Chapter 35: Out of Luck

Mo Suqing chuckled. “Well, you do look like it!”

Leng Xiyao’s face fell. She sniffed as if deeply hurt and complained, “Suqing, you are so mean! I can’t believe you actually said that…”

Mo Suqing laughed outright. “Come on, I was joking! Let’s get back to work, shall we? Otherwise, Abbess Miejue is going to be really mad.”

At this moment, Liu Siran emerged from the editor-in-chief’s office and called out, “Mo Suqing, the editor-in-chief wants to see you!”

Just when they were talking about her! Mo Suqing stood up, her face that of a martyr’s, and turned to Leng Xiyao. “It can’t be anything good. I bet I’ll know what it feels like to be her punching bag now.”

Leng Xiyao laughed so hard, she was gasping for air and shaking all over.

Finally, she kept her roar under control and watched Mo Suqing go to her doom.

Mo Suqing pushed open the door to the office with a nervous smile on her face. “You want to see me, Editor-in-chief?”

“Uh-huh,” An Huilin continued to put away some papers without looking up.

“Since you didn’t go to Guan Zixuan’s press conference last time, I have another coverage for you. Go with Leng Xiyao. I’ll make sure the address and other info is sent to your mailbox.”

So this is why she wanted to see me! thought Mo Suqing. It’s surely not a big deal, but 

just how much does she hate Yao? She doesn’t even want to talk to her in person and is asking me to relay her message.

“No problem, ma’am. I’ll go prepare for it.”

After Mo Suqing left, An Huilin slowly looked up, her eyes filled with hatred.

It had been more than ten days. But even now, she could not accept the fact that he liked Leng Xiyao. She, An Huilin, had loved him for so many years, but in the end, she was beaten by a little girl! Didn’t that make her a laughingstock?

Mo Suqing went back to her seat. She told Leng Xiyao everything while browsing her mailbox.

“Abbess Miejue asked the two of us to do a coverage. Pack everything we need while I check out the location, will you? We’ll head out in a minute.”

Leng Xiyao seemed to be a little taken aback; her expression was indescribable. Obviously, she had the same thought as Mo Suqing had: just how much did Abbess Miejue hate her? Why didn’t she summon her to her office too?

“Okay, I see.” Leng Xiyao nodded.

“This Mu Ling’er looks quite familiar…” Mo Suqing murmured after reading the material.

Leng Xiyao elbowed her and teased, “I bet every beautiful woman looks familiar to you!”

Then, laughing, she quickly ducked to one side for fear of the potential slap from Mo Suqing.

Mo Suqing just gave her a look before saying, “Hey, I’m serious! Mu Ling’er has always been international and I am not her fan, so why do I have a feeling of déjà vu for her?”

“Stop your talk about déjà vu now! We should really go. Otherwise, we’ll be late.”

Mo Suqing quickly stuffed her purse with essentials and left with Leng Xiyao.

The celebrity Abbess Miejue asked them to do a coverage for was the international supermodel Mu Ling’er. She was supposed to be a big deal, but Mo Suqing had never heard of her before, let alone seen her.

But somehow, she just had this sense of déjà vu. Where did it come from? She didn’t know.

Eventually, Mo Suqing and Leng Xiyao arrived at the press conference. Among numerous journalists from other media outlets and under the sun, Mo Suqing felt rather stuffy and dizzy.

She turned to Leng Xiyao and remarked, “Mu Ling’er is popular! It’s just a homecoming event, but look at the crowd! I am withering under the sun here. Can’t we wait for her to show up before cramming ourselves into one huge sardine can?”

Leng Xiyao smiled at her sweetly. “My dear Suqing, you know how it is. Do you really think we can wait for her to show up before we get into position? We would never get our story!”

Mo Suqing’s mouth twitched. “Alright then. Let’s get sunburned! I hope this supermodel will show up soon, to save us from the scorching sun!”

Leng Xiyao chuckled. Just as she was going to say something clever, a van approached from a distance.

So she said instead, “Suqing, she’s coming!”

Mo Suqing and Leng Xiyao pushed through the crowd as if their lives depended on it.

Emerging from the van was a brunette who wore a pair of sunglasses, wavy hair and a leather skirt. And the body! So sexy and full of femininity that Mo Suqing could not help but stare. She, without doubt, belonged to the highest level of attractive women.

The journalists began to bombard her with questions.

“Miss Mu, are you going to stay home forever this time?”

“Miss Mu, will you be returning from abroad to work here from now on?”

“Miss Mu, what is your plan now that you have returned home?”


The questions varied, but their essence was basically the same.

Mu Ling’er smiled, and her cute dimples appeared.

She answered all these questions at once, not shying away, “This time, I am not going to leave. I am hoping to work in our entertainment industry. Thank you for coming!”

Her smile did not waver a bit, but she did not take off her sunglasses either.

Mo Suqing asked loudly, “Miss Mu, can you tell us if you have a boyfriend?”

