Chapter 318: Walking in Darkness

Yue Wuxin suddenly smiled and said, “Thanks so much, Miss Luo. Both my legs would’ve been scalded if it wasn’t for you!”

This took Luo Qiqi by surprise, but she reacted very quickly.

“You’re welcome. Both your legs might probably be gone if I didn’t show mercy earlier!”

She scoffed, thinking, Fine, I’ll give you the chance to play the victim! So what if I did it? I’ll play this game with you!

Yue Wuxin was rendered speechless since she didn’t expect Luo Qiqi to answer in such a way.

Su Jincheng was at a loss for what to do. He witnessed it himself that it seemed to be Luo Qiqi who toppled the glass, so he didn’t want to broach the topic, but who knew that Luo Qiqi would admit it so openly like that.

He laughed and looked at Yue Wuxin. “You probably did something to annoy Qiqi. Qiqi is the type who wears her heart on her sleeve. I’d be in trouble too if I annoyed her. You must have done something earlier!”

He then turned to Luo Qiqi and asked, “Qiqi, anything wrong? You can just tell me about it!”

A tiny smile appeared on Luo Qiqi.

Does Yue Wuxin really think that Su Jincheng would be on her side? Does she really think that he’d pity her?

Luo Qiqi’s mood improved greatly, and seeing Yue Wuxin forcing herself to stay in spite of that painful injury made her even happier.

Yue Wuxin’s grimaces only served to enhance Luo Qiqi’s appetite. As he watched her eat, Su Jincheng thought it was because of his presence that made Luo Qiqi so happy.

Seeing the couple enjoying their meal piqued Yue Wuxin. She thought they would return to the hotel after eating, but Luo Qiqi suggested something else instead.

Luo Qiqi looked at Yue Wuxin like she was gloating over the latter’s misfortune.

“We’re going for a walk on the beach. Are you coming with us? Let’s go together!”

She knew Yue Wuxin joined them on purpose to prevent them from spending quality time together, but it was just too bad that she injured herself.

A scowl instantly appeared on Yue Wuxin.

“But my leg...”

Luo Qiqi pretended to be surprised as she slapped her forehead. “I forgot! Miss Yue’s leg is injured. Instead of limping back on your own, how about you come with us to the beach instead? The more the merrier!”

Yue Wuxin was not about to take the bait.

“I’d love to but I can’t because of my leg. Jincheng, how about you send me back to the hotel first and meet Miss Luo after that!”

Su Jincheng frowned at this.

“I think Qiqi is right. You can go back on your own since the hotel isn’t that far away. You’ll probably have to limp for quite some time, and I can’t be with you all the time either.”

He then took Luo Qiqi’s hand and turned to leave without a second look at Yue Wuxin.

He was no fool. He could tell what Yue Wuxin was trying to do, but there was no way he’d do anything to let Luo Qiqi down again.

Yue Wuxin stood in the same spot as she watched them leave, a hateful glint in her eye.

Why did this happen?

Song Xiaoxiao told her that showing her weak side would make others pity her, but she didn’t know that putting on such a show would only make others feel disgusted!

Feeling rather morose, Yue Wuxin made her way back to the hotel alone.

While they were strolling along the beach, Luo Qiqi suddenly asked, “I didn’t know you came here with Yue Wuxin. I thought you were alone. I was happy for nothing!”

Afraid to cause any further misunderstanding, Su Jincheng explained himself hastily.

“It’s not like that, Qiqi. I’m here with Yue Wuxin because she said I don’t have to keep that promise anymore. I can meet you whenever I want to, and she won't interfere!”

He conveniently skipped the part about what happened that night when Yue Wuxin drugged him.

Luo Qiqi frowned at him. “When did Yue Wuxin become so nice? I don’t believe that she’ll allow you to do that!”

Su Jincheng shook his head at this. Guess there’s nothing that can escape Luo Qiqi’s eyes.

“Actually, I just found out that Yue Wuxin was that little girl I saved in the past. It was because of what happened then that you and I were able to meet in Russia previously. Yue Wuxin also told me that she has been looking for me throughout the years...”

Luo Qiqi interrupted him before he could finish.

“Su Jincheng, are you an idiot or am I the idiot here? You said she’s looking for you because you saved her life in the past, but why is she the one making you repay a debt of gratitude? She’s even asking you to stay by her side for three years and restricting your freedom. Don’t you think that’s a little too much? I would have just left!”

Su Jincheng watched her, finding her straightforward personality adorable.

“She has selfish reasons for sure. She said she has feelings for me, but she has already given up after these two years. I wouldn’t fall for her anyway. She said I’ll just have to make good on my promise for one more year, and I agreed to that as well. After that, we arrived here in Sanya.”

Luo Qiqi grabbed his collar and pulled Su Jincheng closer to her, giving him a smirk.

“Did you say she has given up? But why does it look like she’s trying to compete with me!”

Su Jincheng tried to coax her.

“You’re the only one I see. It doesn’t matter what’s on her mind. Maybe she’s just not used to it!”

Luo Qiqi gave him the side-eye. “Is that so? Su Jincheng, why does it feel like you’re on her side? Let me guess where the both of you are at. If she knows your eating habits, then you guys should already be… cohabiting!”

She then turned to run away as quickly as she could.

“Qiqi, wait, let me explain, okay?”

“No, that’s not okay at all!”

Su Jincheng smiled and ran up to her suddenly, scooping her up in his arms and hugging her tight. Luo Qiqi’s giggling was music to his ears.

Resting his chin on her forehead, Su Jincheng said, “Qiqi, this feels so unreal, as if I’m dreaming. It’s such a beautiful dream. I’ve been thinking about you every night for the past two years or so, and I’m finally able to hug you like this!”

This moved Luo Qiqi a little.

Luo Qiqi answered softly, “I thought I was dead inside after having been through so much. I didn’t think that we’d be together again...”

Both of them fell silent for a while.

Luo Qiqi then changed the subject all of a sudden.

“Right, there’s something I have to tell you. You might not believe it but it’s true!”

“Go on!” Both of them were still locked in an embrace.

Luo Qiqi looked up at him. “I’ll say it then. Anyone can tell your so-called benefactor has feelings for you. It’s fine if she likes you, but there’s no need to act like that in front of me. Don’t blame me if I were to do anything to her in future!”

Su Jincheng laughed. “I won’t!”

Seeing him react like it was nothing but a joke irritated Luo Qiqi a little.

“I’m being serious. What happened earlier was that she asked me to help her get a glass of water, so I thought nothing of it. But who knew that she would reach out to grab my arm suddenly. It made the glass topple and you happened to see just that. Didn’t it look like I did it on purpose from your point of view?”

Finding her adorable, Su Jincheng said, “Yep, that was what I thought at first!”

Luo Qiqi grabbed his shirt again.

“Su Jincheng! How can you think that of me! It won’t be just a glass of water if she had really annoyed me!”

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