Chapter 309: Gu Yi’an’s Death

Guan Zijue gave a mocking laugh. “What you want to see… What? You guys lied to me for this? Fine, I’ll do what you guys want. I’ll show you what you want to see!”

Guan Zixuan could only shake his head in resignation.

He wished nothing but the best for his brother, and they did this only because it was the best way forward.

He knew that it upset his brother, but what other choice did they have?

Being born in a family like theirs, there were bound to be certain things they could never run away from, just like how he was supposed to take over the family’s business.

He felt a lot luckier than Guan Zijue when it came to love. It was fortunate that Xia Xinsheng is Xia Zi’s mother, or else their family might never have accepted Xia Zi as his partner.

“Bro, rest well. I’m leaving. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know if I have any news on Gu Yi’an!”

Guan Zijue simply sat there in a daze.

Everyone lied to me.

He really meant it when he said he lied to me.


The best doctors in Sin Eliminators were gathered in a private hospital in C City.

Though the bullet was already taken out of Gu Yi’an, his condition had been very unstable. Ye Zhongjue and Ceng Hanyu were both extremely worried.

Seeing Gu Yi’an being in critical condition for the fifth time in two days, Ye Zhongjue couldn’t help but blame himself for carrying out that plan.

He regretted taking a gamble on Gu Yi’an’s life like this. Though the bullet had been manipulated, Guan Zijue was a very good shot.

Furthermore, he had been so blinded with anger that the only thing on his mind was probably to see Gu Yi’an dead.

There was nothing Ye Zhongjue wanted more than for Gu Yi’an to wake up at this point.

Gu Yi’an’s death had already been announced publicly.

He had had someone send a fake Gu Yi’an to hospital in an ambulance after Ye Zhongjue carried him out of the hotel that day.

The fake body had facial prosthetics to make it look like he was Gu Yi’an, and it was actually the family of a dead subordinate who offered their help to Ye Zhongjue.

Everyone in that particular family was a part of Sin Eliminators, and their loyalty could never be shaken.

Ye Zhongjue had planted his men everywhere and from the coroner to police, everyone was in on the plan.

The body was then successfully buried.

Afraid that counter-terrorism organizations and The Dark Night might continue looking for Gu Yi’an, Ye Zhongjue decided to move him to C City for safety.

The hospital they were in was owned by Sin Eliminators, and apart from providing medical treatment to those in Sin Eliminators, the public could also visit the hospital, but they could only get access to the first four levels.

It was one of the safest options for Gu Yi’an’s recovery.

A day later, Gu Yi’an finally woke up.

Ye Zhongjue almost cried tears of joy. He would hate himself for life if anything really happened to Gu Yi’an.

Though Gu Yi’an was willing, Ye Zhongjue hated the fact that he had actually helped put such a dangerous plan in motion.

Gu Yi’an looked extremely weak when Ye Zhongjue and Ceng Hanyu entered the ward.

He spoke weakly, “Jue, come over… I have something to tell you!”

“Yi’an, what is it? Say it slowly. We’re listening.”

Every word seemed to take a toll on Gu Yi’an.

“Tell everyone… including… including… Guan family, that I’m dead!”

Ceng Hanyu and Ye Zhongjue understood Gu Yi’an immediately.

Everything started from Gu Yi’an and Guan Zijue’s relationship, and things were made worse because they were on opposing sides of the law.

Gu Yi’an was painfully aware that they were living in a different world from Guan Zijue, and since it was impossible for them to be together, he would rather not give Guan Zijue any hope.

Gu Yi’an shut his eyes after he spoke, as if he did not wish to say any more.

Ye Zhongjue said, “Okay, we’ll do as you say. Focus on getting better. We’ll have you return to England after you’re recovered!”

He then pulled Ceng Hanyu out with him.

Gu Yi’an opened his eyes when he heard the door being shut.

He would give anything to see Guan Zijue live well, and he hoped that Guan Zijue would be able to pick himself up after hearing the news and focus on pursuing his dreams instead.

Gu Yi’an was resigned to his own fate. I’m destined to walk in darkness forever. I shouldn’t drag Guan Zijue into this.


Guan Zijue had heard the news of Gu Yi’an’s death back at Emperor City, but he knew that it was a fake Gu Yi’an and that it was just a rumor Sin Eliminators propagated.

He waited patiently for Guan Zixuan’s update since that would be the truth.

Being the one who pulled the trigger, he knew that it was almost impossible for anyone to save Gu Yi’an from that shot.

What he didn’t know was that someone had already manipulated the ammunition.

Even so, Guan Zijue was pretty serious when he shot him, so it was very likely that Gu Yi’an was in grave danger!

Not knowing the full story caused anxiety and unease to fill Guan Zijue. He was worried that the worst would happen.

He kept praying that Gu Yi’an would be safe.

Guan Zijue was thunderstruck when he heard the news from Guan Zixuan.

The thought of ending his own life there and then flashed past his mind.

Guan Zixuan said that on his deathbed, Gu Yi’an asked Ye Zhongjue to tell Guan Zijue to continue living his life to the fullest.

Guan Zijue then locked himself in his room for the entire day, crying his eyes out.

He wanted to join Gu Yi’an in the afterlife, but he found the courage to live on because of those last words.

It was unlikely that he could ever fall in love again.

His heart only had enough space for that one person.

And he had to be the one who killed him.

Everyone could sense the change in him when Guan Zijue reappeared in public. He became much more cruel and a much colder person than before. It was as if he was an emotionless statue.

Guan Zijue’s heart had also died with Gu Yi’an dead.


Luo Qiqi had chosen to remain in Emperor City when Ye Zhongjue took Gu Yi’an away.

She remained hopeful that it was Su Jincheng she spotted that night at the bar and refused to believe that it was because she might have had too much to drink that night.

Everyone thought Su Jincheng was dead except her!

Luo Qiqi continued staying at the Hilton Hotel and visiting nightclubs and bars in the hopes of spotting Su Jincheng again.

It was a little after eight in the evening when Luo Qiqi walked into that same bar.

She took her usual seat in a dark corner and started sipping on the drink she always asked for as she stared at the bar counter.

She did everything with practiced ease as if she had already done it a million times.

No one bothered her as she sipped on her drink alone.

Though it was noisy in the bar, she seemed to be living in a parallel, peaceful world of her own.

She kept drinking, but she never got drunk. Her alcohol tolerance seemed to only have gotten better after Su Jincheng disappeared.

The bar felt a lot livelier tonight.

Some of the visitors at the bar approached Luo Qiqi with creepy smiles as she continued sipping on her drink.

Holding a bottle in her hand, she suddenly felt a little upset.

I haven’t been able to find him after so long. Was Su Jincheng really dead like they said?

Something like that had already happened to Gu Yi’an.

Was love really worth it?

She then started laughing out of nowhere.

The creepy-looking visitors nearby were closing in and Luo Qiqi gave a smirk as they surrounded her.

One of them smiled and said, “Little girl, drink with your big brothers!”

“Yeah, drink!” Another one chimed in as he reached out for Luo Qiqi.

Trying to touch me? They must be tired of living.

She twisted the man’s wrist in the blink of an eye, fracturing it in the process.

This frightened the men immediately. This tiny woman did this!

They then backed away and tried to get away from Luo Qiqi as quickly as possible.

Luo Qiqi laughed. “Where are you going, Big Brothers? Didn’t you want to drink?”

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