Chapter 51: Invincibly Thick-skinned

Mo Zhenfeng, having received the message from Mo Suqing informing him that she would take Ye Zhongjue home today, wore a poker face all afternoon.

Mo Sulian had told him the guy was a regular office worker. He could never approve of such a man as his son-in-law!

That was why he had been sulking. In the end, he resorted to plumping down on the sofa, waiting with a cold expression on his face.

Mo Sulian had decided to come home earlier. She had heard in the afternoon that Mo Suqing was going home this evening.

Her heart would not stop beating fast at the thought of seeing the handsome man again. Therefore, as soon as she got home, she rushed to her room and spread all her clothes on her bed, trying them on and applying makeup on her face.

When she finally went downstairs, Bai Lian looked at her in surprise. “Are you going out, dressed so prettily?”

Hearing what Bai Lian had said, Mo Zhenfeng turned and glanced at Mo Sulian.

“Your sister is coming home in the evening. Do not go out!” he snapped.

Bai Lian was about to defend her daughter when Mo Sulian put a hand on her arm. It was unusual that she did not throw a tantrum.

“Dad, of course I know that. Even if I’m going out, it will be after Suqing and her husband take leave.”

Hearing her docile words, Mo Zhenfeng’s expression softened.

Mo Sulian, expectant to see the man she fancied in a minute, blushed a little.

Bai Lian peered at her and said, “Babe, are you alright? Your cheeks are flushing. Do you have a fever?”

Mo Sulian shook her head and tugged her arm. “Mom, I’m alright. Maybe a little hot, that’s all.”

From outside came the sound of a car approaching. She hastened to the door, then found that Mo Zhenfeng was lagging behind.

Smiling embarrassingly, she looked over her shoulder and said, “It’s been a while since we last saw Suqing. I just can’t wait to see her.”

Mo Zhenfeng looked at his younger daughter, feeling heartened. If his elder daughter could be as sensible, he needn’t worry himself so much.

Mo Suqing and Ye Zhongjue had just got off the car when they approached.

Amazed, Mo Suqing watched Ye Zhongjue take out some gift boxes from the trunk. She lowered her voice and said in an astonished tone, “When did you buy these? I have no idea.”

Ye Zhongjue tilted his head and whispered, “I bought them before I picked you up from work. This is the first time I visit your family. It’s a must to prepare something.”

The two of them were almost leaning against each other, as if they were having some private words. They looked very intimate.

Mo Sulian clenched her fists angrily. She swore she would make the handsome man hers.

Mo Suqing and Ye Zhongjue walked over. “Dad, I’m back. This is Ye Zhongjue.”

Ye Zhongjue stepped forward and politely greeted Mo Zhenfeng, “Nice to meet you, Mr. Mo.”

“Okay. Come inside first.”

Mo Zhenfeng’s tone was lukewarm. He might as well have just spoken to a total stranger.

Mo Suqing tugged at the corner of Ye Zhongjue’s shirt and gave him a look that indicated he should not take it personally.

The corner of her mouth twitched. After her mother died, the relationship between her and her father had deteriorated.

They entered the house. Ye Zhongjue presented the gifts he had prepared beforehand.

The gift for Mo Zhenfeng was a box of top-quality tea; the one for Mo Sulian was a pair of earrings, made of white gold; and the one for Bai Lian was a pearl necklace with the finest luster.

Mo Sulian brightened and accepted the earrings. She could not put them down.

Bai Lian was also beaming with happiness at her gift that was obviously not a random pearl necklace.

Mo Suqing took a secret glance at Ye Zhongjue. He surely was generous to spend some money for her family. Mo Zhenfeng’s expression softened when he accepted the tea.

There was a common saying, “It’s difficult to hurt someone who’s being nice.” Since Ye Zhongjue was so very sincere, they should at least behave themselves.

Mo Sulian kept staring at Ye Zhongjue, which made Mo Suqing rather uncomfortable. Presently, she asked him sweetly, “My dear brother-in-law, do you want some drink? I’ll go get it for you and Suqing.”

Ye Zhongjue replied coldly, “No, I don’t want any drinks. Thank you.”

Mo Sulian did not care for his distant and aloof tone, but she kept up her smiling face.

Mo Zhenfeng gave Ye Zhongjue a good look. The young man was clean-cut and well-mannered; however, his family background and occupation was too shabby.

He said to him, “Zhongjue, are you interested in working in my company? You can choose whatever position you would like. You and Suqing are married, and that makes you one of us. The Mo Group depends on you two.”

Bai Lian’s face went pale at his words. She couldn’t believe he wanted to give the company to a stranger.

As for Mo Sulian, she kept glancing at Ye Zhongjue furtively, afraid that someone would notice her overt interest in him.

Ye Zhongjue had not expected such an offer from Mo Zhenfeng. He cast a sidelong look at Mo Suqing.

Mo Suqing shook her head imperceptibly. The main reason she got married was to get away from her family. She didn’t care who would take over the company; she herself had no intention to inherit it.

