Chapter 34: I Won’t Mind Even If You’ve Been Married Before

The next day, Mo Suqing was sore all over her body upon rising. Ye Zhongjue had already prepared breakfast.

When she was changing into her work clothes, she found multiple bruises on her body. Damn! She cursed inwardly. He looks so cold and austere on the outside that she didn’t expect him to turn into such a passionate and wild man in bed. We might as well have done it ten times last night!

Her cheeks burned bright red at the thought of it.

When she finally changed into her clothes, it was a bit late. She quickly walked out of the dressing room.

Mo Suqing picked up her purse on the sofa, determined to ignore Ye Zhongjue who was sitting right beside it. She didn’t feel she could face him at all after the wild night they had shared.

However, Ye Zhongjue spoke, “Suqing, don’t forget your breakfast!”

Mo Suqing shouted inwardly, Damn! Are we already calling each other’s given names?

She smiled nervously and turned back to him, “Well, I don’t…”

But Ye Zhongjue interrupted her before she could come up with the rest of the sentence.

“You exerted yourself too much last night. You need to have some breakfast and fuel your body. Otherwise, it’s going to be a rough day.”

Mo Suqing’s cheeks became as red as a boiled shrimp. She was so abashed she could bang her head on the floor, just to make him stop. Can you be more straightforward?

Don’t talk like a shameless hooligan when you look like a cold-hearted stoic! It’s too much of a change for me!

Unfortunately for her, someone was acting like he hadn’t said or done anything. He was as calm as the surface of a lake, which only made Mo Suqing want to kill.

She put on a fake smile and looked at Ye Zhongjue.

“I’m late for work. Can I not have any breakfast?”

“No way!” Ye Zhongjue objected.

Mo Suqing’s face fell. All right! I will have it! Its for my own good after all.

Mo Suqing was about to fetch the breakfast on the coffee table when Ye Zhongjue grabbed her hand all of a sudden.

Mo Suqing’s heart skipped a beat. She looked at Ye Zhongjue in bewilderment, not knowing what he wanted.

Ye Zhongjue said in a flat tone, “Come! I’ll give you a ride.”

He stood up, still grabbing her hand, where the breakfast in its bag was still hanging. Then, they left the house together.

Mo Suqing stared at the bag hanging on the linking point of their hands. It was somewhat comical.

What’s going on? Who can tell me the answer please?

All of a sudden he became so good at hitting on her, which panicked her not just a little.

Ye Zhongjue thus held her soft hand all the way to his car. Then, he opened the door for her, watched her get in the car, and walked around to the driver’s seat.

Taking notice of his gentlemanlike behaviors, Mo Suqing could not help but mutter, “What is he doing?” The man had totally transformed himself into a hormone secretion machine.

Ye Zhongjue, his hands on the steering wheel, smiled imperceptibly.

After last night, he realized he should change his “tactic” with Mo Suqing. He couldn’t assume every woman would want to get closer to and thus fall in love with him simply by his good look.

He wanted to make an effort and work to win her heart.

The car parked in front of Trend Magazine. Both of them did not say a word. However, they both knew something had changed between them.

The moment the car was parked, Mo Suqing got off the car, as if she was being chased.

Ye Zhongjue watched her from behind. Her long hair was dancing, titillating his heart with every movement. His expression became even softer.

Ye Zhongjue did not drive away until he saw her enter the company.

Zhang Yubin, who had been standing in a corner near the company, witnessed the whole scene. He clenched his fist tightly; his chest rose and fell rapidly.

Mo Suqing, your family business is in danger, and you have time for puppy love?

He quickly walked towards the company. Mo Suqing was just settling in her seat when she saw a furious-looking Zhang Yubin standing in front of her.

“Suqing, please come with me. I need to talk to you!”

Mo Suqing was of course very puzzled. What is wrong with him now?

Nevertheless, she decided to follow Zhang Yubin out of the office. She would like to know what he wanted this time.

When they were alone in the stairwell, Mo Suqing looked at him expressionlessly. “What do you want?”

Zhang Yubin clenched his fist even more tightly, trying to control his temper.

“Suqing, you need to stop this craziness! Mo Group was on the brink of going broke. If you divorce that guy, you might be able to save it at the last minute. There is still a slim hope!”

Mo Suqing sneered, “Zhang Yubin, are you insane? What is the logic of this, divorcing my husband so as to save Mo Group?”

Zhang Yubin figured Mo Suqing had not understood his connotation, so he quickly explained himself, “Suqing, if you divorce that guy, I am willing to marry you. Then, I will make my father draw on all the sources and connections we have in Zhang Group to help Mo Group out.”

Afraid that Mo Suqing would not trust him, he added, “I won’t mind even if you’ve been married before!”

He sounded eager and confident.

