Chapter 37: The True Identity of Leng Xiyao

Uneasy, Mo Suqing quickly withdrew her hand from Ye Zhongjue’s grip and gave him a nervous smile, “It’s nothing. I’m fine, really!”

Ye Zhongjue looked at her intently. In the end, he took her hand and held it under cool running water from the faucet while sighing deeply and shaking his head.

He is sighing again, Mo Suqing thought, not knowing what it was that she had done wrong.

Come to think of it, it seemed that she often did things that would make him shake his head and give out a sigh.

Mo Suqing pursed her lips. If she could, she would also like to learn to get along with him as he wished. The problem was, she didn’t know how to change herself!

Mo Suqing spent the whole dinner half eating, half deep in thought.


At the Lengs’ villa.

Leng Xiyao watched the stern man in front of her anxiously. Finally, she could not wait anymore and blurted out, “Uncle, can you help or not? Please say something!”

Leng Haoyun snapped his head up. His look was sharp enough to cut ice, sending shivers down Leng Xiyao’s spine.

What is wrong with her, making such a bold request?

“What, now you forget your respect for me for your bestie’s sake?”

Leng Haoyun’s voice was calm and his expression moderate.

After Leng Xiyao’s parents passed away when she was ten, he took it upon himself as her father’s only sibling to take care of her. And what a good care he had taken! It could be said that he had indulged her every need to the extent of spoiling her.

Nevertheless, somehow she had always held him in a certain respect.

Today, to his surprise, she suddenly became bold in front of him for her good friend’s sake.

Leng Xiyao lowered her head and bit her lip.

She knew he always worked late into the night before going home, so she had got off work early and came to The Unparalleled to talk to him. Otherwise, she would not be able to see him today.

However, his unexpected indifference still hurt her a little.

Usually, it was very difficult to see him unless she had some mishap. Sometimes, they didn’t see each other for a whole week.

Besides Mighty Empire, The Unparalleled was the other giant in the business world of A City. As the head of The Unparalleled, there were practically no strings her uncle couldn’t pull, if he was willing to.

In the past, when she asked for his help, he would usually set out some condition or another to restrict her in exchange. This time, the help she had asked for was no small matter. She wondered what he would ask her to do in return if he did agree to lend a hand!

Leng Xiyao hung her head in trepidation.

She really hoped he could help Mo Group, so that Suqing would stop worrying; on the other hand, she dared not imagine what she would have to agree to in exchange of his favor.

In his black suit, Leng Haoyun looked imperious. His handsome face did not become any more tender under the soft light; rather, it was even more stern.

He looked at the girl who, in her nervousness, was twisting her slender fingers and crumpling her pretty face, which was a little pale.

Just like that, he suddenly softened. He couldn’t bear to see the girl whom he had deemed precious since she was little experience any kind of harm or pain.

“Stop looking like you are facing your doom. I’ll do it.”

Apparently, this was all he had got to say.

Leng Xiyao blinked her huge eyes. This is it? He is not going to impose on her any inhuman conditions, such as “no deep-fried food for breakfast,” “get into bed before whatever-time-it-is,” “refrain from alcohol” or the like?

This is weird. He just agreed to offer his help without any terms?

Leng Xiyao could not believe it. She pinched her face and almost yelped. This really hurts!

Apparently, her uncle really said yes.

When she looked up, Leng Haoyun had turned to leave. Watching his lonely figure, an indescribable feeling rose up in her. Suddenly, she had a strong desire to give him a hug.

She remembered that when she was only a ten-year-old, her parents had died from a car accident. From then on, Leng Haoyun was the one who brought her up.

The same year, when she was ten and he eighteen, he took on another responsibility – The Unparalleled.

Because the business giant had many enemies back then, she had been kidnapped for at least five times during the first two years of his reign. Each time, she was nearer to death than the last.

Since then, Leng Haoyun forbade her to tell anyone her true identity, her association with The Unparalleled, her relationship with him.

That was why, for so many years, Leng Xiyao never told Mo Suqing that she was actually a member of The Unparalleled.

The only problem with being Miss Leng was, she didn’t have any freedom. Her uncle had so much control over her life that sometimes she really wanted to escape from home and lead an independent life.

However, it was all but a mere idea which did not extend to reality. Leng Xiyao had long passed the period of the rebellious youth, and now she mostly listened to her uncle’s instructions.

She had grown into an adult and did not want him to worry about her anymore.

Therefore, the only thing Mo Suqing knew about her background was that she had an uncle who always indulged her. Any of the rest, she did not know.

When she was certain that Leng Haoyun did agree to help, Leng Xiyao felt very much relieved. The anxiety in her heart dissipated.

Suqing can go back to not worrying about Mo Group!

