Chapter 312: Acting Drunk

Luo Qiqi woke up at noon the next day plagued with a horrible hangover.

She rubbed her temples to ease the headache and suddenly realized that she seemed to have gotten drunk last night.

Who sent me back?

Why do I have a feeling that I saw Su Jincheng last night?

She shook her head at the thought. I must be retarded. I can’t even tell dreams from reality.

After sitting in a daze for a while longer, she finally came to the conclusion that she had indeed gotten drunk last night. But everything that happened felt so real to her!

She walked to the bathroom in her confused state.

If it wasn’t real, then who sent me back last night?

If it really happened, then why did Su Jincheng avoid me like that? Doesn't he know that I’m looking for him?

Was everything only my imagination?

Still in a daze, she went downstairs for lunch.

When night fell, she returned to her room, still feeling confused about all that happened.

After some contemplation, she grabbed her jacket and headed for the bar again.

She sat in the exact same spot, and when that same group of men saw her at the bar, they avoided her entirely as if they saw a ghost.

Luo Qiqi was surprised at their reaction. Was I so terrifying?

I just taught them a tiny lesson last night!

She then started drinking. There was a tiny glimmer of hope in her heart that the man she saw last night was Su Jincheng, and she refused to give up on that possibility.

She looked around the bar as she drank but nothing seemed out of the ordinary, and there was nobody who looked the least bit like Su Jincheng.

She then ordered several bottles of beer and tried to drown herself in drinks. However, she couldn’t get drunk no matter how much she drank, because she was still painfully aware that she felt very upset.

An idea suddenly struck her while she was chugging her beer. Would that man appear only if I got drunk?

She then sat up straight and chugged the rest of the bottle, causing her to choke on the beer.

Taking the bottle with her, she staggered outside. Luo Qiqi definitely looked very drunk at this point.

Once out of the bar, she found a trash bin and started vomiting into it.

Feeling a little better, she rinsed her mouth with the leftover beer in the bottle and threw it on the ground.

She walked to a nearby tree and hugged it, looking as if she was hugging a bolster to sleep.

The passersby who spotted her treated her like an alcoholic, and nobody bothered her.

Luo Qiqi waited for a long while for the man to appear, but he didn’t. This made her think that everything that happened last night was just a dream, but another idea then struck her.

She fell to the ground.

Fragments of what happened last night seemed to come back to her as she lay upon the cold ground.

Someone seemed to approach her after a while.

This made Luo Qiqi anxious, but disappointment filled her when she heard an unfamiliar voice.

“What’s wrong with this woman?”

“Who knows. She might be faking it. Let’s just leave her alone!”

Luo Qiqi sighed inwardly. These were just strangers.

She continued with her act, believing that the man would appear again if it wasn’t just a dream she had.

Luo Qiqi lay there peacefully with her eyes shut, patiently waiting.

However, no one else appeared even after about half an hour.

When Luo Qiqi was almost about to give up, she heard a set of gentle but steady footsteps closing in.

This reignited that glimmer of hope she had.

She heard the man sigh to himself before carrying her in his arms.

The familiar scent filled her with joy instantly.

This time, she did not dare open her eyes for fear of being disappointed again.

It pained Su Jincheng to see her like this.

She isn’t that weak against alcohol to begin with, but she’s been drinking so much these two days, it’s as if she wants to drown herself in alcohol.

He swept her hair out of her face and looked at her gently.

No matter how much he wanted to be with her, he couldn’t do so, not at this time.

He didn’t want to put her in danger.

Everyone knew that Luo Qiqi was his only weakness, and he was very afraid that she would be used against him.

He then carried Luo Qiqi back to the hotel.

After entering the room, he went to the bathroom to get a towel, planning to help Luo Qiqi wipe her face just as he did last night.

At this point, Luo Qiqi had already opened her eyes and she was eyeing his every move!

Su Jincheng walked out of the bathroom to see a wide-eyed Luo Qiqi staring at him. She was afraid to blink, as if fearing that he would disappear at any moment.

This stunned Su Jincheng. He never thought that Luo Qiqi would pretend to be drunk.

They stared at each other for quite a while.

She then pulled on his sleeve suddenly.

“Why did you do that?”

Su Jincheng fell forwards onto the bed with the force, looking at Luo Qiqi as he wondered what to say.

He knew her all too well. She didn’t care that it would be dangerous. All she wanted was to be together with the one she loved.

But from Su Jincheng’s point of view, he wasn’t able to protect her at this point, and he didn’t want her to be in any sort of danger.

“Talk to me! Have you gone mute!” Luo Qiqi’s emotions were running high.

Luo Qiqi was trying to make sense of everything that had happened.

So he knew that I’ve been searching for him, and he has always been nearby, it’s just that he refused to show himself. Why did he approach me then? Why even send me back here?

Su Jincheng tried to explain. “Don’t be angry, Yaya. I didn’t do this on purpose...”

Luo Qiqi cut him off. “Don’t call me Yaya!”

Su Jincheng was stunned into silence.

Luo Qiqi glared at him angrily.

“Were you fine after falling off that cliff?”

“I was unconscious for three months.”

“Then did you forget everything after that?”

“No, I didn’t!”

“Then why didn’t you look for me? Don’t you know that I’ve been searching high and low for you? Why didn’t you return to The Dark Night? Don’t you know that The Dark Night and Sin Eliminators are already at loggerheads now?”

“Qiqi, you don’t understand...”

“Yes! I don’t understand! I’ve been looking for you like a crazy fool for the past two years when everyone else believed you to be dead! I was the only one who insisted that you were still alive. What have you been doing all this time!”

Su Jincheng reached out to hug her. “Qiqi, listen to me!”

This calmed Luo Qiqi down a little.

“It’s not that I’ve forgotten, and it’s not that I don’t love you. I thought I would die at the time, and I never expected to be saved by Yue Wuxin. She asked me to be her bodyguard for three years in order to repay the debt, but the catch was that I’m not supposed to reveal myself to you before these three years are up. We happened to come to Emperor City and it was pure coincidence that I saw you at the bar previously. It’s not that I’m avoiding you, it’s just that I didn’t want to go back on my promise.”

Luo Qiqi understood where he was coming from, but it didn’t stop her from feeling upset.

She spent the last two years wondering if he was alive, and wondering if she was too naive for even considering such a possibility...

He did it to keep a promise, but how can that compare to what I’ve been through for the past two years!

She laughed suddenly. “You said you’re not supposed to reveal yourself to me, but what about now? Are you going to kill me to keep that promise of yours now that I’ve seen you?”

Su Jincheng frowned at this. “Qiqi, don’t say that! You know I’d never do that!”

This infuriated Luo Qiqi. “What? Am I wrong? What do I know? I, Luo Qiqi, seemed to have never understood you, Su Jincheng!”

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