Chapter 311: Su Jincheng, The Stranger

He removed his hand gently after Luo Qiqi fell into a deeper sleep.

Standing at the side of the bed, he looked at her for a while longer before turning away and leaving the room.

A woman appeared right in front of him just as he stepped out of the room.

They stared at each other for an entire minute before he asked, “What are you doing here?”

“What am I doing here? I’m here to look for my bodyguard. When did my bodyguard turn into a sneaky thief?”

The stranger removed his cap to reveal a chilly but good-looking face.

It was none other than Su Jincheng!

Everyone thought he was dead!

The woman standing before him was Yue Wuxin, the one who fell off the cliff with him two years ago at Xingping Mountain!

“It’s none of your business. I won’t be in your way!”

Yue Wuxin laughed. “Aren’t you tired of keeping that cap on all day? Are you afraid that Luo Qiqi would recognize you? You have to keep this from her before you take back control of The Dark Night. Luo Qiqi will be in danger if she knows the truth now. She’s the perfect bait for them to lure you into their clutches...”

“That has nothing to do with you either. My job is to protect you, it’s not to allow you to meddle in my affairs!”

“Jincheng, you know I care about you!”

“I don’t need that!”

He then turned to leave.

Yue Wuxin chased after him. “Su Jincheng, you’re supposed to be my bodyguard now! That’s the only reason you’re alive now! Why are you leaving!”

He stopped and turned back to look at Yue Wuxin.

“Could you please be quick? I’d like to go back and have a good night’s sleep!”

Yue Wuxin sped up and the both of them headed towards an apartment a short distance away from the Hilton Hotel.

Su Jincheng went straight to his room after returning to the apartment, laying on the bed without even changing his outfit.

The scent of alcohol and Luo Qiqi’s fragrance lingered on him.

The events of two years ago replayed themselves in his mind.

All he could think about was keeping both Luo Qiqi and Ye Zhongjue safe at Xingping Mountain at the time.

He felt like he had owed Luo Qiqi too much by mistaking Ming Ruoyuan for her and even taking a kidney away from her.

Like Luo Qiqi said, she was the farmer who saved an ungrateful snake, and all he did was hurt her. [1]

He thought that death would be their only fate when he fell off that cliff with Yue Wuxin and the doctor, but Yue Wuxin had something else up her sleeve.

Yue Wuxin had a grappling hook which stopped her fall, and she actually saved Su Jincheng from plummeting directly to his death.

Yue Wuxin used the hook to reduce the speed of their fall as she tried to secure it against the rocky cliff face multiple times, but even so, it wasn’t able to take their combined weight and the both of them ended up falling all the way down.

They were eventually saved by Yue Wuxin’s subordinates at the foot of the cliff.

Su Jincheng regained consciousness three months later only to find out that The Dark Night had undergone a major overhaul. Everyone thought he was dead, even his subordinates.

Someone else had taken over The Dark Night in the time Su Jincheng was missing, and Yue Wuxin, someone whom he wanted to kill, had actually saved his life.

He later found out that Yue Wuxin came from a powerful family in Russia, and that her father was actually the prime minister.

This explained why Yue Wuxin seemed to be surrounded by countless bodyguards even though her ranking as a special agent was not that high.

When he woke up, Yue Wuxin asked how he would like to repay her for saving his life.

Since Su Jincheng was not an ungrateful person, he asked her to come up with some suggestions on her own.

Yue Wuxin gave him two options, the first was to marry her, and the second was to be her secret bodyguard for three years.

She told him that if he were to marry her, she would leverage her father’s power to help Su Jincheng take back control of The Dark Night.

However, if he chose the option to be her bodyguard, the catch was that he would not be allowed to contact Luo Qiqi in those three years.

Su Jincheng went with the option to be her bodyguard in the blink of an eye as that would mean severing his ties with Yue Wuxin after the three years were up.

Luo Qiqi had never left Su Jincheng’s mind in the past two years, but he didn’t dare look for her. The new leader of The Dark Night suspected that Su Jincheng might still be alive, and he had passed an order to kill him on sight if anyone found him!

Su Jincheng knew that Luo Qiqi would be safe as long as he didn’t show himself.

He spent the past two years walking on thin ice, carefully planting his own men in The Dark Night.

He was planning to take back control of the organization after repaying his debt to Yue Wuxin.

The Dark Night had been at loggerheads with Sin Eliminators after he went missing, and he knew that it would be pointless to continue the fight, especially when Sin Eliminators was already the most powerful criminal organization.

He wanted to give The Dark Night an overhaul, and such a process would probably take a good four years or so.

His plan was to look for Luo Qiqi after that, and only if she was still single.

However, seeing Luo Qiqi again after two years made it difficult for him to stick to his original plan. He never realized that he had fallen so hard for her, and he felt terribly sorry she had to go through all that pain.

He wondered how he could have spent the last two years without her as all Su Jincheng wanted to do now was to hold her in his arms.

He didn’t want to leave her again when he saw her in Emperor City, but he reassured Yue Wuxin that he did not reveal himself to Luo Qiqi.

He never appeared openly in front of Luo Qiqi unless she was drunk or asleep, being satisfied with simply looking at her face.


Yue Wuxin tossed and turned in bed, unable to fall asleep.

She felt that coming to Emperor City might have been the biggest mistake she made this year.

She thought that Luo Qiqi would be in A City, and coming to Emperor City had inadvertently allowed Su Jincheng to meet Luo Qiqi.

It was actually Su Jincheng that Luo Qiqi spotted at the bar previously.

Su Jincheng avoided Luo Qiqi as best as he could to keep his promise to Yue Wuxin, but Yue Wuxin was painfully aware that Luo Qiqi was the only one on Su Jincheng’s mind.

Yue Wuxin thought that she could make Su Jincheng fall for her within three years, but she had underestimated his feelings for Luo Qiqi. Su Jincheng showed no signs of giving up on Luo Qiqi even after such a long time.

Yue Wuxin was someone who always got what she wanted, but this time, she was unable to obtain Su Jincheng.

Su Jincheng was probably unaware that he had actually saved Yue Wuxin’s life once in the Soviet Union.

Because of that, Yue Wuxin had been searching for him all these years. It was coincidence which led to her meeting Ming Ruoyuan, and who knew that fate would actually have them look for the exact same person.

Yue Wuxin had her own plans to get Su Jincheng, but she never expected Ming Ruoyuan to act so quickly.

With how scheming Ming Ruoyuan was, she would probably never have expected to fail!

What surprised Yue Wuxin was that Su Jincheng was not the least bit interested in her after all this time.

She finally realized that it was impossible to force someone else to accept her feelings.

Even though she knew this, she resented it.

It was out of gratitude that she helped Su Jincheng in the past, but after spending two years with him, she had already fallen deeply for Su Jincheng.

Why couldn’t Su Jincheng look at me for once? Luo Qiqi loves him, but I love him too! I can do so much for him!

Yue Wuxin’s eyes were filled with tears as she cried herself to sleep.

[1] Reference to a fable:

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