Chapter 40: A Proud One

Mo Suqing was puzzled. She could sense the temperature had dropped a few degrees in the room, but why? All she had said was “thank you.” Was it not the right thing to say?

If so, what exactly does he want me to tell him?

Mo Suqing thought hard about it, but still the answer didn’t come to her.

In the end, Ye Zhongjue walked toward the bathroom with a scowled face and without saying anything more. Mo Suqing did not care for his behavior. What is he doing that for? I seriously do not understand.

Mo Suqing looked at her half-dried hair. She quickly finished drying it. When she was going to put it away, she noticed that one of the shopping bags seemed to have been opened before.

It was nothing other than the overcoat she bought for Ye Zhongjue. Is this what he wanted me to tell him about?

Mo Suqing was amused. So this is what it is about! He doesn’t think I bought it for some other man, does he?

Mo Suqing did not know how to react. She put the overcoat and the hair-dryer back to their places while chuckling inwardly, What a proud man-child!

Mo Suqing found that the more she spent time with him, the more she didn’t know him. He was like an unpredictable kid who was proud yesterday, adorable today, and sulky tomorrow, always changing his mood.

What she didn’t know was, Ye Zhongjue had never cared for someone enough to learn how to care about someone. She was the first woman he really wanted to take great care of like a precious treasure.

Without doubt, her every move and every behavior affected him. That was why he was acting so weird.

No wonder people often commented, “Men become children when they are in love.”

Mo Suqing felt both amused and sorry at the same time. She was amused because the proud Ye Zhongjue expected her to guess his thought and simply refused to speak out loud what he had in mind; she was sorry because his low mood somehow affected her, too.

When Ye Zhongjue emerged from the bathroom, he saw the shopping bag containing the overcoat was still on the sofa, while all the other bags were gone.

His eyes twinkled with embarrassment. Did she find out what he was thinking?

Mo Suqing emerged from the dressing room, smiling.

She picked up the shopping bag and handed it to Ye Zhongjue. “I bought an overcoat for you when I went shopping today. I never saw you wear one before, so I’m not sure about the size. What don’t you try it on? I bet you will look very nice in it.”

Ye Zhongjue’s narcissist personality was immediately puffed up. Of course I will! I am a good-looking man; any clothes are becoming on me.

His transient narcissistic expression did not escape Mo Suqing.

She was utterly speechless. Are all men as childish as himshe thought, although she did not contempt him for it at all. On the contrary, somehow she quite liked it.

She looked at his pajamas and said tentatively, “How about you try it on now, so that if it doesn’t fit, I can go find the right size tomorrow?”

Ye Zhongjue seemed to brighten up entirely. He took the bag from Mo Suqing. “I’ll try it on now!” he said quickly, as if Mo Suqing would take it back if he didn’t answer her fast enough.

Ye Zhongjue’s face did not betray much emotion, but his heart was already filled with happiness. This is really for me! She must care a great deal about me. Ye Zhongjue thought as he put on the overcoat.

Mo Suqing sat on the sofa idly while waiting for him to change his clothes. His reaction totally supported her speculation: What Ye Zhongjue wanted her to say was indeed to tell him that she had bought the overcoat for him.

No wonder he would get upset when she only thanked him for taking Yao to dinner.

Anyway, seeing that he was so happy about the overcoat made her happy too.

She heard the door to the dressing room click open and turned her head. She was instantly and completely wonderstruck.

The overcoat seemed to be tailored for him. The black color matched perfectly with his coolness and reserve, eliciting from the inside a charm that attracted anyone to come near him. It was as if he was sparkling with a strange radiance. The garment was a hundred more becoming on him than on the mannequin; his graceful and handsome figure added a unique personality to the overcoat.

Mo Suqing was very proud of her taste. The overcoat was so befitting, Ye Zhongjue was almost brimming with virility.

Mo Suqing stared in awe, not even knowing Ye Zhongjue had come closer.

He walked to her and asked lightly, “Are you okay?”

“Ah!” Mo Suqing cried out, snapping her head up.

Her cute reaction made Ye Zhongjue itch for her, as if she was a kitten whose little paw was touching him in a titillating way.

Suddenly, he hugged the stunned Mo Suqing tightly, as if he wanted to devour her.

Mo Suqing shook a little. She could feel his urgent need to “finish her off” then and there.

Like the earth absorbing the sweet rainwater after a prolonged spell of drought, Ye Zhongjue locked her head with one hand and kissed her long and hard on the mouth.

His kiss was violent as the storm, invading every inch of her with a fierceness.

Mo Suqing was a little shaken, but she tried to act in response timidly. Gradually, a heat took over her entire body, prompting her to keep up with him.

Mo Suqing had never seen this side of Ye Zhongjue. Before, he had always been very gentle and even when he had been out of control, he had never acted with such fierceness.