Ye Zhongjue, understanding what she meant, replied politely, “I am very grateful for your offer, Mr. Mo. However, I have a stable job and do not want to find a new one yet.”

Mo Zhenfeng’s face darkened. He had not expected he would say no.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Who would refuse to take it? Ye Zhongjue’s rejection was very inappropriate in his eyes.

Just when he was about to say something, Bai Lian stopped him.

“How about you and I have a talk upstairs? Leave the kids to themselves and we’ll all have dinner together when it’s ready.”

Mo Zhenfeng was still going to say something, but then thought better of it with Bai Lian grabbing his arm. The two of them went upstairs.

After they had left, Mo Sulian’s look on Ye Zhongjue became even more covetous and unscrupulous.

To Mo Suqing, her look was full of provocation.

Mo Suqing chuckled contemptuously. She was well aware of what Mo Sulian had in mind ever since she stepped in the house. The look she gave Ye Zhongjue was so brazen, it was impossible to misread it.

She stood up and told Ye Zhongjue calmly, “Wait for me here. I’m going to have a word with her outside.”

Then, she dragged Mo Sulian out of the house, heedless of her struggling.

When they reached the gate, Mo Sulian got rid of Mo Suqing’s grip and glared at her. “Mo Suqing, what is it that you want to say that can’t be said in the house? Why must you drag me out?

She rubbed her arm and cursed her inwardly, What a savage woman. No wonder Gu Jiannan would cheat on you!

Mo Suqing stared at her, her face steely. “Mo Sulian, I warn you not to get any closer to Ye Zhongjue. Otherwise, you will regret it!”

Mo Sulian, though surprised that Mo Suqing would find out about her plan, dropped all the pretense and looked her right in the eye.

“You are right. I am trying to get close to him. So what? He is but an office worker. You don’t really need to feel bad if I succeed in enticing him with my money.”

Somehow, Mo Suqing found herself unable to stand hearing her talking about Ye Zhongjue like that, even though she knew it was not true.

“Mo Sulian, you are invincibly thick-skinned, you know? Don’t you have Gu Jiannan already? Why would you want to have another man? I have never seen a woman as shameless as you!”

“Ha… shameless?” Mo Sulian said lightly, her mouth curving into a cold-blooded sneer. “You know nothing! Gu Jiannan and I, we are just fooling around at best. There is nothing shameful about taking what each of us needs.”

Mo Suqing’s expression was very imperturbable when she said, “I see, so you are serious with Ye Zhongjue then?”

She was smiling a strange smile.

Mo Sulian was a little taken aback. “Well, yeah! And I don’t care if you are married or not. I am free to like him.”

Mo Suqing laughed. “If you are determined to pursue your true love, why are you afraid of showing it in front of Bai Lian and dad? You are very good at being a good daughter!”

“You…” Mo Sulian’s face contorted at her sarcasm.

Mo Suqing did not heed it. Mo Sulian’s attitude toward love disgusted her greatly.

If she did not love Gu Jiannan, how could she possibly bring herself to have sex with him? It was just laughable. What was the difference between that and prostitution!

Mo Sulian was pointing at Mo Suqing now. “Don’t you get too complacent. A man as extraordinary as Ye Zhongjue will never be satisfied with you for the rest of his life. 

When power and money are laid in front of him, he is more than likely to ditch you!”

Mo Suqing just stared at her, as if she would like to see what exactly was in this woman’s head.

“You are so confident that Ye Zhongjue will cheat on me?” she asked, raising her eyebrow. Then, she looked at Mo Sulian contemptuously. “For all I know, even if he does want to cheat on me, it is not going to be with someone like you, a promiscuous woman!”

Mo Sulian totally lost her cool. I am going to tear her mouth into shreds for speaking of me like that!

Mo Suqing, unflustered, added, “Did I say anything incorrect?”

Mo Sulian took a few steps forward. Mo Suqing lifted her chin proudly as if to say, You want to win a squabble against me? You need more practice!

Just as she was about to continue her assault, Ye Zhongjue appeared by the door.

Mo Suqing went mute. He almost frightened the hell out of her, popping up from nowhere. Did he hear everything she had said?

Mo Suqing’s face was a little contorted. She prayed he had not heard any of that. She could not imagine what he would do after they went home tonight if he had.

The moment Mo Sulian caught sight of Ye Zhongjue, she put down her hand that she had just raised and turned herself into the gentlest creature.

A creepy smile began to spread over Ye Zhongjue’s face. Mo Suqing felt chilly instantly. She guessed he had indeed heard some of their quarrel.

She turned her face away stiffly, feigning ignorance.

The three of them had just entered the living room when the sound of someone fighting came from upstairs.

It was Bai Lian’s voice. It seemed that she was upset that Mo Zhenfeng had offered Ye Zhongjue a job at Mo Group.

Mo Suqing sneered. She wouldn’t be too happy about getting the company either.

As for Ye Zhongjue, he was expressionless throughout. Mo Sulian, on the other hand, frowned at the hysterical screams of her mother.

After a long time, Mo Zhenfeng and Bai Lian finally came downstairs. They both wore an ugly expression.

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