Shortly after Mo Suqing arrived at work the next day, she received a call from Mo Zhenfeng, “Suqing, I want to thank you for your help. If it’s not for you, our company would surely go bankrupt…”

Mo Suqing was baffled, of course. Mo Group is no longer in a crisis? What does that have to do with me? She hadn’t even known about it until Mo Zhenfeng called.

“It’s got nothing to do with me. You can thank anyone you want to; just don’t thank me,” Mo Suqing said coldly and was about to hang up the phone.

Mo Zhenfeng quickly said, “But your friend said he helped us only because of you!”

Mo Suqing was even more baffled. My friend who? When have I got a friend who is so powerful as to save Mo Group effortlessly?

“Okay, I got it!”

Mo Suqing hung up. Although the fact was she did not “get it” at all, she felt relieved to know that Mo Group was safe now.

She really could not think of anyone who might do that.

Is it Zhang Yubin? Mo Suqing shook her head. No way. He is too petty. If I don’t give him what he wants first, he will never help me.

Is it Gu Jiannan? Mo Suqing chuckled lightly. That’s even more unlikely. He would steal Mo Group if he can; it’s impossible that he would be so kind.

Mo Suqing sat there, deep in thought. That was why she did not notice Leng Xiyao 

show up from nowhere and punch her in the shoulder.

She jumped in surprise. Giving Leng Xiyao a scornful look, she said, “What are you doing? You almost gave me a heart attack!”

Leng Xiyao giggled. “What are you doing? You were so deep in thought you didn’t see me coming.”

Mo Suqing said unhappily, “Someone who claimed to be my friend saved Mo Group. My father just called to thank me.”

Then, a bitter smile appeared on her face. “He was not this pleasant when I went home to a matchmaking dinner, that’s for sure!”

Leng Xiyao, feeling sorry for her, gave her a hug from behind. “Suqing, don’t be sad. He does not deserve any of your energy.”

She knew a thing or two about Mo Suqing’s family. Although she knew she did not have the right to judge, she felt her heartbreak.

She was also very surprised by what Mo Suqing had said.

She had just asked her uncle for help last night, and the problem was solved this morning. Talk about efficiency! She was determined to buy a gift for her uncle as a thank-you.

“Suqing, since Mo Group is safe now, how about we go shopping after work today?”

Mo Suqing was going to say no when she remembered what Ye Zhongjue had said when they went grocery shopping the previous evening. He had told her to buy some clothes for the upcoming seasonal change.

A City had distinct seasons and the weather was going to turn autumn soon. It was time to prepare some clothes accordingly.

She had also put his card in her purse this morning. So, she nodded and said, “Sure, let’s go shopping after work!”

Leng Xiyao was so happy that she almost jumped up and down. “You are the best!”

Leng Xiyao didn’t tell Mo Suqing that it was her who asked her uncle to help Mo Group. She did not want Mo Suqing to feel obliged to her. It was fine not knowing who the person was, right?

Time passed by quickly. A day at work came to an end once again.

When she was about to leave the company, Mo Suqing sent a message to Ye Zhongjue, I promised Yao I would go shopping with her after work. Don’t come and pick me up!”

Ye Zhongjue was busy with some papers, so he didn’t know there was a new message until a long time later.

He was used to making calls instead of sending messages. However, after he read the message from Mo Suqing, he replied, Okay!

Mo Suqing was already shopping with Leng Xiyao when she heard her phone buzzing. She quickly fished out her phone.

She smiled at the one-word reply. Ha, just one word! How lazy is he?

But, it totally fit his cool personality.

Mo Suqing put her phone away and continued to look at the goods in the shop.

Seeing that she was beaming, Leng Xiyao asked, “What’s with the smile?”

Mo Suqing shook her head. “Nothing.”

Leng Xiyao pursed her lips, not buying it. “Your mouth can actually hang a cluster of grapes, and you are saying there is nothing!”

Mo Squing was a little embarrassed. Is it really so obvious?

Catching sight of a haberdashery, Leng Xiyao immediately walked in, ending the conversation.

A silver-grey suit on a mannequin caught her attention. She found a clerk and said, “I would like to buy a slender version of this suit please.”

Mo Suqing tugged at her sleeves. “Yao, who are you buying it for?”

“My uncle,” Leng Xiyao answered. “Why?”

Mo Suqing shook her head. “Nothing. I am just curious.”

The truth was, it reminded her that she should also buy something for Ye Zhongjue. The season was about to change, and it wouldn’t do if she only bought clothes for herself, now would it?

She looked at the clothes in her shopping bag. It was all for her. However, she paid for them with her own card. If Ye Zhongjue found out she didn’t use his card at all, he would most likely get angry because she did not treat him like family again.

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