Chapter 46: Which was Truer

This time, Mo Suqing did not try to resist at all. From the bathroom to the bed, Ye Zhongjue went at it like crazy all night. Mo Suqing felt like her whole body was falling apart.

The next day when she woke up, the space next to her was empty without any residual warmth. Ye Zhongjue had already got up.

Mo Suqing got up and found that Ye Zhongjue had left home without a note.

Mo Suqing felt frustrated. She had let him have his way with her last night, but apparently it did nothing to his mood.

Unhappy, Mo Suqing had some breakfast and went to work by herself. She would be absent-minded all day long.

Zhang Yubin looked dejected too, probably because he was now aware of the fact that Ye Zhongjue outshone him by the largest of margins. He did not give Mo Suqing any troubles for a while.

Leng Xiyao could see there was something wrong, but when she probed, Mo Suqing would not tell her what it was. Leng Xiyao, though worried, could do nothing.

For several consecutive days, Ye Zhongjue and Mo Suqing almost never truly saw each other.

Every evening when Mo Suqing went home, he would not be there. Every morning when Mo Suqing woke up, he would have left already, although the wrinkles of the bedsheet on the other side of the bed was proof that he did come home to sleep beside her at some point during the night.

The situation made Mo Suqing feel somewhat unhinged every day.

Meanwhile, at the headquarters of Mighty Empire…

For days, everyone in the company felt jumpy and did everything with the greatest of care, lest President Ye should find fault with them.

Ye Zhongjue was in a very bad mood recently, that much was clear from his poker face and the fact that almost every executive in every department had got an earful from him.

Although a poker face was the norm for Ye Zhongjue, people could feel that he was particularly moody these few days. The atmosphere in and around the building seemed to be a shade heavier than the rest of the world.

Lin Ran bore the full brunt of it. Every day, Ye Zhongjue would shoot him looks that were sharper than knives. He wished he could find out the cause of his temper, so the president would return to normal.

Unfortunately, he had no idea what had affected his mood.

Executives from the various departments had asked him to plead for mercy for them; it would be the best if Ye Zhongjue could control his hot temper altogether.

Lin Ran, hearing about their request, did not know what to do. Like I would know what to do about it!


As for Mo Suqing, she felt she would be driven crazy soon if things continued on like this.

One evening, after having dinner and taking a shower, Mo Suqing decided to read a novel with her laptop on the bed. She actually had difficulty keeping her eyes open, but she did not go to sleep. Instead, she went to the bathroom and washed her face.

Afterwards, Mo Suqing felt much freshened up. She resumed reading the novel.

The time was approaching midnight when Mo Suqing heard the sound of a key sliding into the lock.

She quickly got out of bed and opened the door. Ye Zhongjue was standing in the living room with a jacket draped over his arm.

He had thought Mo Suqing was asleep. For the last couple of days, she had been when he came home.

Mo Suqing had left a single wall lamp on in the living room.

Ye Zhongjue stood in the dim light, looking a bit worn out. He just looked at Mo Suqing without any expressions or movement.

The two of them stood facing each other for a whole two minutes.

In the end, Mo Suqing broke the silence first. She could not do this anymore. Ye Zhongjue looked really exhausted and she wanted him to go to sleep.

“I want to talk to you.”

Ye Zhongjue gazed at her as if he could never have enough of her. However, he still hadn’t said anything. The silence once again reigned.

Mo Suqing had had enough. The atmosphere was pressing her down. No matter what had happened, she knew she could just explain it to him. But she could not deal with someone who didn’t show their emotions and wouldn’t talk.

A term came up in her mind: passive-aggressive.

Yes, this was totally a passive-aggressive behavior! Ye Zhongjue never told her what was wrong with him. He kept using indifference as a weapon to divide them; they were like strangers sleeping on the same bed.

Mo Suqing could no longer not care about him like she had done in the beginning. Ye Zhongjue had started to occupy a corner in her heart. She had to admit – it was very easy to fall for a guy like him.

He carried a sense of danger about him that made him intoxicating like opium, addictive like drugs. He was dangerously attractive.

She knew it, but she could not help but welcome it.

Ye Zhongjue still hadn’t uttered a word. Mo Suqing plucked up her courage and tried again, “Please don’t act like this. Can’t we just talk it over, no matter what it is?”

Ye Zhongjue began to approach her. When he was a step away from Mo Suqing, she instinctively squeezed the sleeve of her pajamas and stepped back.

Ye Zhongjue narrowed his eyes dangerously, his body seeming to emanate coldness. “Are you afraid of me?”

Mo Suqing felt as tense as a taut bowstring. She was extremely nervous.

