Chapter 41: Superstar in Love with Gossip Journalist

Leng Haoyun watched her closely, trying to read her mind. Meanwhile, Leng Xiyao was too deep in her thoughts to notice his intense gaze.

Suddenly, a sense of helplessness washed over Leng Haoyun. What should he do with her?

He replied casually, “It was Mighty Empire. As soon as I found out that Mo Group was safe, I did some research.”

“Mighty Empire…?” Leng Xiyao’s brows knitted even more tightly together. Why would Mighty Empire want to help Mo Group? She felt as if she had stepped inside a thick fog, not able to clarify the situation.

“Stop mulling over things you shouldn’t be thinking about!” came Leng Haoyun’s chilling voice.

Leng Xiyao snapped her head up, remembering she had promised Mo Suqing the other day she would get some information regarding the identity of the president of Mighty Empire.

She beamed at Leng Haoyun and leaned over his desk. “Uncle, how about President Ye of Mighty Empire? Can you tell me who he is and where I can find him?”

Leng Haoyun looked at her innocent and cute face, feeling there was no way he could resist such a pure smile. God, I’m hopeless! he sighed inwardly. He could never say no to any of her wishes.

He relented, “Fine. I’m going to meet him in a few days for a potential partnering opportunity. You can come over and interview him.”

Leng Xiyao immediately brightened up. She jumped up and squealed with delight, “I love you, Uncle!”

She would have hugged him if not for the large desk between them.

“Watch your manner! Don’t forget you are a lady!” Leng Haoyun reprimanded harshly.

Leng Xiyao was deflated in an instant. She quickly put the suit she had bought for him on his desk and looked at him smilingly. “This is the suit I bought for you!”

She was going to slip out when she had an idea. If her uncle took a wife who could nurture him, his temper might improve.

She turned back toward Leng Haoyun and gave him her two cents, “Uncle, when are you going to find me an aunt?”

Leng Haoyun’s face darkened with a hint of embarrassment, as if his secret was uncovered. Looking dour, he hissed, “Get out!”

Leng Xiyao turned around and stuck her tongue out before slipping out of the room. Why did he get so mad? All I said is ask him to find a wife! What is there to be pissed about? Poor me!

Leng Xiyao skipped off in the direction of her bedroom.

Behind her, Leng Haoyun’s face became even more darkened. Alas, what on earth should he do with her?


The next day, Mo Suqing barely arrived at her desk when An Huilin summoned her.

“Guan Zixuan is going to show up at a men’s razor launch event today. Go interview him with Leng Xiyao,” ordered An Huilin without ever looking up.

Mo Suqing looked at her, frustrated. Abbess Miejue had been in a really bad mood recently and she kept venting her anger on Yao and her.

Thinking of interviewing Guan Zixuan also made her head throb.

She asked tentatively, “Editor-in-chief, is it okay if I don’t go?”

An Huilin finally raised her head. She glanced at Mo Suqing and said mockingly, “But our superstar specified that he would like you and Leng Xiyao to attend the event. How can I refuse him?”

Mo Suqing’s face fell. What? Guan Zixuan said that? No matter what it is he is playing at, it’s not going to be anything good for her.

But how could she say no now? Mo Suqing’s pretty face crumpled up as if she was about to wail.

However, even though she knew very well this was a trap, Abbess Miejue had made it quite clear it was impossible she could escape it.

In the end, Mo Suqing told Leng Xiyao the instructions and the two of them went out together.

The amusement of Leng Xiyao stood in stark contrast to the melancholy of Mo Suqing.

Mo Suqing said angrily, “Yao, do you have to be so excited about this?”

Leng Xiyao looked at her and chuckled. Her eyes were full of laughter when she said, “Don’t you know? I am always excited to see you make a fool of yourself!”

Mo Suqing decided to ignore her taunt.

However, Leng Xiyao was not going to let it go. She looked at Mo Suqing excitedly, “Suqing, you said your hubby is merely an assistant, but somehow I don’t feel like he is any ordinary man!”

Mo Suqing gave her a cold look and said dismissively , “Right, because he is ‘extra’ ordinary.”

Leng Xiyao shut her mouth up. She could finally see that Mo Suqing was genuinely upset and anxious.

However, Mo Suqing would never have expected that, the moment she arrived at the launch event, she would immediately become the main focus and get entangled in a scandal with Guan Zixuan.

Guan Zixuan told the Trend Magazine the event started at eleven, but it actually began at ten.

At the event, Guan Zixuan was introducing the new product with a broad smile, “The XXX razor is perfect for every man!”

Wherever his eyes swept, a bunch of fangirls would scream like crazy.

Guan Zixuan continued, “Today we are at the launch event for the XXX razor, and I am the endorser of this brand. I myself have tried the razor and can promise you this is really a great razor. I would like to invite all men present to give it a try too; I ensure that you will not regret buying it. For ladies who come here today, please buy one for your husband or boyfriend – he will definitely be very happy about it!”

