Chapter 328: A Leader’s Aura

The elder collapsed on the desk with a loud bang.

Everyone looked at Yuwen Feng in shock and disbelief.

Someone yelled, “How dare you, Yuwen Feng!”

Immediately, Yuwen Feng pointed his gun at the one who spoke. “Say that again if you dare!”

Everyone fell silent instantly.

Luo Qiqi and Su Jincheng took this opportunity to make their move.

Luo Qiqi swiftly kicked Yuwen Feng’s gun out of his hand and caught it in hers.

Almost at the same time, Su Jincheng aimed a kick at Yuwen Feng, who knelt onto the floor in pain. Su Jincheng was thus able to immobilize him in a second.

Yue Wuxin quickly knocked the fourth bodyguard unconscious.

Su Jincheng began to peel off his facial prosthetics slowly...

The elders were shocked to see Su Jincheng there. Though they were aware that he planned to attend the meeting, they did not expect for him to appear in such a manner. Confidence and the aura of a natural leader emanated from Su Jincheng.

Su Jincheng handed Yuwen Feng to Luo Qiqi, who fractured his bones immediately.

Yuwen Feng stared at Su Jincheng in anger. “Dark Night, you’ll die a horrible death!”

Su Jincheng gave a devilish laugh.

“I don’t know about that, but I can tell that you’ll be dead very soon!”

“Kill me right now if you dare, Dark Night. Or else I’d come back for you one day!”

Su Jincheng laughed. “You! Forget it! You weren’t even able to locate me for the past two years. Do you really think you can kill me?”

Yuwen Feng tried to escape from Luo Qiqi’s grasp but to no avail.

Turning towards the elders, Su Jincheng said, “Everyone, I’m back!”

Everyone greeted him loudly, “Dark Night!”

Su Jincheng addressed all of them as he said, “You’ve done well in the past two years!”

One of the elders said, “None of that matters now that you’re back!”

Su Jincheng smiled and said, “If that’s the case...”

He was cut off by Yue Wuxin’s sudden yelp.

The sound of a gunshot followed before he realized what was happening.

Yue Wuxin held onto him, trembling as she did so.

Su Jincheng’s eyes welled up with tears instantly.

He then turned around to kill the man who shot Yue Wuxin.

The fourth bodyguard had only pretended to be knocked out by Yue Wuxin. Biding his time, he pretended to be unconscious and waited for an opportune moment to kill Su Jincheng.

Yue Wuxin was standing right behind Su Jincheng, and she took the bullet for him without a second thought.

Though she said she had already given up on her feelings, it was obvious that she still felt deeply for him. She was just clear on the fact that Su Jincheng would never fall for her.

Su Jincheng supported Yue Wuxin as she slid to the floor, anger and confusion apparent in his eyes.

She didn’t have to do this at all. Why is she so silly!

Spotting Yuwen Feng and his disgusting smile, Su Jincheng aimed the gun at him and pulled the trigger without hesitation. The bullet pierced Yuwen Feng right in his heart!

Yuwen Feng went down with his eyes wide open, as if he couldn’t believe Su Jincheng would kill him so quickly in front of everyone else like he was nothing but a tiny ant.

Seeing that Yuwen Feng was dead, he looked at Yue Wuxin. “Why did you do that!”

Yue Wuxin answered weakly, “Because I wanted to. Anyway… No one cares for me and no one loves me anyway. My parents don’t feel like my parents anymore… Actually… It’s pretty good like this...”

“Yue Wuxin, don’t talk. I’ll get you a doctor!”

“Jincheng… Don’t… It’s too late… I… I know!”

Luo Qiqi’s eyes were brimming with tears. Why did our plan go wrong? Su Jincheng and I are right here. How could we have let anything happen to Yue Wuxin!

Why did this have to happen!

Su Jincheng yelled at the bunch of elders, “Get a doctor quickly!”

“Dark Night, he’s on the way!”

Yue Wuxin shook her head. “Jincheng, there’s no need to… I… I won’t make it!”

Su Jincheng scooped her up in his arms and headed for the operating room downstairs. It was a room built specially for agents in the organization.

Yue Wuxin grabbed Su Jincheng’s arm and said, “Jincheng, it’s nice to be carried by you at least once before I die. Could you get me a voice recorder?”

Luo Qiqi, who was following closely behind, took out her phone immediately and placed it near Yue Wuxin after putting it in voice recorder mode.

Yue Wuxin took the phone in her hands.

“Dad, I’m sorry. I couldn’t take it. I understand why Mum did that, since I’m not her biological daughter. But I’m still really upset about it. Someone I’ve loved for the past twenty years or so actually wants to kill me… Dad, I’m so sorry. I’m really an unfilial daughter. I’ll be leaving first… Don’t be sad.”

Luo Qiqi’s tears fell as she heard Yue Wuxin’s words.

“Dad, tell Mum that I don’t have anything to say to her. I’m grateful to her for taking care of me all these years. Tell her that I don’t hate her. I’m just a little upset and confused… I have to go now...”

Seeing Yue Wuxin grow weaker by the second, Su Jincheng sped up. Right before they reached the operating room, Yue Wuxin’s arm fell limp and the phone she was holding fell to the floor.

Though Yue Wuxin had feelings for Su Jincheng, Luo Qiqi never hated her. After spending so much time with her, Luo Qiqi realized that she was just a young girl at heart.

She really likes Su Jincheng, to the point that she’s willing to give up her life for him like this.

Su Jincheng stopped right outside the operating room, stupefied.

He would never be able to return her feelings for him because he saw her as nothing more than a younger sister.

No matter how upset or guilty they felt, it was a fact that Yue Wuxin was now dead. She no longer had any will to continue living either.

An air of sorrow surrounded Su Jincheng as he stood there carrying Yue Wuxin’s body for the entire night, while Luo Qiqi stayed with him for as long as he stood.


By the next day, Luo Qiqi could no longer stand it.

“Su Jincheng, Wuxin wouldn’t want to see you like this!”

Su Jincheng turned to her slowly.

“Qiqi… I sent her to her death. It was me! This wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for me! If only I didn’t allow her to tag along, if only I didn’t let her come with us to The Dark Night. This wouldn’t have happened!”

“There’s no use saying all this now! Yue Wuxin is already dead, she’s dead! Take a good look at reality!”

Disbelief flashed in Su Jincheng’s eyes.

What he said next shocked Luo Qiqi.

“Qiqi, are you jealous of Yue Wuxin? Do you think it’s great that she’s dead...”

Luo Qiqi stared at him incredulously.

She then yelled at him angrily, “Su Jincheng, are you retarded? Am I that vicious to you! All I want is for you to take a good look at reality! I survived even after I received news that you were dead! Su Jincheng, I can’t believe you!”

In tears, she turned to leave.

However, Luo Qiqi collapsed to the floor after taking just a couple of steps.

Su Jincheng turned around when he heard a thud only to see Luo Qiqi lying on the floor.

Frantic, he placed Yue Wuxin’s body on a nearby bench and rushed towards Luo Qiqi.

“Qiqi, Qiqi! What’s wrong! I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that. I was too emotional and too upset. Don’t scare me like that. Wake up, Qiqi!”

After realizing that Luo Qiqi had absolutely no reaction to his yells, he picked her up quickly and called for the doctor.

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