Chapter 317: Yue Wuxin’s Self-injury Ruse

Su Jincheng grabbed her hand tightly in his, unwilling to let go.

It was at this very moment that he realized his woman was never a fragile flower but a capable and formidable woman.

He trusted her fully. He wanted to spend every moment with her and go through everything with her. He believed that he had the ability to protect her and give her a future.

Luo Qiqi’s stomach grumbled suddenly.

She stuck out her tongue at this. Su Jincheng frowned at her. “Didn’t eat breakfast?”

Luo Qiqi nodded. “My body clock’s been stuck after staying in Emperor City. I wake up at about eleven or twelve and it’s already the afternoon by the time I finish taking a shower.”

“So you’ll just head to lunch usually?”

Luo Qiqi smiled and pulled on his arm. “Let’s go get food. I’ll haunt you if I starve to death!”

“Fine, let’s get some food. Because somebody didn’t eat breakfast!”

Luo Qiqi kicked him playfully. “Food!”

Su Jincheng laughed as the both of them headed out.

The door opposite them opened just as they walked out of the room.

Yue Wuxin had no idea that she would meet Luo Qiqi like that. She thought that Su Jincheng was not aware of Luo Qiqi’s current location and that he was still looking for her. Who knew she would actually meet the both of them just as she stepped out of her room.

Yue Wuxin was surprised to see Su Jincheng. He looked at Luo Qiqi so gently and he looked so happy beside her. She had never seen such an expression on him before.

The Su Jincheng she knew was cold and emotionless. Is that really him?

It was Su Jincheng for sure, but it wasn’t the Su Jincheng she knew.

He didn’t love her. He loved the woman who was standing beside him right now, and he would only show that side of him to that woman alone.

I was too naive thinking that they weren’t in contact with each other. Su Jincheng probably already knew where Luo Qiqi was all along.

It was no wonder he requested for a specific room when we were checking in earlier.

Luo Qiqi was stunned when she saw Yue Wuxin.

She knew that Yue Wuxin was the one who disappeared with Su Jincheng years ago. Though Luo Qiqi tried her very best to investigate Yue Wuxin, she couldn’t find any useful information at all.

Pedrov was the one backing Yue Wuxin. He protected his own daughter very well and kept her real identity hidden. Others would think that she was just another normal agent.

Luo Qiqi’s expression darkened immediately.

Su Jincheng didn’t come here for me. He’s here because Yue Wuxin is here too, and he’s just dropping by since it’s convenient.

It looks like they travelled here together. But didn’t he say that Yue Wuxin didn’t allow us to be together? Isn’t he scared that Yue Wuxin would say that he’s the one going back on his word now?

Su Jincheng knew what was going on in Luo Qiqi’s mind when he saw her facial expression. He didn’t explain things to Luo Qiqi earlier either.

He squeezed Luo Qiqi’s hand and looked at Yue Wuxin. “Are you going out too?”

Yue Wuxin adjusted herself very quickly and tried to suppress her emotions. She hated seeing Su Jincheng hold hands with Luo Qiqi, but she swallowed her bubbling anger.

I won’t forget my goal!

She answered gently, “Yup, I was about to go out for lunch. How about you guys? Shall we go have lunch together?”

Luo Qiqi reacted immediately to Yue Wuxin’s invitation. Before Su Jincheng could reject it, Luo Qiqi answered, “Sure! Let’s go together! The more the merrier!”

Yue Wuxin stiffened a little. She didn’t expect Luo Qiqi to accept her invitation so readily.

“Let’s go then! Does Miss Luo have anywhere to recommend?”

Luo Qiqi smiled. “Of course. I’ve already been here for a few days now!”

Luo Qiqi led them to a seafood restaurant which served their dishes in a variety of styles. Their barbecued seafood was also scrumptious.

Luo Qiqi ordered a few of her favorite dishes and helped Su Jincheng order his too.

