Chapter 5: Securing the Household Register

Now, she was very pleased that she had agreed to marry that guy, Ye Zhongjue. Without a doubt, she had made the right choice.

To dispel her doubts, the guy even gave her his own ID card to prove his identity. This showed that he was a trustworthy man.

After all, she had already lost both a boyfriend and a family, had she not?

Mo Suqing gave a self-mocking chuckle to herself while climbing the stairs. She knew where her father usually was, so she knocked on the door to his study. A deep, middle-aged male voice came from within, “Come in!”

Mo Suqing entered. Mo Zhenfeng looked up and said, “Ah, it’s you, Suqing. Your Aunt Bai said you didn’t come home last night. Where have you been?”

Mo Suqing looked at Mo Zhenfeng, expressionless, trying hard to suppress her temper, then replied, “Isn’t it just what she wants, me not coming back? Besides, Mo Sulian didn’t come home last night either, what do you have to say about that?”

Listening to her confrontational questions, Mo Zhenfeng felt his head start to ache. His oldest daughter was always this stubborn, and always liked to clash with him.

He knew that she had resented him since her mother’s death. He would bring her back to life if he could, but he couldn’t.

He was an old man now and didn’t want to fight with his daughter all the time. He did a facepalm gesture and changed the subject, “Never mind. You are a big girl now. I trust that you know what you want and will be responsible for your act. So, tell me, why did you come home today?”

Thinking of what she was about to do unnerved Mo Suqing a little, but she feigned composure and replied, “My company is going to allot an apartment to each of us, but they need to see our household registers. It won’t do if I keep living at home; after all, Aunt Bai and I don’t get along well. So, I’m planning to accept the apartment and move out!”

“Your company is allotting apartments…” Mo Zhenfeng repeated what she had said. Then, he stood up, opened the safe next to the desk and took the household register out.

He walked toward Mo Suqing and handed over the household register to her. “Here. You can move out. But… be careful. Call me whenever you need me.”

“Okay!” Head hanging low, Mo Suqing took the household register, turned and left without another word. She dared not look at Mo Zhenfeng, fearing that she could not hold back her tears.

Ever since her mom died and that woman came along, she hadn’t known how to act around her dad. Their happy time together was in the past. Their happy family no longer existed.

Mo Suqing quickly went downstairs. When she passed through the living room and saw Bai Lian looking her up and down contemptuously, she just walked out of the house and ignored her.

Mo Suqing left the villa and took a taxi to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

She had just gotten off the taxi when she saw a man in a suit in front of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

The man gave off an extremely cold and dangerous aura. Mo Suqing didn’t intend to take a second glance, but she couldn’t help it; the air around the man was too powerful.

So she took a second glance. And she was startled.

Wasn’t he the guy named Ye Zhongjue who had told her that he would take full responsibility?

He seemed to have become a totally different person within hours.

This morning, she had been too agitated to notice. Plus, he had been wearing nothing but a bathrobe, so she couldn’t look at him directly. At that time, she had only found him relatively good-looking.

But now that she paid more attention, she was a little stunned.

The indigo suit made the man appear dignified, graceful and smart; his eyebrows knitted just so that it looked like he was deep in thought; his deep-set and clear eyes formed an immense sea of stars; his nose was perfectly shaped while his thin lips pressed together. Overall, he created an impression of an aloof but handsome man.

Mo Suqing’s heart skipped a beat. Was it really the same guy? He said he was just an assistant, but she found it hard to believe.

Besides, would she be able to get a man as handsome as him to settle down?

She didn’t feel up to having another man cheat on her like Gu Jiannan had done.

Just as this thought came into her mind, Ye Zhongjue turned his gaze on her and started to walk towards her casually. He looked like nothing could trouble him. Everything about him was mild and elegant.

Mo Suqing was speechless. How could a person change people’s impression in such a short time?

She foolishly stood there and watched Ye Zhongjue approach her with a gentle smile, until Ye Zhongjue stopped in front of her and said, “Let’s go!”

She came to her senses abruptly and uttered stupidly, “Ah…”

“Let’s go inside!” Ye Zhongjue repeated what he had said, his mouth curving into a smile.

Mo Suqing found her voice and said, looking unsure, “Are we really going to get married?”

The smile on his face vanished slowly. He looked at Mo Suqing calmly, “I thought we had agreed on this. Besides, I’ve already told my family about it.”

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