her private office with a dark expression as if someone owed her millions of dollars.

“We’ll have a get-together after work today. Due to the great sales Trend Magazine has witnessed this month, the boss is going to treat everyone to dinner at Silk Empire International.”

Everyone cheered. One even asked excitedly, “Will our mysterious boss show up? Ever since Trend Magazine was bought by him, we haven’t yet had the honor to meet him in person!”

Mo Suqing frowned, looking at An Huilin inquiringly.

The Trend Magazine was bought not long after she and Leng Xiyao began working here. The person – their new boss – was very mysterious. She had never seen him even though she had been here for a while now.

And today, he decided to reward them with a fancy dinner. That piqued her curiosity.

Leng Xiyao seemed to be even more curious.

For some reason, An Huilin cast Leng Xiyao a quick glance. She replied expressionlessly, “Our boss is very busy! Only the staff in the magazine will be there.”

Then, she vanished back into her office without another word.

Mo Suqing watched An Huilin bewilderedly and commented, “Yao, did you notice that Abbess Miejue’s face went several degrees darker when someone asked her whether our boss would show up?”

Leng Xiyao answered cruelly without looking up from the magazine she had been browsing, “No, I didn’t. Doesn’t she always wear the same deathly expression? It’s amazing you are able to detect any changes.”

Mo Suqing did not know what to say to that, so she changed the subject, “Okay, pretend I didn’t ask that question. I’ve got to send Ye Zhongjue a text, telling him not to pick me up today.”

Leng Xiyao leaned closer and smiled a wicked smile. “Aww, how sweet! As a single, I am so jealous of you!”

Mo Suqing rolled her eyes in the middle of the text composition. “Can’t you act normal for once?”

“Normal? Sure!” Leng Xiyao put her magazine aside and said in a solemn tone, “According to my analysis, you are one of those women who is immersing in the luscious honey that is your life while Abbess Miejue is obviously struggling to ‘make ends meet’ in her sex life. There must be some problem with her. Otherwise, as attractive as she is, why is she still single? I reckon she has some sex issues…”

Mo Suqing was speechless with all the sex talk. “Can’t you think of anything that is not dirty?”

Leng Xiyao laughed. “You think this is dirty? If I do want to say something dirty, I would probably be in a similar situation as Abbess Miejue. You have no idea how kind it is of me to say these things good-humoredly – I am not cursing all the lovers in the world!”

The phone vibrated. Mo Suqing quickly checked it to see it was a text from Ye Zhongjue.

She patted Leng Xiyao, saying, “Get ready, will you? It is almost time to get off work!”

Leng Xiyao made a face and stuck her tongue out. “You obviously don’t want me to read your sweet text. What an excuse to get rid of me!”

Mo Suqing did not know what to do about her when she was this childish.

She woke her phone. The text read, “I have a dinner to attend today, too. It’s going to be pretty late when it finishes. Go home after your dinner; don’t wait up for me.”

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