The corner of Yuan’s mouth kept twitching uncontrollably. Boss, you sound just like a salesperson working for a pyramid scheme!

However, to show their support, Guan Zixuan’s fans would buy anything he promoted. Within some ten minutes, all the razors prepared for the event were sold out.

Gossip journalists were the next to rush forward.

“Mr. Guan, rumor has it that you have a special relationship with supermodel Mu Ling’er. Can you confirm it?”

“Mr. Guan, the woman in your arms in the picture from the ‘mysterious girlfriend incident’ bears a striking resemblance to Miss Mu Ling’er. Can you tell us if that is indeed the case?”


All kinds of questions came one after another.

But there was a common theme: Guan Zixuan’s new girlfriend.

Guan Zixuan smiled without a word. Inside, he was writhing all over. Mu Ling’er was obviously standing behind him in the picture. He had blocked most of her with his body. But somehow, she had come to be “in his arms.”

What an overactive imagination these gossip journalists had!

Then, he arched his eyebrows. He spotted the two figures getting off a taxi not far away.

He grinned. Showtime.

Mo Suqing and Leng Xiyao could feel something was very wrong the moment they got off the car.

They were told the event started at eleven, but somehow the place had already swarmed with gossip journalists.

Mo Suqing’s heart missed a beat. She did not feel good about this.

When she approached the crowd, Guan Zixuan fixed his eyes in her direction and said into the microphone, “I did have a feeling for a girl, but she is not a celebrity.”

His melancholy and affectionate tone immediately broke the hearts of his numerous fans.

People began to pose a new round of questions. “Mr. Guan, who is the lucky girl you are deeply in love with?”

“Mr. Guan, are you saying you are no longer single? The rumors, are they true then?”


Guan Zixuan’s mouth twitched a little. When did I ever use the phrase “deeply in love”? I said I have a feeling for someone, and somehow they made it sound as if I am crazy in love with her!

Mo Suqing stopped at the edge of the crowd. She heard Guan Zixuan’s voice coming from the loudspeaker.

“People, I would like to clarify that although I like her a lot, she is not my girlfriend.”

One of the gossip journalists came forward with her microphone. “Mr. Guan, can you please tell us what kind of girl she is to be so lucky as to be liked by you?”

Mo Suqing’s mouth twitched into a snigger. Lucky? Why does it have to be a lucky thing to be liked by him?

In her opinion, it would definitely be a disaster!

Guan Zixuan slightly turned his body sideways. He looked at the group of excited gossip journalists and said, clear and loud, “No, I am the lucky one. I am lucky to ever have the chance to like her!”

Yuan had left the crowd for a while and missed the majority of what Guan Zixuan had been telling the gossip journalists.

When he came back and heard what Guan Zixuan had just said, he was dumbstruck.

He had a sick feeling to his stomach. Boss, why didn’t you discuss this with me beforehand? Don’t you know that making such a statement and showing no consideration for your career will put me in a difficult position?

The agent would surely blame me for not handling it well…

Thinking of Linda, Guan Zixuan’s agent, and her poker face chilled Yuan to his bones. He knew he was dead meat by now. He only wished Guan Zixuan would stop talking nonsense soon to make him more dead.

Leng Xiyao took Mo Suqing by the arm and went forward.

Mo Suqing was a bit reluctant at first, but stopped struggling when she reminded herself that they had come with a task.

The two women finally pushed their way through and came to the front of the crowd. All of a sudden, someone stuck out their leg and tripped Mo Suqing.

Without anything to steady herself, she began to fall.

Just when she was about to make contact with the ground, Guan Zixuan swiftly rescued her by catching her waist and turning around in one smooth move, his arm never leaving her body.

Mo Suqing froze, turning into a stone.

All she could think about is, Guan Zixuan had saved me? Guan Zixuan had somehow decided to save me? Guan Zixuan had really done an incredible thing and saved me?

However, the next moment, Mo Suqing knew she had been too naïve.

Guan Zixuan looked at her and spoke in a most tender tone, “Suqing, be careful. Do you know how much my heart will ache if you do fall to the ground?”

He was playing the role of a fervent admirer and brave hero very well.

Flashlight from numerous cameras flashed without pause.

The scene was captured by many gossip journalists’ cameras; even Leng Xiyao instinctively took a photo.

Mo Suqing had been a gossip journalist for several years. She would be an idiot if she failed to realize what Guan Zixuan was doing.

Guan Zixuan was taking his revenge. He did not forget or forgive the fact that Mo Suqing had revealed the picture taken at the airport to the public and lied to him that she was not a gossip journalist.

It was no doubt his ultimate revenge.

Guan Zixuan loosened his grip and whispered in her ear, “I hate liars!”

Mo Suqing had guessed it right. The moment Guan Zixuan let her go, all the gossip journalists came forward and surrounded Mo Suqing.

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