Chapter 32: Dinner Turned Matchmaking Occasion

Fearing that Mo Suqing would catch a chill from soaking in the tub for too long, Ye Zhongjue hurried over to her side of the closet and swept his eyes over her clothes.

He immediately located her nightdress and underwear. His hand moved towards a pair of white panties, but, remembering that it was during her period, he changed his mind and took out a black pair, along with the green nightdress.

Then, he went to her nightstand, opened the drawer, and fished a piece of sanitary pad.

He kept his eyes away from the objects on his hands, lest he would not be able to control his desire at the sight of them. He knew very well that he could not afford to lose her trust right now.

After all, he had finally reunited with her after seven years!

Ye Zhongjue brought everything to the door to the bathroom and said, his voice husky in an extremely sexy way, “The things you want are here. Open the door.”

Mo Suqing replied with a soft “okay.”

The door opened right away. A slender fair arm stuck out. Ye Zhongjue could not help but shift his mind towards some dirtier thoughts, and he completely forgot why he was there.

Panicky, Mo Suqing prompted, “Where are they? What aren’t you giving them to me?”

“Right, right!” mumbled Ye Zhongjue. He put the things in her hand hastily, feeling embarrassed.

Mo Suqing guessed what had happened. After all, they were alone in the same room. But she was also sure situations like this would present themselves again and again in the future.

I should change my attitude towards him from now on, she thought. She had agreed to marry him, but she had yet to act like a wife. No matter what happens in three years, I should do my best to get along with him right now.

When Mo Suqing emerged from the bathroom after putting on her clothes, Ye Zhongjue seemed to have fallen asleep.

Standing at the door to the bathroom, Mo Suqing was a little surprised. Is he really sleeping or is he faking it?

She approached him quietly and turned off the light before getting into bed.

The next day, when it was almost time to go home, Mo Suqing got an assignment that required her to go outside.

Ye Zhongjue was about to call it a day when Mo Suqing called.

She said hesitantly, “Um, well, don’t pick me up today.”

Ye Zhongjue thought about yesterday and asked, “You are going home now?”

“No. I got an assignment just now. I need to go out and gather some materials for a story.”

“Okay. Then I won’t disturb you any longer. Call me when you are finished.”

“Okay,” nodded Mo Suqing on the other side of the phone.

For the next few days, Mo Suqing was busy working until nine o’clock in the evening. She had shoved the promise she made to Mo Zhenfeng about going home for dinner to the back of her mind.

When Mo Zhenfeng called again, she assured him that she would go home the next day.

The next day, Mo Suqing told Ye Zhongjue not to pick her up from work because she was going home.

After work, she took a taxi to Mo’s villa.

She could see Mo Zhenfeng beaming and standing by the door, with Bai Lian and Mo Sulian on one side, and a middle-aged man and a young man who looked around her age was on the other. The young man seemed to be full of vigor.

Mo Suqing was struck dumb. What now?

Mo Zhenfeng approached her first. He said smilingly, “You are back, Suqing! Come. Let me introduce someone to you. This is Mr. Wang. And the young man here, he is his son Wang Jianjun, who is one year older than you. You will have a lot in common, I bet, so do have a chat after dinner, okay?”

Mo Suqing realized instantly that this was not an innocent family dinner, but a matchmaking occasion. And she, one of the potential love interests, was the last one to find out!

She chuckled inwardly. The older man must be one of his father’s business partners. He always put his company in the first place. Now, he even tried to sacrifice his daughter for it!

Although she felt utterly disgusted, she did not forget her manner.

Wang Jianjun looked at her gladly and said, “Hi, I’m Wang Jianjun.”

Mo Suqing stretched out her hand and said, “Mo Suqing.”

She knew that she shouldn’t be rude. They weren’t alone, and he was acting all nice. 

Also, she could see that Wang Jianjun had been forced to come to dinner by his father too.

The group slowly walked back into the villa.

Mo Zhenfeng hollered cheerfully, “Aunt Liu, bring the dishes!”

They had hardly begun to take their seats when Mo Sulian beat everyone else to sit next to Mo Suqing.

Mo Zhenfeng was a little stunned, but for just a moment. He turned towards the middle-aged man and said, “Young people prefer sitting together, so they can have fun! How about you and I sit together?”

They both sat down.

On Mo Suqing’s left-hand side sat Wang Jianjun while on her right-hand side sat Mo Sulian. She was really uncomfortable with the arrangement, but she couldn’t say anything.

Mo Sulian leaned closer to whisper in her ear, “What do you think about this guy dad sent your way? He must be a lot richer than the one you got married with, right? You should consider serving two husbands. It sounds great to me!”

Mo Suqing was so furious that she would love to give Mo Sulian a good slap!

What an obscene woman!

