Chapter 52: I’ll Never Ask Anyone a Favor in Exchange for My Body

Mo Suqing, adding fuel to the flames, remarked, “Well, I can feel I’m not very welcomed here!”

She shot Bai Lian a pointed look.

Bai Lian flared up at the taunt. “What do you mean by that? Do you not know how to respect your elders?”

Mo Suqing had not expected that she who usually acted the most obediently would flip out.

Looks like Mo Zhenfeng’s offer of a job in the Mo Group to Ye Zhongjue really got to her.

Good! sneered Mo Suqing inwardly. Can’t keep it in any longer, can you? Let’s see what’s behind that hypocritical façade! It’s time you drop all your pretense!

“Elders? Are you my elder? Are you worthy to be my elder?”

Mo Suqing attacked ruthlessly. Bai Lian’s face immediately went livid.

Mo Zhenfeng cast a quick glance at Ye Zhongjue and barked, “Mo Suqing, you have crossed a line! You, of all people, will not disrespect the hierarchy in the family!”

Mo Suqing laughed miserably. It was a glorious yet sorrowful smile, like the last second of some magnificent fireworks. Ye Zhongjue felt pained seeing her like this.

“Is that right? I have always known I’m a nobody in this family, so you don’t have to remind me! And why should I respect her? She’s not my mother!”

Mo Suqing fixed her eyes on Mo Zhenfeng, holding her head up.

Mo Zhenfeng thundered, “You are going to infuriate me to death one day, you unfilial girl!”

Then, he coughed violently a few times.

Mo Suqing seemed to be determined to provoke him as much as possible today. She glared at Mo Zhenfeng with her huge, black eyes and said, “Yes, I am unfilial, definitely not as filial as your younger daughter. Please take your time and enjoy her filial obedience!”

She looked around the living room indignantly and fixed her eyes on something.

“Ever since mom had passed, nobody has ever truly welcomed me, an outsider. I’m leaving and I will never set foot here again!”

Then, she took Ye Zhongjue’s hand, turned and left, without a second glance at Mo Zhenfeng.

Mo Zhenfeng seemed to throw something down hard.

From a distance, Mo Suqing could still hear him yell, “Don’t you ever dare come back, you unfilial daughter!”

Bai Lian smiled, pleased with the developments. The Mo Group will only belong to my daughter in the end!

Mo Suqing, hearing what Mo Zhenfeng had said, smiled bitterly. She did not pause; she just kept walking further and further away from her father.

Ye Zhongjue turned to look at her. She was obviously very sad, yet kept trying to put on a brave face.

“Ye Zhongjue, don’t let go of my hand or look at me; I fear I will cry if you do.”

There was a twinkle in Ye Zhongjue’s eyes when he turned his head away and replied resolutely, “Okay, I will never let go of you for the rest of my life!”

A smile slowly spread over Mo Suqing’s face. It was a half-smiling, half-crying ugly smile.

After Ye Zhongjue and Mo Suqing left the Mo’s…

Ye Zhongjue did not drive home. Instead, he took Mo Suqing to dinner.

After that, they got on the car once again.

On the way to their place, Ye Zhongjue handled Mo Suqing’s mood with great care, which only made her feel awkward.

She peered at him uneasily and blurted, “Don’t treat me like a delicate flower. I am not that weak and fragile. They are not going to affect me!”

Despite what she said, Ye Zhongjue knew she just did not like to show her vulnerability.

However, he would give her anything she wanted.

He said, “Sure, I don’t think you are ‘a delicate flower.’ I just feel that you have a complicated relationship with your family, that is all.”

Mo Suqing pursed her lips, not buying his words. He was obviously trying to comfort her; his expression already betrayed what was on his mind.

That being said, she was still very grateful for his willingness to grant her whatever she was asking for.

Suddenly, she looked at him amusedly and curiously.

“Hey, Ye Zhongjue, why did you buy those expensive gifts for Mo Sulian and Bai Lian? It was totally unnecessary and made me even more disgusted with them.”

Ye Zhongjue sighed. “I did that for your father. After all, they lived together. I couldn’t possibly have given him a gift without thinking about the other two.”

Mo Suqing pouted her lips like a little girl. “Humph! I don’t think so! I think you like Mo Sulian and that’s why you bought such pretty earrings for her. Am I right?”

She raised her voice for the last sentence. Ye Zhongjue almost drove the car into the curb.

“You have never bought anything for me! And then you bought her an expensive and lovely gift! I am mad at you!”

Mo Suqing covered her eyes with her hands, but there were huge gaps between her fingers for her to observe Ye Zhongjue’s reaction.

All of a sudden, she became a chirpy bird, as if nothing had happened earlier.

He shook his head. “I didn’t buy those gifts myself. I gave a colleague some money and asked her to buy gifts for a man and two women for me. She was very happy to help me out.”

Mo Suqing leaned closer, smiling. “I hope you didn’t ask her for the favor in exchange for your body!”

Ye Zhongjue could feel her breath in his ear and became a bit restless.

“Stop it, I’m driving a car! Are you jealous because I didn’t buy you a gift?” Ye Zhongjue teased.

