Chapter 36: I am Fine with Being Poisoned by You

Leng Xiyao was trembling all over with suppressed laughter, seeing the woeful expression on Mo Suqing’s face. As the saying goes, “Karma will eventually come, if not now.”

Mo Suqing’s entire face was wrinkled like a crumpled piece of paper.

She twitched a corner of her mouth and said reluctantly, “Hi, what a coincidence!”

Despite what she had said, it looked like she was grinding her teeth. Her face had now contorted so much it didn’t share any resemblance to a human face.

Without preamble, Guan Zixuan leaned closer and, placing his hands on each arm of her chair, positioned himself in such a way that effectively trapped Mo Suqing. She could clearly feel his warm breath on her face when he said, “I thought you said you were a mere tourist at the airport. If so…” he chuckled, “Are you ‘touring’ around here today too?”

Suddenly, Mo Suqing remembered. It finally dawned on her why she would find Mu Ling’er familiar when she saw her picture. She was the woman with Guan Zixuan in the restroom cubicle at the airport!

What an intolerably stupid girl I am! She thought miserably.

However, just as Mo Suqing was racking her brain to come up with a flawless lie and feel it to Guan Zixuan, the man straightened up as suddenly as he had leaned over Mo Squing and walked out the venue without even a backward glance.

Mo Suqing remained seated on the chair for a while after he left before turning to Leng Xiyao. “What does that mean?”

Leng Xiyao spread out her arms in a shrug. “Don’t ask me. Maybe he’s out of his mind!”

Mo Suqing stared unhappily at where Guan Zixuan had gone for a while before nodding in agreement. “Yeah, maybe.”

However, the truth was, she did not think Guan Zixuan, after recognizing her with a seemingly innocent hello, would just pretend nothing had happened and let her go. She was not that foolish.

If he could disclose her disgraceful secret without reserve like he did at the press conference, he would not hesitate to make her suffer even if he himself would get involved.

Mo Suqing sat there, not wanting to move at all now. Leng Xiyao peered at her. “Let’s go! You don’t want to spend your New Year here, do you?”

Mo Suqing glanced at her lifelessly without moving her head. “It’s still a long time before New Year.”

“So you are aware of the time!”

Then, Leng Xiyao prompted her again, “Come, let’s go already! I want to finish work and go home early today.”

Mo Suqing frowned. “Why?”

Leng Xiyao smiled mysteriously. “I’m not going to tell you now. You’ll know in due course.”

She pulled Mo Suqing hard and forced her to leave that chiar.


Lin Ran was an efficient employee. By the time it was time to call it a day at work, he had given Ye Zhongjue a full report.

“Boss, the stocks bought by Gu Group are now in the hands of our people. Since they are possessed by different people, no one will suspect it is Mighty Empire’s doing; it looks like they were bought by individuals. Mo Group is safe now.”

“Good!” Ye Zhongjue’s face still did not betray much emotion. His eyes, in particular, were like cold, deep ponds, difficult to interpret.

In fact, he had planned to buy all the stocks and give them back to Mo Group.

However, he then realized that as smart as she was, if Mo Suqing was to be informed of the fact that it was Mighty Empire who did it, she might link it with him and wonder at his true identity.

Besides, he knew there were others who coveted the ownership of Mo Group in addition to Gu Jiannan. For example, Mo Suqing’s stepsister, Mo Sulian. Since Mo Zhenfeng might not be able to guard the stocks well, he would keep them safe for him. After Mo Sulian showed her true colors, he would then give them to Mo Suqing’s care.

After contemplating the whole matter, Ye Zhongjue looked up and said, “Okay, it is settled then. Remember, keep the stocks for the time being.”

Seeing that Ye Zhongjue began to pack his suitcase, Lin Ran asked incredulously, “Boss, you are not going to work overtime today either?”

“What, you want me to work late every night?” Ye Zhongjue arched his brows, shooting a knife-like look in the direction of Lin Ran.

This gave Lin Ran the shivers. He laughed nervously, “No! Of course not! It’s just you have been acting a bit unlike yourself lately, going home on time every day and not working overtime like you used to… One would think you have someone waiting for you at home!”

Ye Zhongjue lowered his head to hide the sparkle in his eyes.

When he gathered up his suitcase, he said, “Okay! You shouldn’t work too late, either.”

“Yes, Big Bro!” Lin Ran replied cheerfully and was about to leave the office.

However, Ye Zhongjue boomed, “Wait!”

Lin Ran froze on the spot.

“What did I say? Do not call me Big Bro at work!”

Lin Ran’s face immediately went white. He had forgotten about this rule. “I’m so sorry, Boss. I won’t do it again!”

Ye Zhongjue shook his head and said, “That’s quite alright. But, you must remember not to show your hooligan attitude ever again.”

“Right, right!” Lin Ran nodded quickly and slipped out.

Ye Zhongjue had left work earlier than usual, so when he arrived at Trend Magazine, their employees were just starting to get off work.

Mo Suqing and Leng Xiyao were walking side by side when the former spotted Ye Zhongjue across the street. She knitted her brows together.