Seeing that the damage is done, Mo Sulian straightened up in her seat and smiled a charming smile.

Mo Suqing took a bite of her food without replying. Her appetite was completely ruined, but she couldn’t think of any other way to relieve her rage beside eating.

Wang Jianjun wasn’t exactly talkative either. He did not say more than a few words throughout the meal. He did load her bowl with some food though, but Mo Suqing did not eat it.

After dinner, Mo Zhenfeng announced, “Well, Mr. Wang and I are going to have a chat. Suqing, how about you take Jianjun for a walk in the garden and have a chat yourselves?”

Then, he and the middle-aged man went upstairs.

Wang Jianjun excused himself and went to the bathroom. Mo Sulian took the opportunity and taunted Mo Suqing, “You are mad, aren’t you? But what can you do? You look like you want to strangle me, but you are fuming at the wrong person! I did not arrange this dinner, did I? But seriously, Wang Jianjun seems to be a good catch. Think about it. Who knows? Maybe one day you will thank the old man for matchmaking!”

Mo Suqing just glared at her. She did not want to waste her breath arguing with Mo Sulian.

Wang Jianjun emerged from the direction of the bathroom. However, they just sat there, doing nothing. No one spoke until Wang Jianjun left the house with his father.

After Mo Zhenfeng saw them off, he told Mo Suqing, “Suqing, come with me. I need to talk to you.”

Mo Suqing could not take it anymore. She snapped angrily, “I’m leaving!”

Mo Zhenfeng did not expect a backtalk. “I said, come with me; I need to talk to you. Do not let me repeat myself again!” he berated.

Mo Suqing hadn’t wanted to go, but she seldom saw Mo Zhenfeng lose his temper like that these days either. After a moment, she followed him upstairs.

In the study, both were quiet.

Neither spoke.

After waiting a while for the fretful-looking Mo Zhenfeng to start talking, Mo Suqing said remorselessly, “Are you going to talk or not? If not, I’ll just go.”

Mo Zhenfeng snapped, “Stay right there!”

Mo Suqing turned around and sat down on the couch, looking stony. “Then tell me, what was it about tonight?”

Mo Zhenfeng pointed his finger at Mo Suqing irritably. “What kind of daughter are you, talking to your father like that?”

“Well, what kind of father are you, treating your daughter like that! If I don’t fight back, you’ll think you can really sacrifice me to achieve your selfish goal!”

Her words deflated Mo Zhenfeng in an instant. He said, “Suqing, I just think it’s time for you to find a husband. How can you misunderstand me?”

“Save your lies! I know exactly what you are planning to do!”

Mo Zhenfeng looked a couple of years older all of a sudden. He had known that she knew him too well to be tricked into doing anything. If he wanted to get her help, he needed to be honest with her.

“For the last few days, the Gu Group has bought more and more of our stock like crazy,” he began. “Not only that, a few other companies are also doing the same thing. They are clearly working together and trying to kill us off! After so many years of hard work, how can I let them have their way? I didn’t realize you had broken up with the heir of the Gu Group until yesterday. That’s why they are doing this to us. And to think I have to hear all of this from Sulian, not you! If she didn’t say anything to me, I would probably be under the impression that you two were still together.”

Mo Suqing could not help but think bitterly, Mo Sulian surely knows what to say and what not to say. She told dad I had broken up with Gu Jiannan, but conveniently left out the fact that I had gotten married. If he knew she was married, he would not arrange for her to meet a guy.

“Please. It’s your stock and your company, not ours. Please get it straight!” Mo Suqing said coldly.

Mo Zhenfeng gave her a piteous expression. “Suqing, I really need your help this time. If Mo Group was to be merged with Gu Group, I’ll kill myself!”

“Don’t forget Mo Sulian,” Mo Suqing retorted. “I am not your only daughter! Or, have you become so old that you can’t remember something as simple as that?”

She stood up and left the room, leaving a purple-faced Mo Zhenfeng behind.

Mo Suqing left the house without taking any of her clothes as planned.

Mo Sulian’s laughter followed her for a long distance.

Sitting in the taxi, Mo Suqing kept thinking back to the time when there were only the three of them as a family, which only made her heart ache.

In the past, her father would never do that to her, asking her to marry some stranger so that his company could survive.

She would rather marry a stranger of her own choice. And she did. It was not bad, what she had with Ye Zhongjue now. Mo Suqing looked like she was crying and laughing at the same time. The taxi driver was a little alarmed.

“Miss, are you alright?”

Mo Suqing shook her head. She was fine, except that she felt sorry for herself because her own father wanted to take advantage of her. Having said that, she was also worried about him. She worried that if something happened to his company, he would not be able to recover from the blow.

How pathetic! He had manipulated her, but she still cared about him although she refused to admit it.

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