The crowd was thrown into another frenzy. Everyone craved to know if such a beauty from the entertainment industry was single.

Mu Ling’er looked over to a black Porsche Cayenne parked nearby and smiled lightly.

“Well, not at the moment. However, I’m not opposed to the idea when someone suitable turns up.”

Just then, her agent came forward and announced, “Alright, the Q&A part is over now. If you have any more questions that you would like to ask Ling’er, you are welcome to do so post-homecoming.”

Mo Suqing and Leng Xiyao followed the other journalists and entered the venue of the event.

In the Porsche Cayenne was none other than Guan Zixuan. He cast a random glance over the crowd and froze. Isn’t that the woman at the airport?

She said she is not a gossip columnist and he really bought it! But now, she is standing there with the other journalists, holding a microphone.

Guan Zixuan’s face darkened. How dared you lie to me?

He quickly got off the car and slipped on his sunglasses. However, during the few seconds, Mo Suqing had melted into the crowd and disappeared.

Guan Zixuan chuckled. That was fine. He didn’t have to confront her this time. Now that he knew she was really a gossip journalist, he was confident he could find her one way or another.

Heedless of his agent’s advice, Guan Zixuan walked toward the venue. Fortunately, he entered it from the back stage. His agent let out a sigh of relief. As long as he doesn’t show up in front of the journalists!

He recalled the trouble they almost got themselves into not long ago when a picture with Guan Zixuan and Mu Ling’er in it had gone public. Fortunately, her face was blurry and no one was able to recognize Mu Ling’er.

Guan Zixuan reached the backstage lounge room with no obstacles.

The moment Mu Ling’er saw him, a happy expression materialized on her face. “Xuan, it’s you!”

Guan Zixuan muttered a noncommittal reply and seated himself leisurely.

“Don’t entertain me. Keep applying your makeup and get ready for the reception.”

“Sure,” Mu Ling’er nodded, beaming still. Her eyes sparkled with infatuation for the man who was handsome enough to send all the other men into fits of jealousy. Moreover, being with him also helped her with her career at home. It was a win-win.

After Mu Ling’er was satisfied with her makeup, she said sweetly, “Xuan, I’ll see you later then.”

Guan Zixuan muttered another reply without looking at her.

Mu Linger was a little disappointed with his response, but she quickly pulled herself together and walked out of the room.

The moment Mu Ling’er left the room and entered the central stage, her fans greeted her with roars and screams.

Guan Zixuan stood up and observed the scene below.

He turned his gaze toward where the journalist gathered and searched for the figure that deserved his wrath.

Soon, he located the woman who was conversing with Leng Xiyao.

A creepy smile spread over his face. She was a journalist at Trend Magazine, that was for sure; the woman she was talking to was definitely one of the journalists from the magazine who came to his press conference.

Now he thought about it, he remembered clearly that the woman laughed almost uncontrollably when he said he went to buy sanitary pads for some stranger.

Apparently, she had known about this affair between the two of them. That untrustworthy woman must have told her before the press conference.

Just wait and see, woman. I’m not finished with you!


The homecoming event was over in due time. After the journalists had asked several more questions and got their answers, Mu Ling’er left the venue in the van.

Leng Xiyao was going to hail a taxi for herself and Mo Suqing. However, the latter was still sitting in one of the chairs taken out for the reception and waving her hand weakly.

“Let’s rest for a while. I am completely tired out!”

Leng Xiyao sat back down and teased, “What is wrong with you? One would think you did something really exhausting last night!”

Mo Suqing blushed. Memories of the night before were still vivid in her mind. She could almost hear the heavy breathing of Ye Zhongjue and the violent beating of her own heart.

She had told Leng Xiyao that she and Ye Zhongjue did not sleep on the same bed. She never thought about telling her it was not the case anymore.

Leng Xiyao poked her a little and said, exasperated, “Don’t give me such an infatuated look! I’ll misunderstand it, you know.”

Mo Suqing punched her mockingly. “You reckless girl! All you can think of is…”

The rest of her sentence seemed to be stuck in her throat.

Leng Xiyao turned to look in the direction at which she fixated her gaze. The gods are on my side! she thought.

As soon as Mo Suqing punched her, all the gods wielded their power and brought bad luck to her. Ha-ha!

As it turned out, Guan Zixuan was approaching them in his white suit like a Prince Charming.

His dashing handsomeness and gentlemanlike quality dazzled Mo Suqing. But, to be honest, she preferred the reserved and dominant type like Ye Zhongjue.

What am I thinking? she quickly stopped her mind from wandering further.

Anyway, Fate was unkind to her today. She couldn’t believe she was so out of luck as to bump into the last person she would like to see!

Guan Zixuan was full of a benign smile, an amusing contrast to Mo Suqing’s fake one. What a chance! As the saying goes, you can evade the inevitable for a while, but not forever!

Guan Zixuan stopped in front of the two women and said to Mo Suqing, “Hi, so we meet again!”

Mo Suqing would very much like to wail out loud, But I do not want to see you at all!

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