Chapter 53: The Truth Came to Light

Mo Suqing just walked into the office when Leng Xiyao rushed toward her, apparently excited.

“Let’s have lunch at Beihuan Road today! On the way here, I found there is a new hotpot restaurant called Aishang. The interior seems pretty nice. I bet there will be a lot of customers today. Oh, and their private dining areas look unique, too. We have to pay it a visit today!”

Mo Suqing looked at her quietly. You get all worked up over a restaurant?

Mo Suqing nodded, which sent Leng Xiyao into another frenzy of joy.

What Mo Suqing didn’t know was, Aishang Hotpot was actually a restaurant under the relevant department of The Unparalleled. If the customer feedback and the revenue turned out to be good, there would be more branches in the future.

Leng Xiyao had proposed this idea to Leng Haoyun on a whim; she had not thought he would really have gone for it. That was why she was so excited when he put her words into action.

Therefore, the restaurant was very important to her. She needed to be one of the first patrons on the first day it set up shop!

“Thank you so much! I knew you would do anything for me. Mwah, mwah!”

Leng Xiyao waved Mo Suqing’s arm happily while thanking her nonstop.

Mo Suqing pushed her away in disgust. “It’s just having lunch at a restaurant. Do you have to react in such an exaggerated way? And go find a man to kiss; don’t air-kiss me!”

Smiling, Mo Suqing walked to her desk.

Leng Xiyao found it a torture to sit still and wait for the morning to pass. When it was lunch break, all she wished to do was to fly over to the restaurant. Instead, she dragged Mo Suqing and skittered out of the office.

Little had they expected to see Mo Sulian waiting on the other side of the gate.

Needless to say, she was waiting for Bai Tingnan.

Leng Xiyao turned her head away, not wanting to see the woman at all.

Mo Suqing followed suit. She could not bring herself to lay eyes on her after what had happened the previous evening.

She admitted Ye Zhongjue was very handsome, but that didn’t justify the fact that Mo Sulian had shamelessly tried to seduce her brother-in-law.

Thinking about it, Mo Suqing could not help but feel angry.

Leng Xiyao, obsessed with the hotpot restaurant and busy hailing a taxi at present, did not notice anything weird about Mo Suqing.

Once they were in the car, Mo Suqing looked at the silly girl in exasperation.

“You know, you don’t look like someone who is going to have lunch; you look more like someone who is in a hurry to do something urgent. Are you famished? Is that it?”

Leng Xiyao gave her an astonished look. Am I behaving like that?

She laughed nervously and replied, “Well, yeah! I get extremely hungry thinking about hotpots. I must eat to my heart’s content!”

Her enthusiasm infected Mo Suqing, who banished Mo Sulian from her thoughts.

They chatted and made jokes with each other on the way. Soon enough, the car arrived in front of Aishang Hotpot.

The moment they set foot in the restaurant, Mo Suqing was attracted by the uniqueness of the private dining areas separated by traditional Chinese screens.

The screens were quite thick and the dining areas were far from each other. On each screen was a painting of majestic mountains and rivers, sunlight reflected on lotus flowers, green hills, or some other landscape. It was very elegant and stylish.

Somehow it clashed quite well with hotpots, Mo Suqing thought. Perhaps it can also cool one’s emotions down!

They walked deeper into the interior. Familiar voices came from behind.

Glancing at Mo Suqing, Leng Xiyao knew she must have heard it too.

Her face darkened. It really was a very small world, especially for enemies!

They had just met Mo Sulian at the gate of their office building, and just when they had decided to push that woman out of their mind, she had once again shown up.

What an unfortunate coincidence!

The voices stopped all too suddenly. Apparently, Mo Sulian and Bai Tingnan saw them 


Bumping into an enemy and making a retreat was not something Leng Xiyao would do.

She forced Mo Suqing, whose face had gone pale, to turn around, but at the same time whispered into her ear, “Suqing, let me take care of it.”

She was already laughing when they came face to face with the other women. It was a spooky laugh that gave one goosebumps.

“Ah, I thought it was you! The stink you carry is so obscene I can smell it from afar!”

Leng Xiyao couldn’t help but use some foul languages. It was too much for her to bump into someone she hated to see twice a day.

Bai Tingnan’s face darkened immediately. She would tear that smile off Leng Xiyao’s pretty face if it was not for Mo Sulian who stopped her.

She gave Mo Sulian a puzzled look. “Sulian, why are you stopping me? Let me tear her mouth into pieces and make her pay the price of being too cocky!”

“Come on then! I am not afraid of you!” Leng Xiyao taunted, adding fuel to the flames.

Bai Tingnan fumed. What a loathsome bitch!

“Leng Xiyao, I dare you to act like this in the office, where you always flee like a rat when you see the editor-in-chief.”

Her words truly touched Leng Xiyao’s sore spot. She was right. Leng Xiyao hated to be bullied by An Huilin every day like a fool. If it was not for the fact she really liked the job and that she could work with Mo Suqing, she would have already stood up to the woman.