The sneer on Mo Suqing’s face became even more apparent. These days, men surely think a lot of themselves! He won’t mind if I’ve been married before? But did he ask me if I mind seeing his face every day?

In Mo Suqing’s eyes, Zhang Yubin could not really be called ugly. He was good-looking, but not to the extent of being attractive, and was definitely incomparable with Ye Zhongjue.

However, Mo Suqing understood that Zhang Yubin was just terrible at expressing himself. He was probably trying to look out for her.

So she said, “Zhang Yubin, I appreciate your gesture, really. But please stop persuading me into divorcing my husband because I won’t. I will find another way to save Mo Group. Anyway, I thank you.”

Mo Suqing walked out of the stairwell, leaving a dumbstruck Zhang Yubin behind.

When Mo Suqing told Leng Xiyao what had transpired, she burst out laughing. “‘I won’t mind even if you’ve been married before’? What a line!”

Leng Xiyao covered her mouth to suppress another peal of laughter and said, “What are inside the brains of men these days, I wonder?”

“Forget it! Let’s not talk about it anymore and go back to work,” Mo Suqing suggested, her expression betraying weariness.

Leng Xiyao put her arms around her and asked, “Suqing, what happened to Mo Group? Let me help you, okay?”

As she was speaking, she began mulling over how she could persuade her uncle to help Mo Group.

However, Mo Suqing just bit her lip and replied, “Never mind. There is nothing you can do. Let’s get back to our work!”

Leng Xiyao stuck her tongue out and returned to her seat. Mo Suqing didn’t believe she could be of any help, but there was no way she would just sit and do nothing when a friend was in need.

At the Mighty Empire HQ.

Ye Zhongjue walked out of the elevator at the hundredth floor. He seemed to be brimming with happiness; his whole countenance was full of life. He looked at Lin Ran and said, “Come on in. I have something to tell you.”

Lin Ran quickly stood up and followed him into the president’s personal office.

Song Pingting watched Ye Zhongjue’s back, grim-faced. Her eyes revealed both yearning and discontent at the same time. Why is he doing that, sending Lin Ran to do all kinds of errands? Doesn’t he know I am very competent too?

She felt like she was just a prop in this company. He didn’t know, but she very much enjoyed working and being alone with him, even if it was only for a little while.

As a woman, she was sensitive to any changes in the man she loved. Therefore, she could clearly sense that Ye Zhongjue was in a very cheerful mood today. In fact, he felt like a new man. The question was, who caused this change in him?

Song Pingting ground her teeth tightly, boiling with jealousy, discontent and hate.

Did he know how much she cared about him? She cared every little thing about him. She could rejoice for a long while even if it was just an expressionless glance he cast over her direction.

Ye Zhongjue walked into his office and approached his desk leisurely.

Finally, he seated himself and looked up at Lin Ran.

“I asked you to keep an eye on Gu Jiannan. What has he been up to?”

Last night, when Mo Suqing told him Mo Group was in danger, Ye Zhongjue immediately suspected Gu Jiannan’s role in it.

According to Lin Ran, Gu Jiannan was a very petty man. He would never let Mo Suqing get married with another man if he could help it. Ye Zhongjue had guessed he would take revenge on her.

No doubt, Mo Group was his first move. Ye Zhongjue chuckled lightly and thought, What a brilliant scheme!

Lin Ran glanced at Ye Zhongjue and replied, “Gu Jiannan has been buying stocks from Mo Group. It is scarcely a secret anymore.”

Ye Zhongjue raised his eyebrows. “So how is Mo Group faring?”

Lin Ran hesitated a little before answering, “The situation is very critical for them!”

Ye Zhongjue leaned back in his chair, looking lazy and distant like a man of nobility, completely different from the person that he was in front of Mo Suqing.

He considered thoughtfully for a moment before giving the order, “Help Mo Group come out of this without a scratch by buying back the stocks Gu Jiannan bought. Get him spit out everything he swallowed!”

Ye Zhongjue’s expression was extremely severe when he uttered the last sentence.

Lin Ran knew all too well that it meant he was about to explode, so he quickly nodded. “No problem, Boss! Consider it done!”

After Lin Ran left, Ye Zhongjue rubbed his temple.

Mo Suqing was finally starting to accept him, which was a good sign.

However, he would never spare anyone who harmed or upset her!


No sooner had Mo Suqing and Leng Xiyao got back to their work than An Huilin walked in from outside. She gave them an icy look before entering her office.

Leng Xiyao let out the breath she had been holding. “I wonder who incurred her wrath? She has been really nasty recently!”

Mo Suqing looked at her and said flatly, “Seriously? I feel it is you who incurred her wrath. She has been giving that look all the time!”

“I dare not!” Leng Xiyao put on a “don’t flatter me so” face. “If anything, I feel more like her punching bag.”

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