Chapter 321: A Weird Style

Luo Qiqi marvelled at how lucky Yue Wuxin was. Nothing had happened to her in the water even after such a long time.

Su Jincheng shook his head every time she called for him to join her.

Curious, Luo Qiqi asked, “Why don’t you go for a quick swim?”

“Why aren’t you swimming then?”

Why? I can’t tell him now. But he’ll probably find out soon. Luo Qiqi scratched her nose as she tried to think of an excuse.

“Me? Like what Yue Wuxin said, I’m not dressed for it!”

“Then why didn’t you wear something suitable?”

Luo Qiqi raised a brow. “You’ll let me wear something like that?”

“Nope!” Su Jincheng answered firmly.


The conversation ended and they went back to people-watching.

Su Jincheng then asked, “Qiqi, how about we go for a walk on the beach?”

Luo Qiqi had already given up on seeing Yue Wuxin embarrass herself, and she agreed.

“Okay, let’s go!”

Yue Wuxin spotted them leaving while she was still in the water.

Worried that she was being abandoned, she stood up and yelled, “Jincheng, wait for me! Where are you going!”

Everyone near her, including Su Jincheng and Luo Qiqi, turned to look at her, only to be shocked by what they saw.

Yue Wuxin was topless. Her swimsuit was gone.

Su Jincheng turned away quickly while Luo Qiqi secretly jumped for joy.

Yue Wuxin didn’t even realize anything at first, and it was only until she felt the cold breeze on her skin did she find out she was topless. She quickly went back into the water to hide herself.

The people around her started laughing, satisfied at their prank.

Yue Wuxin searched for her bikini top frantically in the water and finally spotted a red piece of cloth nearby.

She swam over quickly as countless pairs of eyes watched her.

Yue Wuxin wanted to murder every single one of them.

It must have been Luo Qiqi who planned this. I want to rip her to shreds!

I’ll make Su Jincheng fall for me one day. When that day comes, I’ll make sure to pay Luo Qiqi back with interest!

Su Jincheng saw that Luo Qiqi was laughing her head off.

“You’re so silly. With how hard you’re laughing, I’m guessing you’re the one who planned this?”

Trying to suppress her laughter, Luo Qiqi looked up at him, rolling her eyes as she asked, “What? You can’t bear it?”

“I just think that this is the kind of idea you’d come up with...”

“Tsk tsk tsk… look at you. You’re trying to say that I pranked her right? I don’t like her, yes, but I didn’t come up with that idea. Didn’t she want to tag along? I’m giving her a chance to come with us. You can’t blame me that she’s the dumb one. People here are very liberal, and she’s dressed so skimpily as well. Who asked her to be so curvy? You’re going to blame that on me too?”

“I’m not blaming you. Don’t get angry. I’m just asking, not finding fault with you. Let’s go. We’ll come back and look for Yue Wuxin later.”

“That’s more like it!”

Yue Wuxin grabbed the piece of red cloth that she spotted only to find out that it was a piece of red underwear.

This isn’t mine!

Frustrated, she continued searching for her outfit but to no avail. Finally, she spotted a black bra somewhere and decided to just make do with it.

Afraid that history would repeat itself, she made sure that no one could touch her when she got out of the water.

She realized that what happened earlier was nothing out of the ordinary when she got a good look at the visitors in the area.

Even so, she couldn’t help but be mad at Luo Qiqi. Luo Qiqi must have done this on purpose. It’s no wonder she dressed so conservatively.

Inviting me for a swim but not going into the water herself. It was so obvious that she had something up her sleeve.

Yue Wuxin sat on the beach, staring into thin air.

She didn’t have cash with her so she couldn’t even buy a new outfit for herself.

The more she thought about what happened, the angrier she got. This wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Luo Qiqi!

Most of those who passed her gave her a second glance. It was obvious that she was not wearing a matching swimsuit, not to mention the top did not fit her at all.

WIth nothing else on her, Yue Wuxin had no choice but to wait for Luo Qiqi and Su Jincheng to come back. Why does Luo Qiqi have everything I want!

She thought that Su Jincheng would go into the water with her since Luo Qiqi was dressed like that. She thought that she would be able to leave Luo Qiqi alone on the beach and have fun with Su Jincheng.

Who knew that Su Jincheng refused to go into the water at all.

Yue Wuxin sat there, feeling frustrated and embarrassed.

Su Jincheng and Luo Qiqi only returned after almost half a day.

She wanted to berate them, but thought better of it when her mother’s words rang in her mind. I have to play the victim!

“What took you guys so long! I’ve been waiting forever!”

Instead of answering her question, Luo Qiqi commented on her outfit. “What kind of style are you going for? Is this trendy here?”

This irritated Yue Wuxin, but she swallowed her anger since Su Jincheng was right there.

“I lost my top so I picked this up in the water.”

“Oh! I thought you liked such a style!”

Seeing Yue Wuxin about to blow her top, Su Jincheng coughed and said, “You’d better get changed!”

Yue Wuxin looked at Su Jincheng like she was wronged and stared at Luo Qiqi as she asked, “Where’s my purse? I’m going to get some clothes!”

Luo Qiqi smiled as she handed Yue Wuxin her purse. “Here you go. We were exploring the area earlier. I thought you were having a lot of fun here!”

It’s so obvious you did that on purpose and you’re pretending to be innocent, thought Su Jincheng.

Even so, he didn’t feel upset at Luo Qiqi. Instead, he found her even more adorable!

Yue Wuxin wanted to murder Luo Qiqi when she saw how Su Jincheng looked at the latter.

She snatched her purse from Luo Qiqi and headed for some shops nearby to get herself a new outfit.

After Yue Wuxin left, Su Jincheng asked, “Qiqi, do you hate her that much?”

Luo Qiqi shook her head. “I wouldn’t say I hate her as a person, but I hate the way she behaves. Why is she pretending to be all weak and fragile when she’s an agent? She’s pretending to be all naive and innocent. Can’t she tell that I’ve already seen through her? I don’t see the point at all! She can just say it openly if she has feelings for you, and we can compete fairly. Why is she doing all this, playing the victim, dressing skimpily...”

Su Jincheng interrupted her. “Qiqi, do you really see me as an object you can compete for? You’re not even going to ask me where my heart belongs?”

“No, I don’t mean that. I’m just saying that I don’t like it that she’s trying to play tricks. It’s not that I hate her, it just seems like she’s following somebody else’s advice. I can tell that she really likes you, but her methods are so wrong!”

“I couldn’t tell that you had such luck with the ladies in the past!”

“You’ve wronged me, Qiqi. I don’t have luck with the ladies, even though I’m pretty good-looking. But I know my place and I’ll be good!”

Luo Qiqi laughed. “Su Jincheng, how can anyone be this much of a narcissist?”

“I’m a great example!”

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