Anyhow, Leng Xiyao was infuriated.

Even Mo Suqing knew she could hardly stop her, but she tried, “Yao, don’t lower yourself to her level by taking her words seriously! Let’s go!”

Leng Xiyao looked over her shoulder and gave her a reassuring look. “Suqing, don’t worry,” she smiled. “Being too slender, I may not be able to win in a physical fight; however, I don’t believe I’ll lose in a verbal one!”

She sneered at Bai Tingnan and said, “Bai Tingnan, you are so brazen. I can’t count the times you have done something abominable at the workplace. You are so shameless, it’s outrageous! You have always spoken ill of us in front of Abbess Miejue, but what has that achieved? We are still working there, ha!”

Leng Xiyao was taller than Bai Tingnan. When she cast a sideways, contemptuous glance at her, it felt like she was looking down on her, giving her an advantage in the fight.

“It is one thing you do those unspeakable things; it is quite another you get people into trouble because of them. Tell me, where is your conscience?”

Heedless of Mo Sulian’s trying to stop her, Bai Tingnan pushed her away and glared at Leng Xiyao. “Leng Xiyao, who do you think you are? You are but a nobody! How dare you speak to me like that! I’m going to sue you for slander!”

“You go and do that!” Leng Xiyao said unconcernedly. “Don’t assume that you have gotten away with those dirty acts you have committed. Suqing and I, we just turned a blind eye to it. We know you stole the picture from Suqing’s phone and published Guan Zixuan’s scandal. We’ll sue you before you sue us! Let’s see who will gain the upper hand!”

Leng Xiyao’s speech had the effect of thunder.

Bai Tingnan’s face paled with guilt.

“Leng Xiyao, don’t you make things up! If Mo Suqing took the picture herself, why didn’t she publish it? Besides, how could I possibly have stolen it? You can’t just falsely accuse someone without proof!”

Leng Xiyao roared. “Falsely accused? Bai Tingnan, what a childlike, brainless, ignorant woman you are! Don’t you know there are cameras and surveillance in the office? I have the footage right here in my phone. Wanna check it out?”

She rolled her eyes at Bai Tingnan and added, “I knew you would deny it, so I am well-prepared.”

Meanwhile, five steps away in the Mountain and River private dining room, Guan Zixuan and Mu Ling’er stopped eating. They were obviously listening to the conversation outside.

More importantly, it was a conversation related to themselves.

A mysterious smile appeared on Guan Zixuan’s face. He had not thought this would be the truth.

Looks like the stupid woman really hadn’t wanted to publish the photo. She had only lied to him about being a tourist to prevent a misunderstanding.

She wouldn’t have possibly known what would have happened later on. have wrongly judged her!

This was all very interesting. He had not expected to get wind of such shocking information during lunch with Mu Ling’er.

Mu Ling’er, on the other hand, had an odd expression on her face. Why did Guan Zixuan suddenly become so excited?

In her opinion, it was too strong of a reaction.

However, she did not say her speculation out loud. She had been in love with Guan Zixuan for many years and finally he had agreed to let her be his girlfriend. She would not ruin that by touching his sore spot.

He hated it when others tried to guess what he was thinking.

Besides, she could never correctly guess what the man was thinking.

A profound smile spread over Guan Zixuan’s face when he put some vegetables in Mu Ling’er’s bowl.

“Have some more, babe,” he said. Mu Ling’er was not used to hearing him speak to her with such a gentle voice.

Outside the dining room, Bai Tingnan’s face had gone ghostly pale. She couldn’t believe she would have forgotten something as important as destroying the surveillance video. She had been too excited when she got hold of that picture.

If the footage went public, she would definitely lose her job.

She looked at Leng Xiyao stubbornly. “So what? Who will believe you? If Mo Suqing had the picture, why didn’t she publish it? People will find it more plausible that she and I published the story jointly. Just because I was the first one to publish the picture doesn’t mean I stole it from her. No one will believe your side of the story!”

“Well, the footage can answer all the questions!” Leng Xiyao looked at her coldly. “Don’t assume that everyone is as shameless as you.”

Knowing that she was in the right, Leng Xiyao glared at Bai Tingnan fearlessly.

Bai Tingnan was smoldering with rage. She would really like to tear that mouth of hers into pieces, regardless of the fact that they were in a public place.

However, Mo Sulian was holding her down firmly. They were seen together. As a celebrity, she did not want anyone to make a joke of her because of Bai Tingnan.

Only a short time had passed since the argument began, but there were already many onlookers.

Bai Tingnan glared at Mo Sulian angrily, as if to say, They are not aiming their gun at you today, so of course you can endure all of it.

Mo Suqing’s expression cooled down a bit.

At this moment, a deep, kind voice boomed, “My god, look who it is! How come you didn’t tell me you were coming?”

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