Chapter 42: Come Bite Me if You Can

“Miss, are you the girl Mr. Guan has a feeling for?”

“Can you tell us what you think about Mr. Guan’s feelings? Do you feel that you are especially lucky?”


Unlike Guan Zixuan, Mo Suqing did not have any bodyguards. Soon, she was surrounded by gossip journalists pushing each other.

She cursed Guan Zixuan with all her heart. The petty man did not even try to hear her out before taking such savage revenge. How she wanted to kill him now!

The moment Leng Xiyao took a picture and watched everyone rush forward, she understood what had just happened.

She quickly went to grip Mo Suqing’s hand; she was practically stifling among the crowd. However, the gossip journalists did not relent at all.

Mo Suqing was both flustered and exasperated.

She was not a celebrity, but somehow she was treated like one.

Although Guan Zixuan acted like he cared about her a great deal, he never confirmed she was the one he had a feeling for!

He was obviously trying to mislead the journalists, who, unless there was a miracle, would definitely give her a very hard time.

Guan Zixuan, smiling, stood on the outskirts of it all and watched Mo Suqing being swallowed by the group of gossip journalists, with only her head poking out.

After a while, he left the scene swiftly, the amused expression still lingering on his face.

Leng Xiyao jostled against the other journalists for some time, but still could not reach Mo Suqing.

When she saw that Guan Zixuan was leaving, she immediately called out, “Mr. Guan is leaving!”

Her words successfully shifted everyone’s attention away from Mo Suqing. The gossip journalists turned to the direction of Guan Zixuan and broke into a run.

Leng Xiyao quickly took Mo Suqing by the arm and started running.

Mo Suqing followed her lead, heedless of the fact that her microphone had slipped from her hand.

Guan Zixuan got in the car in time. Knowing it was impossible to catch up with him now, the gossip journalists went back for Mo Suqing. However, Mo Suqing was no longer in sight.

Leng Xiyao and Mo Suqing did not stop until they were several blocks away.

Mo Suqing gasped for air. She had already been stifling back at the launch event. Furthermore, she ran for so long with Leng Xiyao.

Leng Xiyao was panting, too. After looking around for pursuers and finding none, she plumped down on the ground.

She was so exhausted she almost collapsed. “Suqing, what was going on back there? Why did Guan Zixuan say something like that? You and he only have met each other for no more than a couple of times, but he was all ‘my heart will ache if you fall.’ Was he trying to mislead the gossip journalists on purpose?”

Mo Suqing, not yet fully recovering, gave her companion a cold look.

“Of course he was. He has the impression that I lied to him about not being a gossip journalist at the airport and published his picture later on. He hates liars, so he decided to give me a hard time. He is resourceful, and it is not difficult for him to get me into a love story with him. I can see how he arranged someone to trip me and thus carried out his plan.”

Leng Xiyao dropped her jaw, dumbfounded. “Did he have to do that?”

Mo Suqing turned to look at Leng Xiyao. “Maybe he didn’t, but it was not at all troublesome for him and it could ruin me, so why not?”

“That was cruel of him!” Leng Xiyao ranted out her denunciation.

“No, something crueler is yet to come.” Mo Suqing said mysteriously, watching the traffic on the road.

Leng Xiyao looked at the cut the microphone made on Mo Suqing’s arm and felt her anger mounting.

“You are miserable enough. What else does he want?”

She added vehemently, “This is too much! Being a superstar doesn’t mean he can get to be such a brat!”

“A lot of media outlets were present today.” Mo Suqing explained in an even tone. “Tomorrow when the news comes out, my life will be totally overturned. I think that’s what he wants.”

Leng Xiyao frowned, looking upset. “Suqing, how about you go and explain yourself to him?”

Mo Suqing shook her head. “It’s useless. What I am most concerned about now is how I am going to explain to Ye Zhongjue what happened. Tomorrow when the news is out, everyone in the city will know about me and Guan Zixuan. The hug he just gave me is too misleading, I’m afraid he will not believe me easily.”

Leng Xiyao pursed her lips and blinked.

She turned to look at Mo Suqing abruptly. “I still think we should explain the truth to Guan Zixuan, so that he can explain his action away to the public. Besides, you didn’t 

want it to happen, either. It is not your fault Bai Tingnan stole the picture.”

Mo Suqing shook her head. The girl was too naïve!

“Do you really think he will believe me if I tell him the truth?”

Leng Xiyao felt deflated instantly. “What do we do then?”

Mo Suqing shook her head again. “You got me there!”

A black Porsche Cayenne suddenly came out of nowhere and stopped in front of them.

The window was lowered, revealing an amused smile. Guan Zixuan was as magnificent as ever. It was difficult not to be drawn by his handsome face.

“How do you like it? Pretty nice. huh?”

Leng Xiyao jumped up. She would like to pounce on Guan Zixuan and tear that smile off his face. He had got Suqing into big trouble, but it was obvious he didn’t feel guilty about it. How she wanted to strangle him to death with her bare hands!

Instead, she yelled at him, saying, “Did you arrange someone to trip Suqing, so that you could act out your little play in front of the gossip journalists? What are you planning?”

