Chapter 43: Got Kicked by a Donkey on the Head

Staring at the picture attached in the article, Mo Suqing laughed contemptuously. These people can scandalize to such a degree in order to make money out of the general population’s curiosity! she thought sarcastically, amazed at the unnecessary exaggeration of the article.

She was a gossip journalist, but she had (and would) never made up a story like that. She tossed the newspaper aside, not wanting to see it anymore.

When Leng Xiyao entered the office, she saw a bunch of people talking in low voices in a circle.

She did not have to guess to know what they were talking about.

She walked straight over to where Mo Suqing was, cast a glance at the newspaper on her desk, and said loudly, “‘Superstar in Love with Gossip Journalist?’ Who would write such a title? How are they so sure that the superstar is in love with Suqing? Because of this blurry photo? They must have got kicked by a donkey on the head, that I can be sure of! Besides, what’s the problem if a superstar did fall in love with Suqing? She is a gossip journalist, so what? Humph!”

Leng Xiyao threw the paper away and added angrily, “What were they thinking!”

Her words attracted a lot of people’s attention. Liu Siran voiced his doubt, “If this is not the truth, why would the entertainment section in every newspaper agree that Guan Zixuan likes Suqing?”

Leng Xiyao jumped up from her chair. Mo Suqing tugged at her sleeves to make her sit back down.

But she just gave her a comforting look, telling her that everything was alright.

Then, she turned back to face Liu Siran and the others.

“You said so yourself! It is Guan Zixuan who likes Suqing, not the other way around! Are you out of your mind? Who says whoever Guan Zixuan likes must return his love? That is madness! Suqing would never like him, okay?”

Leng Xiyao’s scornful words made Liu Siran and the others redden.

At the moment, someone ran from outside. “Guys! Countless gossip journalists have gathered in front of our company, asking to interview Mo Suqing!”

Mo Suqing’s head had been hung low. But now, hearing what the coworker had just said, she stiffened.

She slowly raised her head. And saw An Huilin striding across the office from outside.

She walked over to Mo Suqing in a poker face. The others hurried back to their seats and started working, lest Abbess Miejue should give them a dressing-down.

“This is a magazine company, not a raucous market.” An Huilin said coldly. “It has always been us who dig up stories of people, but today it becomes the other way around. Here, we only need gossip journalists; we don’t need celebrities! Whoever caused this mess should go clean it up immediately.”

After the lecture, An Huilin turned her back and went into her office.

Mo Suqing and Leng Xiyao looked at each other. Abbess Miejue was obviously taking the opportunity to pick on her.

In the past, An Huilin would most likely ignore the situation and let the security do their job. But today, it was apparent she was determined to give Mo Suqing a hard time. Mo Suqing was her subordinate, but she did not try to speak up for her at all.

Mo Suqing stood up and was about to go outside.

Zhang Yubin quickly came near and took her arm. “Suqing, don’t go. Those gossip journalists will not treat you nicely just because you are a woman. Besides, you don’t have bodyguards like those superstars; you could really get hurt! Stay put, okay? I don’t believe they would dare to charge into the office!”

Mo Suqing looked at him in gratitude. It was true Zhang Yubin was arrogant sometimes, but he was always very kind to her.

Mo Suqing brushed his hand away and said, “It’s fine. I created this mess and I will sort it out.”

“At least let me go with you!” Zhang Yubin insisted.

Leng Xiyao, who had been standing nearby, said expressionlessly, “Suqing, I’ll go with you. They are but a bunch of gossip journalists. Plus, the truth is you don’t like Guan Zixuan. They shouldn’t write something that suggests you do!”

Mo Suqing nodded. Of course she knew what the truth was. That being said, she still found it her responsibility to take care of it.

She looked at Zhang Yubin and said, “You don’t belong to the entertainment section, so you don’t have to get involved. Please just go back to your seat.”

Zhang Yubin gazed at her. “Suqing, do not reject me. I have made up my mind and you can’t change it. I must protect you.”

His earnest words had Leng Xiyao, who seldom looked at him, watched him curiously now.

The three of them went outside. A number of gossip journalists immediately came forward.

“Miss Mo, can you tell us what you think about Mr. Guan’s confession of love to you yesterday?”

“Miss Mo, are you flattered by his love for you?”

“Miss Mo, can you confirm if it is really you who is in the picture? You seem to be much prettier…”


They kept bombarding Mo Suqing with questions. She felt her twitching face was going to go into spasm.

Leng Xiyao, on the other hand, was even more appalled. Confession of love? When did that happen? Those gossip journalists surely knew how to concoct a story out of nothing, she would give them that!

Zhang Yubin tried his best to push back the gossip journalists, standing in front of Mo Suqing in case she got hurt.

