Chapter 315: Bravery

Yue Wuxin watched in stunned silence as Su Jincheng picked up a fruit knife from the bedside table, causing her to back away a little.

What Su Jincheng did next shocked Yue Wuxin. He slashed at his own shoulder with the knife and blood began pouring from the cut.

She never expected him to hurt himself with the knife.

Before she could say anything else, Su Jincheng slashed at his arm again. His robe was already dyed red.

Yue Wuxin could only watch in utter shock.

Su Jincheng felt a lot more alert now.

Staring at Yue Wuxin, he said, “This isn’t how you should express your gratitude to me. Put on your clothes and get out!”

Su Jincheng’s tone left no room for discussion.

What! He’d rather reject me like this?

Yue Wuxin felt shaken. Her tears were already falling.

“Fine! I’ll leave! But that doesn’t mean I’m giving up on you, Su Jincheng!”

As she turned to leave, Su Jincheng said, “I don’t have feelings for you!”

Hearing this made Yue Wuxin bury her face in her hands as she ran away.

Though he was now more alert, those slashes did not counter the effects of the drug as he started feeling its effects again.

Frowning, he quickly locked the door, took out the first aid kit and cleaned up his injuries.

The injuries were not severe and could be quickly treated.

He then switched on the tap in the bathtub and filled it up with cold water before stepping in.

The icy water helped to counter the effects of the drug as he submerged himself in it.

He finally felt the drug wear off after five whole hours, when every inch of his skin was already wrinkled.

Su Jincheng walked out and cleaned himself up with a clean towel before crashing onto the bed and falling asleep.

Instead of achieving what she set out to do, Yue Wuxin simply pushed Su Jincheng further away from her with what happened the night before.

Yue Wuxin rushed up to Song Xiaoxiao after breakfast the next day.

Song Xiaoxiao frowned at her. “What’s going on?”

Upset, Yue Wuxin said, “He’d rather hurt himself than accept me. Mum, your method didn’t work on him at all!”

“It didn’t work?”

Someone like that actually existed?

She then asked, “Does he already have feelings for someone else? Do you know who it is?”

Someone he likes? There is someone like that. He loves her so much that he wouldn’t even look at me when I’m right in front of him.

It was obvious that Yue Wuxin was unwilling to share more, and Song Xiaoxiao smirked at this.

“Wuxin, you’ll have to tell me the truth if you want my help.”

Yue Wuxin relented eventually.

“He likes this girl called Luo Qiqi. She was from Interpol. She’s the only one on his mind, and he doesn’t care about anyone else. He might already have gone to her if I didn’t get him to be my bodyguard three years ago.”

Song Xiaoxiao patted her on the shoulder.

“Silly child. You’ll have to go after him if you love him. Telling him not to see that woman again will only make him think of her more.”

After a short pause, she continued, “Don’t give way to her. Compete with her.”

“Go look for Luo Qiqi, if you know what I mean. Show Su Jincheng how genuine you are. Also, you should know when to show your fragile side as a woman. It’s human nature to take pity on weaker individuals. It would be more difficult for you to capture Su Jincheng’s heart if you don’t show any signs of weakness.”

Yue Wuxin looked confused.

Song Xiaoxiao shook her head at this. “My dear child, you look so lost. You’re just not crafty enough, or else why would Su Jincheng not be tempted after spending two years with you!”

She took Yue Wuxin’s hand in hers and said, “I’ll teach you a few other methods. You can try them to see if they work, and try to think about other methods on your own.”

After pondering for a moment, she said, “Let’s say you’re arguing with that woman in the living room when Su Jincheng happened to walk in. At this point, all you have to do is act like an innocent girl and pretend you didn’t see him there. You can tell Luo Qiqi that she has already given her blessings to the both of you, and ask her why she’s treating you like that. You can even try hurting yourself if need be, to mislead Su Jincheng into thinking that Luo Qiqi had hurt you. If you do that, you won’t be in such a passive position anymore. Get it?”

Yue Wuxin looked a little unsure after hearing the suggestion, but she said, “Okay! I’ll do anything to make Su Jincheng fall for me, and I’ll make that woman pay!”

Song Xiaoxiao then said, “Wuxin, just know that Mum has your best interests at heart!”

“Mm!” Yue Wuxin nodded. “I should leave Su Jincheng as soon as I can and look for Luo Qiqi instead. Su Jincheng will see my generosity and he’ll feel grateful to me while I can challenge Luo Qiqi at the same time. She won’t be able to shake me off even if she obtained Su Jincheng in the end. I hope she backs out of this soon!”

Yue Wuxin grinned to herself as she spoke.

Song Xiaoxiao said, “That’s great. You should pursue him since you’ve fallen for him.”

Though Yue Wuxin did not fully agree with Song Xiaoxiao’s viewpoint, she knew that her own mother would not put her in harm’s way.

She nodded and said, “I’ll work hard on this, but...”

“I won’t be able to meet Dad again since I’m leaving so soon!”

“It’s fine. You’ll be able to meet him next time. You can spend as much time as you want with your Dad at home after you get married to Su Jincheng!”

“Mm, got it. I’ll go pack up now. Love you, Mum!”

Yue Wuxin skipped away happily.

Song Xiaoxiao’s expression darkened immediately after Yue Wuxin left.

I wouldn’t be doing this if Pedrov didn’t switch my baby!

She felt bad when she saw how much Yue Wuxin trusted her. But I’ve already spent more than twenty years taking care of you, and you’re not even my daughter!

It’s not my fault, Pedrov. You’re the one to blame. You simply pretended not to know anything. You should be blaming yourself if your daughter doesn’t return after this trip!

Yue Wuxin headed straight to Su Jincheng’s room after that.

Su Jincheng answered in a hoarse voice when she knocked on the door.

“Jincheng, are you okay? What’s wrong?”

“What do you want?”

“What’s wrong with your voice? Are you sick? Open the door!”

Feeling annoyed, Su Jincheng walked over to open the door but he stood in the doorway to prevent Yue Wuxin from entering.

He must still be wary of me after what happened last night.

That was really a bad move on my part.

She looked up to see a pallid face.

“Jincheng, are you sick? I’ll get you a doctor!”

Su Jincheng reached out to stop her from leaving but sucked in a breath when the movement ended up reopening the cuts on his arm.

Yue Wuxin turned back in concern. “Jincheng, what’s wrong?”

She saw Su Jincheng holding onto his arm in pain.

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