Chapter 310: In Between Dreams and Reality

Luo Qiqi watched as the men left, thinking to herself, I thought I could have some fun. They’re nothing but a bunch of cowards!

She started guzzling beer from the bottle she was holding.

She then staggered out of the bar after a while, finding it hard to focus on where she was going since she felt very tipsy and was rather unsteady on her feet.

She got herself drunk tonight partly because she witnessed what happened to Gu Yi’an. That made her lose a bit of hope in the possibility that she would ever see Su Jincheng again.

Unbeknownst to her, a man dressed in black followed her out of the bar as she left.

He had a black cap on him which covered most of his face.

He spotted Luo Qiqi sitting on the nearby curb with the beer bottle still in her hand, mumbling something to herself.

For about half an hour, he stood watching her from a distance.

After Luo Qiqi finished the entire bottle, she suddenly started drawing circles in the air, looking like an innocent and naive little girl.

The man simply continued watching her from under a tree.

As Luo Qiqi was enjoying herself, the few men who approached her in the bar earlier went up to her.

“Hey, isn’t this the woman who hit us in the bar? Why is she sitting here all alone?”

Somebody else said, “Seems like she’s had too much to drink!”

The rest of the group started chuckling at this.

However, no one dared go close to her because they already knew how terrifying she could be.

They thus stood observing Luo Qiqi for a while, but she already looked as if she was too drunk to attack anyone at this point.

One of the men then said, “Hey, how about we take her back and do whatever we want with her? We’ll just have to tie her up securely!”

The one who first spotted Luo Qiqi then said, “That works too. But, who’d like to go first?”

The rest of the men avoided eye contact as he looked around.

No one dared to volunteer to be first, fearing that they would have the same fate as the man who got his wrist broken earlier.

“Damn it! It’s just a woman! Bunch of cowards! See how I handle this!”

He then walked up to Luo Qiqi confidently.

Luo Qiqi looked up right at this moment, smiling as she said, “Am I drunk? I think we’ve met somewhere earlier...”

The man staggered backwards in fear. She isn’t drunk at all! She’s just faking it!

Luo Qiqi then fell face down onto the ground.

What’s going on here?

The man approached her carefully and kicked her lightly. To his relief, there was no reaction from Luo Qiqi after she got kicked.

Easy peasy!, he thought.

He then turned to the men behind him and said, “Look how easy it is? You guys are nothing but cowards!”

It was obvious that Luo Qiqi was the one who fell on her own, but the rest of the men did not call him out on it.

“You’re the best! All the ladies would fall head over heels for you!”

“There’ll be a reward for you later. Tie her up and take her away!”

He looked around and spotted a dark, secluded alley nearby.

Looking at Luo Qiqi’s skin with a brazen smile, he instructed, “Take her to that alley. We’ll have fun tonight!”

Before the men could carry Luo Qiqi away, a figure came swooping in and sent all of the men flying.

They landed on the ground painfully.

The leader of the pack stared at the stranger who was dressed in black.

He stuttered as he asked, “You… who are you? What are you doing? I… I… Let me tell you, I’m not scared of you!”

No one could make out his appearance as the stranger was wearing a low black cap.


With one single word, the men scrambled to get away. They knew it was unlikely for them to be able to win against this stranger in a fight.

The stranger then looked down at Luo Qiqi. Her forehead was swollen from the ground’s impact.

He seemed to sigh before picking her up gently, shaking his head at the scent of alcohol on her.

Luo Qiqi frowned and whined before opening her eyes to look at the stranger.

A look of terror flashed across his face at that very moment.

Luo Qiqi stared at him as she said, “Big Brother...”

The stranger trembled as he supported her.

Luo Qiqi shook her head in an attempt to clear her mind.

She then laughed to herself and mumbled, “I guess I’m really drunk. Why would I see Su Jincheng? Haha… He hasn’t appeared after so long, so why would he appear now? I must be drunk, I’m definitely drunk...”

She then continued shaking her head, collapsing in the stranger’s arms in the very next moment, causing him to freeze in surprise.

After a while, he lifted Luo Qiqi’s chin and saw a tear streak at the corner of her eyes.

He then picked her up and sent her back to the Hilton Hotel.

Finding the room key on her, he unlocked the door and carried her in.

Luo Qiqi squirmed a little, feeling uncomfortable, and bumping her forehead against his chest made her frown in pain.

The stranger placed her on the bed and helped take off her shoes, heaving a sigh of relief when he saw her brows no longer creased.

He watched her quietly at the side before getting a towel from the bathroom.

Using the towel, he wiped the tears on Luo Qiqi’s face gently, seeing her bare face up close.

He then placed the towel back in the bathroom before sitting down beside Luo Qiqi on the bed.

He watched her, hypnotized by how peacefully she slept.

He reached out a hand as if he wanted to caress Luo Qiqi’s pretty face, but he stopped right before touching her.

Sorrow seemed to fill him in that very moment.

After observing Luo Qiqi like this for a while, the sound of his wrist watch ticking reminded him that it was time to go.

Before he could retract his hand, Luo Qiqi reached out and grabbed it. “Big Brother… Don’t go!”

Her grip was rather strong.

Luo Qiqi then pulled on his arm and hugged it close to her chest as she slept.

He then climbed onto the bed gently and lay down beside Luo Qiqi, staying with her until she fell into a peaceful slumber.

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