It was well said that men were well-groomed beasts who would show their true colors in bed.

Mo Suqing sighed inwardly, No matter how reserved and graceful a man is, he turns into a beast once in bed!

She really felt that Ye Zhongjue was going to swallow her whole.

Listening to his heavy breathing and the thud of his heartbeat, Mo Suqing did not know what to do.

“Suqing, hug me tight!”

Tentatively, Mo Suqing pecked his earlobe a bit and wrapped her arms around his muscular waist.

Ye Zhongjue trembled sharply as if an electric current just passed through his body. He held up Mo Suqing like a wild animal and pressed her against the wall behind the sofa.

Mo Suqing was a little frightened. The profound desire in Ye Zhongjue’s eyes made them red like a fire that would consume her if unchecked.

Ye Zhongjue roughly tore her nightdress open. Hearing the sound of fabric tearing part, Mo Suqing moaned inwardly, Her new nightdress has died like a martyr!

She felt utterly helpless. Lust! It was all because of lust! It served her right to suffer his roughness.

After some love-making, Ye Zhongjue carried her in his arms back to their room.

However, he could not be easily satiated tonight. Even though they already spent a lot of time in the living room, he started another round in bed. He did not let her sleep until late in the night.


Meanwhile, when Leng Xiyao went back home that evening, she saw Leng Haoyun working in his study.

Surprised, Leng Xiyao thought, It is so unlike him to already be home at this hour!

Usually, Leng Haoyun did not come home until at least eleven o’clock in the evening.

That was why Leng Xiyao felt bold to have her way once and came home late tonight.

Little had she expected she would be busted the first time she decided to do as she pleased.

What an unfortunate coincidence!

Leng Xiyao moaned inwardly. Recently, she had had the worst of luck!

Last time when she had gone to gather some information for a story with Mo Suqing, they bumped into Gu Jiannan and Mo Sulian. She had taken Mo Suqing to a pub and Leng Haoyun almost killed her when she went home late and drunk.

Even with just his poker face, he was scary enough.

She tiptoed as quietly as she could, lest he noticed her.

However, just when Leng Xiyao was about to enter her room, she heard a chilling voice saying, “Come in here!”

Leng Xiyao froze. She looked at their housekeeper Aunt Zhang, who was standing by, and pointed at herself, as if asking her, Did he mean me?

Aunt Zhang nodded quickly.

It turned out that when Leng Xiyao failed to come home on time in the afternoon, she had called Leng Haoyun accordingly, remembering his order to do so since the young miss came home late and drunk the other day.

Therefore, after he knew she had not come home in the afternoon, Leng Haoyun came home from work right away and had been waiting for her.

Leng Xiyao laughed nervously. Looking resentful, she walked toward Leng Haoyun’s study reluctantly.

The door to the study was wide open.

Leng Xiyao thought to herself, He is not simply waiting for her, is he?

She walked into the study. Leng Haoyun demanded without looking up, “Tell me, where have you been tonight?”

Leng Xiyao hung her head and replied in a voice as small as a mosquito would have produced, “Nowhere in particular…”

“Speak up!” Leng Haoyun boomed. Leng Xiyao immediately straightened up and raised her head.

She gave Leng Haoyun a miserable look. All she had done was go shopping. Why did he have to be this angry with her? Was he going to control her basic right as a human, too?

Humph! Evil uncle! Leng Xiyao thought.

She murmured, “I went shopping, that is all. Is it necessary to be this mad?”

Leng Haoyun, who had run The Unparalleled for many years and had to meet with subordinates, many of whom dared not speak up every day, heard every word Leng 

Xiyao had just said.

He looked up, expressionless. “What, did you mean to say you don’t deserve my wrath? Do you forget the time when you got drunk and who got you out of that pub?”

Being reminded of the tragic event, Leng Xiyao shrank a little. Of course she did not forget all that. He had even spanked her, for crying out loud! She could still feel the pain.

She pursed her lips and said, “I just wanted to buy you a gift to thank you.”

Leng Haoyun watched her expressionlessly; it seemed that his face never changed whatsoever. “Thank me? Well…”

His voice rose to a higher pitch. “I don’t know what I have done to deserve your gratitude.”

Leng Xiyao met his eyes bravely. “What else could it be other than the Mo Group crisis? I didn’t expect you would be able to handle it in a matter of a morning! In order to thank you, I bought you a suit at a shopping mall. You really shouldn’t have treated me like this.”

Her words made Leng Haoyun’s eyes sparkled briefly.

He confessed, “It isn’t me who helped Mo Group.”

“What?” Leng Xiyao was surprised. “Who could it be then?”

She seemed to be talking to herself and speaking to Leng Haoyun at the same time.

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