Yue Wuxin ordered a few more dishes for Su Jincheng, saying, “I think Jincheng’s taste had changed a little in the past two years, so I helped him order a few more dishes. I hope Miss Luo doesn’t mind it!”

Though unhappy about it, Luo Qiqi said, “It’s fine. There’s no reason for me to get angry at you when you’re being thoughtful. Do I look like someone petty to you?”

She then gave Yue Wuxin a winning smile. Playing mind games? Fine. I’ll play with you. We’ll see who emerges the winner!

Yue Wuxin didn’t expect Luo Qiqi to be able to control her anger that well. She didn’t take the bait? I should be more careful then.

Su Jincheng excused himself to go to the washroom after they were done ordering.

They went a little too heavy with the seasoning on their seafood here, so Luo Qiqi usually drank plain water. After which, she would get a bottle of beer and go for a stroll along the beach.

She thus got up and filled up two glasses of water for herself and Su Jincheng.

She then asked Yue Wuxin, “Would you like some water? Or would you like a drink instead?”

Yue Wuxin smiled at her. “I’d have to trouble Miss Luo to help me get a glass of water then!”

Luo Qiqi returned the smile and said, “Sure!”

She then placed a glass of hot water in front of Yue Wuxin.

Yue Wuxin reached out to grab her when she turned, causing the glass to fall and the boiling hot water to splash onto Yue Wuxin’s leg.

Yue Wuxin frowned in pain.

Su Jincheng happened to be walking over and from where he was, what he witnessed was that it was Luo Qiqi who caused the glass to topple and the water to splash onto Yue Wuxin.

He knew that Luo Qiqi was not the kind to play such tricks, but he still couldn’t help but frown as he approached the ladies.

Still in pain, Yue Wuxin said, “It’s fine, I was careless!”

Luo Qiqi stood there in shock. I just meant to get her a glass of water. How did this happen?

She was the one who reached out, but why does it look like I’m the one who splashed the water on her now?

I, Luo Qiqi, would never do something like that.

Before Luo Qiqi could ask Yue Wuxin why she reached out, Su Jincheng already walked over and checked Luo Qiqi’s arm for injuries before turning to Yue Wuxin.

“Are you okay?”

With a pained expression, Yue Wuxin shook her head.

“I’m fine! Miss Luo didn’t do it on purpose. Don’t blame her!”

Su Jincheng said, “I won’t blame her for this. But don’t you know how to avoid it when the glass fell? It’s not like you don’t know how to protect yourself!”

Yue Wuxin felt wronged. I was the one who got hurt. Why is he blaming me instead?

“I was too careless...”

Su Jincheng stopped chiding her and said, “I’ll get some ice for you. Put ice on it back at the hotel. Don’t let blisters form!”

He then walked towards the kitchen, appearing again shortly after with a bag of ice.

He passed it to Yue Wuxin and said, “Apply the ice on your own!”

Yue Wuxin looked at him with adoring eyes. I knew that he still cared for me even though he refused to say it.

She took the pack of ice and placed it on her leg.

As the waiter swept up the broken pieces of glass, Luo Qiqi stood motionless at the side and watched everything unfold.

This looked all too familiar. The exact same thing happened two years ago when she was having dinner with Ming Ruoyuan, Feng Liluo and Su Jincheng.

She felt bitter all of a sudden. How could Su Jincheng not realize anything wrong?

Is he too dumb or am I the idiot? Could he be doing this on purpose?

This frustrated Luo Qiqi and she looked out of the restaurant as her thoughts floated further and further away from reality.

She suddenly felt a large, warm hand over hers.

Su Jincheng looked warmly at her. “You were almost scalded earlier. Be careful. Stay away from these things next time. I don’t want to see you hurt, not even a little bit!”

Luo Qiqi felt a little better after hearing this.

Yue Wuxin gripped the ice angrily as she heard every word.

Can’t he look at me for once? He should have seen that it was Luo Qiqi who splashed it on me. Why didn’t he have any reaction to that!

Luo Qiqi and Su Jincheng then took their seats opposite Yue Wuxin.

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