Looking at the gossip journalists who were falling over one another, Mo Suqing spoke calmly, “You don’t have to jostle right in front of our company. I’ll answer all your questions.”

They quieted down and waited for Mo Suqing to say more.

She continued, “What really happened yesterday was, when I almost fell to the ground, Guan Zixuan gave me a hand. Somehow, some gossip journalist made an exaggeration and proclaimed that he likes me.”

Mo Suqing paused to chuckle before continuing, “No matter what, I just want to clarify that even if he does like me, do not. So please stop following me around and asking questions. I cannot give you the answer you would like to hear. I am just a gossip journalist. I am not a celebrity and I am not dating one. I ask you to give me some privacy and refrain from wreaking havoc in my life. We are colleagues, so I’m not going to sue anyone this time. But, if there’s a next time, do not say I am cruel when I decide to take any one of you to court!”

Mo Suqing’s sonorous words struck them like thunder.

They did not expect her to be such a brave woman. They were stunned and certainly did not expect her to be so proud as to say that she did not have feelings for Guan Zixuan even if he did like her.

Seeing that the gossip journalists had been struck dumb, Leng Xiyao said loudly, “Are you going to leave or not? Keep lingering and I’ll call the police!”

Then, she took out her phone to make her point.

Seeing that she was really going to make a call, the gossip journalists quickly retreated.

Mo Suqing was exhausted after dealing with them, like she had just fought in a war.

After she went back into the office, she saw the newspaper and stuffed it in the trash bin in annoyance.

She hoped Ye Zhongjue would not read about the story. He didn’t seem like someone who would follow the latest update in entertainment.

Thus, Mo Suqing was on tenterhooks all day. She was in constant fear that Ye Zhongjue would find out about the news and called her for an explanation.

She could not focus on her work because she was always checking her phone. If Ye Zhongjue knew something, he would most likely call her immediately to inquire about it.

Therefore, whenever her phone rang, she would get all nervous and quickly checked who had called.

However, after a day of anticipation and trepidation, she never got a call from him.

Every time she saw that the caller was not Ye Zhongjue, she felt both relieved and disappointed.

The day passed as she fretted and fretted.


Meanwhile, after Ye Zhongjue arrived at work, he could see that Lin Ran had something to say.

Soon after Ye Zhongjue settled down at his desk, Lin Ran came in with a newspaper in his hand.

However, after fidgeting for a while, he still didn’t say anything.

Ye Zhongjue finished signing one of the papers and put his pen down, annoyed. He looked Lin Ran in the eye and demanded, “What do you want to say? Stop screwing your face as if you have difficulty emptying your bowels!”

“What?” Lin Ran looked at Ye Zhongjue blankly. Why did Boss say something like that? Does he really look like he was constipating?

I am merely afraid that what I found out will hurt him badly. I can’t believe he said something like that!

“Stop stammering and spit it out!”

Lin Ran hesitated for a moment before replying, “This is the thing. The headlines in today’s entertainment section have something to do with Miss Mo, the woman you asked me to keep a tab on.”

The second Ye Zhongjue heard her name, his face darkened.

“What about her? Why would she appear in the entertainment section? She’s not a celebrity.”

Lin Ran gave him an embarrassed look and said, “It is Guan Zixuan.”

Ye Zhongjue’s face went a shade darker. Guan Zixuan?

Lin Ran howled inwardly. It wasn’t that he did not want to tell him about the news; it was because he had known he would react this way.

He could feel that his boss cared about Miss Mo very much. That was why he followed her updates so closely.

“Tell me!” Ye Zhongjue uttered in a deep voice.

Lin Ran could feel the temperature in the office drop a few degrees. He contemplated how to tell him for a moment before saying, “At a launch event yesterday, Guan Zixuan told everyone that he has a feeling for a girl recently. Later, when Miss Mo showed up at the event to interview him, she was tripped by someone and was about to fall. Guan Zixuan quickly reacted and held Miss Mo in his arms. He also said that she needed to be more careful because his heart would ache if she did fall down. The gossip journalists immediately guessed that Miss Mo was the girl Guan Zixuan liked.”

He paused for a moment and observed Ye Zhongjue’s expression before adding, “You know how famous Guan Zixuan is. That is why…”

When Ye Zhongjue spoke, Lin Ran shivered violently. He could feel a chilling breeze rise up.

“If I remember it right, Guan Zixuan is one of the stars signed by the entertainment company under Mighty Empire, isn’t he?”

Lin Ran nodded. “Yes, and he works with our incredible agent Linda too!”

To be honest, Ye Zhongjue rarely paid much attention to their entertainment company; his focus was mostly on the real estate, hospitality, clothing and retailing industries.

There were numerous companies under Mighty Empire and almost every one of them was the biggest in its own market in this city, so Ye Zhongjue did not particularly pay attention to the entertainment company, as long as it made profit.

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