Mo Suqing tilted her head as if deliberating something that could not be taken lightly.

Looking at her cute behavior, Ye Zhongjue said in a tender voice that wrapped her with affections, “I’ll never ask anyone a favor in exchange for my body… unless it’s you.”

Mo Suqing blushed scarlet. Then, she turned to look at him and said mischievously, “Drive safe, or I will not ask you any favors in exchange for my body!”

Looking at her cute and charming smile, Ye Zhongjue laughed, “Alright, alright!”

After arriving at their destination, they got off the car and walked into the elevator.

Before she knew it, Mo Suqing was enveloped in a tight embrace.

Ye Zhongjue kissed her passionately and persistently. It was difficult to get away from it.

Mo Suqing slapped at his waist and moaned, “Ye Zhongjue… no… camera… in the elevator!”

Ye Zhongjue kept kissing her. He was probably not kissing her hard enough, he thought, or she would not have time to think about trivial things like the camera.

“That’s fine, I have you blocked!” Seeing that she could barely gasp for breath, Ye Zhongjue paused a moment.

Then, before Mo Suqing could say anything, he locked her mouth with his again.

Her face was flushed and so soft as if water could be squeezed out of it.

Ye Zhongjue felt compelled to show his, well, “animal” side.

Out of the elevator, Mo Suqing turned her head this way and that, avoiding Ye Zhongjue’s mouth while giggling uncontrollably.

Ye Zhongjue scooped her up in his arms, then, walking over to their door, opened and closed it in one smooth motion.

Closing the door behind them, he locked the girl, still in his arms, in a tight embrace and kissed her on the mouth hard.

Shy and exasperated at his behavior, Mo Suqing could not help but wonder, Do you have aphrodisiac in your system? What’s with the roughness?

Mo Suqing, gasping, pushed him away and laid her hands firmly on his chest.

“Let’s take a shower first…”

Ye Zhongjue didn’t heed her words and was about to lower his head toward her face.

Mo Suqing, panicked, pushed firmly against him. “No… Ye Zhongjue, what is the matter with you today…”

She looked extremely embarrassed and bashful.

Ye Zhongjue chuckled. In a sexy tone filled with desire, he said, “Tell me, who is it that said even if I want to cheat on you…”

On hearing the first few words of the quote, Mo Suqing moaned inwardly, Oh no, he did hear the conversation between her and Mo Sulian earlier! This is so bad…

She laughed nervously and kept his face in a distance while hers screwed up into a crumple. “Ye Zhongjue, I beg your pardon! Please spare me. I did not mean it. It was just for pissing off Mo Sulian that I said it. It truly didn’t mean anything…”

Ye Zhongjue leaned forward forcibly and hugged Mo Suqing tightly. Mo Suqing could feel the hardness against her abdomen.

No longer an innocent maiden, she sure knew what it was.

Ye Zhongjue lowered his head, his warm breath tickling Mo Suqing’s ear. “Suqing,” he said, “but it is too late. It is ready to do what it must do. I can’t stop it…”

Mo Suqing could not believe she was hearing such dirty words from him.

Now, her hands had been stuck between their chests, so they were useless to resist him. She said exasperatedly, “Rascal!”

Ye Zhongjue chuckled. “Only in front of you…”

He kissed her earlobe tenderly and fondly.

Mo Suqing trembled. It was as if an electric current had just shot through her. She knew very well what it meant: she had been aroused big time.

No way! He is planning to have her right here and now! She should resist him harder, but she cannot… Now she is going to succumb to him.

The weak struggle from Mo Suqing, in Ye Zhongjue’s eyes, was just proof that she had wanted this all along. This made him even rougher.

They did it from the carpet in the living room to the bathroom. Mo Suqing had no idea how she ended up in bed.

The next day when she got up, she saw bruises all over her body, more than after the first time they had done it in the hotel room.

She could kill Ye Zhongjue now! He was just ruthless last night. Naturally, her back hurt like hell.

Mo Suqing rubbed her back and was about to put on her clothes when Ye Zhongjue emerged from the bathroom.

Smiling, Ye Zhongjue came over and touched her nose with one finger. He suggested he help her put on clothes and Mo Suqing, although a little shy, nodded. After all, they had been together for a while now.

Besides, she was too tired to do it herself. However, the moment Ye Zhongjue laid eyes on her smooth body, he was immediately aroused.

Men usually had the highest sex drive in the morning.

Mo Suqing had not expected that an act as innocent as putting on some clothes would result in more wild sex.

Mo Suqing, her back pain unbearable, struggled to pack her handbag for work. She kept cursing Ye Zhongjue in her heart. Monster! The man is a sheer monster! She could barely walk straight.

However, seeing that she was going to be late, Mo Suqing quickened her pace to brush her teeth.

She swore she would never let him help her change into her clothes.

Once again, they had their breakfast in the car.

When Mo Suqing got off the car, she gave him a look and exclaimed, “You are not allowed to act like that ever again!”

She quickly ran toward the building, not wanting to see Ye Zhongjue’s darkened face.

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