Guan Zixuan was still smiling. He looked at Mo Suqing contemptuously and said, “Even if it was me, so what? Come bite me if you can!”

Leng Xiyao’s whole belief system almost shattered there and then. Is he really the wonderful, gorgeous superstar who has countless fans? He has just ruined his image for me, acting like a child!

Looking at the stricken expression on Leng Xiyao’s face, Guan Zixuan didn’t seem to care. He watched Mo Suqing expressionlessly and said in a mocking tone, “Mo Suqing, I can see from your reaction that you are not as bold as I would expect you to be! Where is your ‘courage’ from the other day when you lied to my face?”

Mo Suqing raised her beautiful face and smiled mildly, then said calmly, “Mr. Guan’s preference, too, is not what I would expect you to have!”

Guan Zixuan did not know what she was hinting at, but either of the possibilities embarrassed him: going at it in a bathroom cubicle at the airport, or setting a trap for her today.

His face darkened considerably in an instant. Damn you, woman! How can you be so brazen when you are the one who did the wrong thing by lying to me?

However, before he could react, Mo Suqing had turned her back to him without so much as casting a glance at his direction.

Guan Zixuan’s face went completely dark out of rage. The woman was too insolent, even more than he appeared to be!

No, he could not just let it go!

Guan Zixuan trailed behind in his car. Suddenly, he noticed the wound on Mo Suqing’s arm. Somehow, he felt a little uneasy at the sight of it.

But he immediately comforted himself, That is those gossip journalists’ doing, not mine.

However, the more he followed them, the more he lost the desire to tease her further. So, he simply drove away.

He had yet to go back to his agency. His agent Linda had got wind of how he told the media about his “love affair” and called him just now, demanding him to come and see her, her voice exasperated.

Guan Zixuan was a star signed by the entertainment company under Mighty Empire. He had contributed a lot to the agency these years, so basically no one would have any opinions about his actions or impose anything on him.

He was the milch cow of Mighty Empire. Of course no one would be foolish to cross him.


In the taxi, Leng Xiyao kept comforting Mo Suqing while cursing Guan Zixuan vehemently.

“What kind of superstar is he? More like an immature kid, I would say. Whoever comes to know him gets into trouble! He is as delightful as he can be on screen, but just a low, petty man in his true colors! Without knowing the entire situation, how could he treat you like this? I wish he would be run over by a car and die when he is outside, choke to death when he drinks or eats, be frightened to death by nightmares when he sleeps…”

Mo Suqing gave Leng Xiyao a blank look. “Yao, stop it. I am having a headache listening to your curse all the way!”

Leng Xiyao glanced at her. “I am not finished yet! Did you see his careless demeanor? As if he is the boss of the world and everyone has to be at his service or follow him around. What a scoundrel!”

Mo Suqing felt more and more tired. “Yao, I am going to break down if you don’t stop now!”

Leng Xiyao turned to look at Mo Suqing, who seemed to be genuinely irritated. She stuck her tongue out and quickly shut her mouth up.

After an afternoon of fretfulness, Mo Suqing still couldn’t think of anything to solve the problem. There was no way she could stop the news from spreading.

She was fretful but incapable of doing anything substantial.

After she and Leng Xiyao returned to the magazine headquarters, they got an earful from Abbess Miejue because they didn’t interview Guan Zixuan at all.

When they emerged from An Huilin’s office, Mo Suqing looked at her co-worker and asked, “Didn’t you take any pictures?”

Leng Xiyao gave her a wicked smile. “Of course I did. I took a picture of you in Guan Zixuan’s arms for you to remember the event by in the future.”

Mo Suqing would like to strangle the girl there and then. It is not the time to make jokes!

“It doesn’t matter now. Abbess Miejue hasn’t been nice to us recently anyway!” Leng Xiyao comforted Mo Suqing while trying to make herself feel better, too.

Mo Suqing could not agree with her more. She nodded and said, “You are right.”

Mo Suqing went home in the evening. Although she wanted to tell Ye Zhongjue about what had happened, she did not know how she would proceed.

Every time she was about to say something, she would swallow all she had to say when she looked at Ye Zhongjue.

By the time she arrived at her workplace the next day, she still hadn’t said anything to him.

The moment Mo Suqing stepped into the office, she was bombarded by her colleagues.

“Suqing, this is you in the superstar’s arms, isn’t it? It’s hard to imagine!”

“Wow, I can’t believe as low-key as you are, you can get a superstar like Guan Zixuan to fall for you. Good job!”


All the mocking and teasing bothered Mo Suqing greatly.

Yes, she was distant and aloof, but it didn’t mean she was immune to other people’s opinions about her. Guan Zixuan really succeeded in making her suffer.

Right now, she would like to say to the superstar, “You win! How about it?”

In the end, Mo Suqing just stared at her colleagues without saying anything, then went to her desk.

She immediately saw the newspaper on her desk with the headline in big letters: ‘Superstar in Love with Gossip Journalist.’

The first thing that came into Mo Suqing’s mind was how Ye Zhongjue would look when he saw the picture in the article.

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