He is early today! Should I introduce him to Yao? Yao has asked to meet him several times now.

However, Leng Xiyao did not notice anything unusual about her. The moment they were out of the building, she scurried away while shouting in the general direction of Mo Suqing without looking back, “I’m off now! I have this thing that I need to do!”

Watching her cheerful figure, Mo Suqing shook her head and thought, Well, it can wait then.

Mo Suqing got in the car and immediately noticed something odd about Ye Zhongjue.

She took a careful look at him and realized that he was wearing spectacles. With them, he gave out a different, scholar-like vibe, although he was as handsome as ever.

Seeing him reminded her of the night before. She quickly regained her composure. “You are early today.”

“I don’t want you to wait for too long.”

The matter-of-fact remark almost made Mo Suqing choke. She looked at him uneasily and changed the subject promptly, “Why are you wearing glasses today?”

The corner of her mouth twitched a little. She couldn’t shake off the feeling that Ye Zhongjue was not his usual self.

Ye Zhongjue answered, “Some say I look quite erudite with glasses.”

Mo Suqing choked again. Can you be any more arrogant?

Ye Zhongjue’s mouth curved into a lop-sided smile at her astonished look. It made him even more handsome, like one of the beautiful men who only existed in paintings.

“I’m kidding! What do you want to eat? I’ll take you to dinner.”

“Let’s not eat out every day. Some restaurants are not particularly hygienic.”

“If so, are you going to cook instead?” Ye Zhongjue turned in her direction, teasing her.

“Forget it then! You will get food poisoning from anything I make.”

Ye Zhongjue laughed heartily, which instantly transformed his whole appearance into a delightful sight.

His voice was warming when he spoke, “I’m fine with being poisoned by you.”

Mo Suqing found herself drunk with his words. Something is very wrong with my head! Otherwise, why would I be thinking that this is the sweetest thing I have ever heard?

The car continued to head for their place.

After they got home, they changed into their leisure wear before going out again for grocery shopping.

While browsing the veggies, Mo Suqing said, “How about you teach me how to cook properly tonight? I feel bad to see you prepare dinner every day after work.”

“I don’t mind it. I am most willing to cook your every meal.” He blurted out these words just like that. Mo Suqing once again found herself blushing furiously.

She quickly turned her face away, pretending she was focusing on the vegetables, while cursing herself inwardly, Can you be any more pliable, Mo Suqing? A few words, and she felt her heart softened. Women were just too sensitive.

When they had everything they needed and were waiting in line for checkout, Ye Zhongjue remembered something.

“You haven’t used the card I gave you, have you?”

Mo Suqing did not expect he would ask about it, so she quickly explained, “No, I have not wanted anything recently.”

The truth was, she didn’t even bring the card Ye Zhongjue gave her.

After Ye Zhongjue paid for the grocery, the two of them left the store. As they walked, he said, “The season is changing. You should prepare by buying a few new outfits.”

Mo Suqing understood what he meant. She followed behind him and said, “Okay, I’ll go when I have time.”

After they went home, Ye Zhongjue started to prepare dinner while Mo Suqing helped him wash the veggies.

Ye Zhongjue was stir-frying the food when he saw Mo Suqing’s eager expression. He suggested, “Let’s see if you can make stir-fried pork and green pepper for the next dish, shall we?”

Mo Suqing nodded excitedly. She was so happy she didn’t seem to know where to put her hands. Ye Zhongjue grinned.

However, the oil in the pan was soon heated to a very high temperature, and Mo Suqing still didn’t know whether it was the pepper or the pork that she should pour in first.

In panic, she accidentally threw the meat with its bowl into the pan.

Ye Zhongjue was standing there with an amused expression on his face. Stir-fried pork and green pepper, I failed you! thought Mo Suqing.

Ye Zhongjue quickly took over. He added some water into the pan, poured in the pepper, and began tossing it around.

When the dish was done, he saw that Mo Suqing was standing there, half sulking, half embarrassed. He walked over to her.

Then, all of a sudden, he pulled her into his arms. “Don’t be sad. You did really well. What do you say if we stay like this ever after?”

Mo Suqing was a little taken aback. But, after some consideration, she nodded slowly.

Ye Zhongjue was so gleeful over her response that he hugged Mo Suqing tightly, as if never wanting to let her go.

Mo Suqing, embarrassed, pushed him away.

“Let’s have dinner.”

Ye Zhongjue loosened his arms around her and looked at her pretty face incredulously. 

He still could not believe that the girl he had longed after for seven years was now in front of him. How lucky he was!

Ye Zhongjue took her hand, his heart brimming with excitement and happiness, although outwardly it was impossible to discern.

Suddenly, he noticed something on Mo Suqing’s hand. His expression changed in an instant.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were burned?”

He replayed the scene and knew that when Mo Suqing poured the ingredients into the pan, the moisture must have sent the overheated oil flying and splashing onto her hand. Her hand was as red as salmon, but she never grumbled a word.

Ye Zhongjue felt his heart ache.

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