She fixed her gaze at Ye Zhongjue, as if dumbfounded.

More silence. Neither knew what the other was thinking at that moment.

Ye Zhongjue gazed hard at the woman in front of him.

He loved her so much that he wanted to scoop her up like a baby in his arms. It was a love that had existed for the past seven years and that was impossible to express in a day or two.

On the other hand, he did not want to tell her that he had loved her for so long, lest she should feel any pressures or burdens.

Besides, there was his pride and ego. He wanted her to love him back with equal force and not need being told about his love.

After Guan Zixuan and Zhang Yubin showed up, he realized he really was unimportant in her heart.

After all, she had only known him for a little more than a month.

Mo Suqing nodded frantically, responding to his question belatedly. “I’m not!”

“Then why did you step back? Why are you clenching your hand?”

Ye Zhongjue demanded sharply, glancing at her hand as an emphasis.

Mo Suqing instinctively put her hand behind her and immediately regretted it. Her message was loud and clear now!

Damn it! Goddamn it!

She looked up at him hurriedly, trying to defend her action, “No, I was just…”

The look on her face was genuinely anxious, but somehow she could not even complete the sentence.

She realized she had lost her self-control in front of Ye Zhongjue at some point without her knowing.

Ye Zhongjue watched her expressionlessly, waiting for her to finish the sentence.

Mo Suqing didn’t do that after a while.

Then, she tightened her lips and looked at Ye Zhongjue valiantly. She had nothing to be afraid of: she had not done anything wrong, so there was no reason she couldn’t confront him.

“I want to talk to you! Can we stop this already?”

“Stop what?” Ye Zhongjue asked in a moderate tone without rise and fall in his pitch.

Mo Suqing panicked. “Stop refusing to communicate with me! I can explain myself if you misunderstand anything. Zhang Yubin and I, we have nothing going on between us. Yes, he likes me, but I already told him I am married. I don’t know what I have done to make him think he still has a chance, but I can tell you I am not messing around with him!”

Mo Suqing was earnest and eager. She could well be taking an oath.

The look Ye Zhongjue gave her revealed nothing but coolness.

After a while, he said, “Suqing, what do you think of the latest model of BMW?”

Mo Suqing felt she was not on the same page with Ye Zhongjue. She was trying to tell him there was nothing between her and Zhang Yubin, but he just asked her something that was totally irrelevant.

She knitted her brows together. A crucial piece of information popped up in her head.

The other day when Ye Zhongjue bumped into her and Zhang Yubin, Zhang Yubin was pulling her toward his car, the latest model of BMW.

At the thought, Mo Suqing felt cold all of a sudden.

Does he think I’m a vain woman who seeks after wealth?

Mo Suqing chuckled lightly and said bitterly, “Ye Zhongjue, in your eyes, I am just a vain woman who clings to the powerful and rich. Is that how you think of me?”

Mo Suqing almost squeaked when asking the question. She didn’t know how she would have made such an impression on him in the short time that they had known each other.

Ye Zhongjue frowned. He simply thought she might like the model. Why would she have thought he was accusing her of being vain?

He already knew her father was wealthy and that she hated rich people, so he had never thought of her as a vain woman who sought after money.

Somehow, his words were completely distorted in her mind.

Which was truer, that she didn’t understand him, or that he didn’t understand her?

It was a big question mark in Ye Zhongjue’s mind.

Seeing that he still did not want to talk to her and his manner was cool all the same, Mo Suqing felt exhausted.

She turned her back to him and said, “All right! If we are unable to communicate. I’ll go now!”

She went back inside the room. Ye Zhongju did not know what she meant by “go” until he heard her packing her suitcase.

His face darkened.

Although they had not talked the last few days, he had never thought of leaving her. He simply had not known what to do, so he chose to stay up late in his office every night.

On the contrary, she had decided to back off when they had their first fight. Was it true then that the one who loved more was destined to be at the mercy of the other?

Ye Zhongju suddenly became very angry. He walked into the bedroom and grabbed Mo Suqing’s arm, his face darkened.

Mo Suqing, knowing it was him, did not turn to look and tried to free herself. However, Ye Zhongju was too strong for her to shake his hand off.

She looked at Ye Zhongju and said coldly, “Since I am that kind of woman in your eyes, I have no wish to stay any longer. Please let me go, so I can pack.”

Ye Zhongju did not reply, but he did not loosen his grip on her arm either.

Mo Suqing flew into a rage. “Ye Zhongju, what do you want from me? I already explained to you what happened, but you wouldn’t believe me. Fine, I will go! I asked if you think I am a vain woman, and you don’t seem to disagree. So tell me, what is the point of continuing our relationship?”

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