Chapter 319: Are You Calling a Dog Over

“Oh...” Su Jincheng looked at Luo Qiqi as he asked, “What would you do then?”

“Hmm...” Luo Qiqi gave an evil smirk. “I’d splash the water onto her face so she won’t be able to continue her lies!”

Su Jincheng stroked her hair and said, “Okay, okay. I’ll support you in whatever you wish to do.”

“Really? We’ll see about that. I’m no naive teenager who would believe everything I hear!”

Su Jincheng pulled her closer and whispered in her ear, “Is that so? You’re no naive teenager… let me see!”

His warm breath on her neck made Luo Qiqi shiver.

“What are you doing! There are others on this beach!”

“What! How about we go back to the hotel room, since there are so many others here?”

To others, Su Jincheng was cold as ice, his chilly aura permeating everyone who approached him. It was only to Luo Qiqi that he showed this side of himself.

Blushing, the gears quickly turned in Luo Qiqi’s mind as she thought of how to prank him back.

She then escaped quickly after elbowing him gently in the stomach. Su Jincheng pretended like he was in pain, but Luo Qiqi simply laughed at him from afar.

He then waved a hand at her and called out, “Come here, Qiqi!”

Luo Qiqi rolled her eyes at him. “Su Jincheng, I’m not a dog!”

“Aren’t you just a little puppy?”

Luo Qiqi stopped herself from running up to tackle him and said through gritted teeth, “Don’t go too far, Su Jincheng!”

Laughing, Su Jincheng answered, “So I’m really calling for a puppy!”

Su Jincheng opened his arms wide to receive her as Luo Qiqi ran into him at full speed.

After crashing into him, Luo Qiqi suddenly had no idea what she could do. She ended up hitting his shoulder with her fists.

“How dare you prank me! Tell me how you should be punished!”

Su Jincheng’s reaction was rather strange as it looked like he was in pain.

Instantly sensing something amiss, Luo Qiqi tugged on his shirt to look at his shoulder only to see a bloody gauze.

“What happened?”

“It’s nothing. It’s just a minor injury. It’ll be fine in a couple of days!”

“A minor injury on your shoulder? Su Jincheng, tell the truth! This is such an obvious lie!”

Nodding, he said, “Fine. I’ll make sure to make it more believable next time!”

I can’t believe this guy!

They continued their stroll for a while more before Luo Qiqi said, “I’d like to go back now!”

“What’s wrong? Are you upset?”

“How could I be happy when you’re hurt?”

“Your Majesty, please don’t be angry. I won’t get hurt next time. I’ll make sure to be able to back you up!”

“I think it’s better if you’re on the frontlines, since you seem to be extremely interested in dangerous affairs. I shouldn’t be stopping you from pursuing your interests!”

It was an argument Su Jincheng could not win.

Seeing him silent, Luo Qiqi turned away and headed for the hotel.

She closed the door on Su Jincheng when they returned. How could he lie to me! He’s always lying to me! I’ll make him stand outside!

Su Jincheng called out to her but to no avail. Frowning, he retreated back to his own room.

Yue Wuxin was putting an ice compress on her leg, annoyed at everything that happened earlier in the day.

It’s so frustrating having to pretend to be fragile!

She smiled to herself as she heard the voices of Su Jincheng and Luo Qiqi outside.

Back so quickly after having an argument?

The thought made Yue Wuxin feel much better.

Annoyed, Luo Qiqi leaned with her back against the door as Su Jincheng called out to her. She was doing it on purpose, and she didn’t expect Su Jincheng to give up at the door so quickly.

What? Giving up so quickly? I think I really need to reexamine our relationship.

Luo Qiqi pressed her ear against the door, trying to figure out if Su Jincheng was still there.

However, a voice asked from within the room, “What are you listening for, Qiqi?”

Su Jincheng climbed into her room through the balcony again. How could I forget that he could do that!

Luo Qiqi was rather embarrassed at being caught listening at the door, so she pretended to be angry as she walked to the sofa.

“None of your business!”

“Were you waiting for me, Qiqi?”

“Nope! You’re thinking too highly of yourself!”

“Oh, you weren’t? I’ll be leaving then!”

He then acted as if he was going to leave through the balcony.

“Su Jincheng! Leave if you dare! If I ever let you in again, I’ll change my last name to yours!”

At this, Su Jincheng decided to stay.

“How about you change it to Ye? Luo isn’t your real last name anyway. Su and Ye, sounds pretty good. What do you think, Qiqi? Su-Luo or Su-Ye? Which sounds better?”

“Go away!” Luo Qiqi grabbed the teapot and threw it at Su Jincheng.

Su Jincheng was able to react quickly enough to catch the teapot in his hands, and fortunately, there was nothing in it, or else he would have been drenched.

He placed it on the desk and walked over to Luo Qiqi, sitting beside her gently.

“Go ahead and ask your questions. But don’t get angry, okay? I’ll tell you everything!”


“Really. Go ahead!”

“I’ll start with a simple one. How did you hurt your shoulder?”

Before Su Jincheng could answer, Luo Qiqi added, “Don’t change the subject, tell me the truth, or else you’ll be wasting this chance and I’d chase you out immediately. Trust me, I can definitely do that.”

“Fine. It happened two nights ago. Yue Wuxin drugged me and went to my room to confess her feelings for me. I injured myself in order to maintain clarity of mind...”

After speaking, he was a little afraid of making eye contact with Luo Qiqi.

He looked up to steal a sideways glance at her before saying, “Qiqi, I’m true to you, which is why I did that. You have to believe me!”

“Why don’t you kill her then? Or kill yourself instead? Wouldn’t that make things so much easier? You wouldn’t have to go through the trouble of self-mutilating!”

What is she even talking about?, thought Su Jincheng.

“What? Don’t want to kill yourself? Then answer my next question!”

Su Jincheng had a bad feeling about this.

“Go on...”

“I’ll go ahead then. What’s the probability of Yue Wuxin hurting herself on purpose?”

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