Chapter 308: Everything was an Act

Guan Zixuan continued, “Bro, wake up. He was lying to you. He doesn’t have feelings for you at all. He was just trying to get your trust so that he could approach Dad. He shot Dad right in the heart. It was instant death. He was so cruel.”

“How do you know all this?”

“It was Ye Zhongjue who told me. He said Gu Yi’an was faking his identity all this while, and that everything he did was to exact revenge on the Guan family!”

Guan Zijue was utterly shocked.

This was something he would never have expected to happen.

“Where is Gu Yi’an now? I’m going to ask him in person!”

Guan Zixuan shook his head. “I’m not sure, but I know that he’s been in the Hilton Hotel for the past few days, so he might just be there now!”

Guan Zijue turned to leave immediately.

Guan Zixuan watched his departing figure in concern.

We have no other choice if this is the only way to put things back on track!

Xia Xinsheng spoke after Guan Zijue left. “Come on out. Zijue has left!”

Pain was apparent in Guan Mingchang’s eyes. He didn’t want to lie to Guan Zijue, but he had to if he wanted to save his son.

Just as Guan Zijue arrived at the hotel, he spotted Gu Yi’an and Luo Qiqi walking out, holding each other as if they were a couple.

Though Guan Zijue felt bitter, he was still unable to take in the fact that Gu Yi’an had lied and made use of him.

His heart hurt at this. It felt as if an invisible hand was wrenching at his heart.

His eyes turned red with anger and jealousy as he stared at Gu Yi’an and Luo Qiqi’s intertwined hands.

Gu Yi’an looked shocked when he spotted Guan Zijue, as if he did not expect to see the latter there.

“Aren’t you supposed to be in camp?”

“What? So you can continue lying to me? Have you played me for a fool all this time?”

Guan Zijue was trying his very best to suppress his emotions as he pointed at the two of them.

“You’ve been lying to me, aren’t you? You lied and even said you were into men, you even...”

How could you have played the role so well?

Taking a breath, Guan Zijue continued, “You’re into women, right? You approached me with a motive. You lied to me, right?”

Compared to Guan Zijue, Gu Yi’an looked extremely calm.

“Yup. I’m into women. I’ll tell you the truth since you already know. I approached you because I wanted revenge. Your father killed my dad, and I swore to take revenge. You’re not even going to allow me to take my revenge?”

Guan Zijue could only stare at him in disbelief.

At this point, Gu Yi’an pulled Luo Qiqi into his arms. “Did you really think that I had feelings for you? I was just making use of you to get my revenge. There’s no way I would fall in love with the enemy’s son. Luo Qiqi is the only one I love. Did you really think I would fall for you? What a joke!”

“So you killed my dad?”

Noticing that Guan Zijue’s emotions were very unstable, Gu Yi’an pushed Luo Qiqi behind him.

“Yes, I killed him. It felt great to see that bullet pierce his chest! The taste of revenge is so sweet! You probably don’t know this yet, but your dad actually asked to meet me and requested for me to leave you. I refused, because destroying you would hurt him more! He even knelt to beg me! I still killed him in the end. I can’t spare the enemy! He killed my father! It’s great that he’s dead now, because I no longer have to continue the act with you. You should’ve seen his face when he died. Those eyes were so full of anger and hatred. But he still died! Hahaha...”

Gu Yi’an started cackling.

Guan Zijue could almost visualize the scene with Gu Yi’an’s description. Dad begged him but he still shot him!

No, this isn’t Gu Yi’an. No, it’s true. This is what he’s really like. He was lying to me.

With a smirk, Gu Yi’an asked, “Are you very angry? What can you do about it? Your dad even knelt in front of me. Can you imagine that? He even did that for you...”

The words ‘for you’ seemed to echo in Guan Zijue’s brain...

Guan Zijue’s blood boiled as he looked at Gu Yi’an.

If he lied and he killed father, then he should die too!

Blinded with anger, he whipped out the gun at his side and shot Gu Yi’an in the chest.

Gu Yi’an went down with a smile. It’s fine as long as you’re safe.

Guan Zijue seemed to get out of his reverie as he saw Gu Yi’an collapse. He rushed to catch Gu Yi’an as he fell.

Gu Yi’an found comfort in this. It’s so worth it. He’s true to me even after all I’ve done to him.

Luo Qiqi stole an anxious glance at the nearby security camera and tried to pry Guan Zijue away from Gu Yi’an.

However, Guan Zijue was as steady as a rock. He couldn’t be moved at all. He simply sat there in a daze as he held Gu Yi’an in his arms.

Fortunately, Ye Zhongjue appeared in the nick of time, just before Luo Qiqi went nuts.

Ye Zhongjue walked up to Guan Zijue and knocked him out with a swift blow to the neck, causing him to pass out immediately.

Ye Zhongjue then carried Gu Yi’an away to safety.

Guan Zixuan then appeared at the elevator and took Guan Zijue away.

Luo Qiqi heaved a sigh of relief, hoping that Gu Yi’an would recover well from his injury.


Guan Zijue woke up with a start, calling out for Gu Yi’an as he did so.

He was confused upon seeing both Guan Zixuan and his father in the room.

Didn’t Gu Yi’an kill dad? Was it all a dream?

Guan Zijue tried to wrap his head around the situation.

He then stared at Guan Mingchang. “Father, was this all an act?”

Guan Mingchang nodded.

“Why didn’t anyone tell me!”

“Would you have been able to do it if we told you? We did it so you’d be able to pull the trigger! This is a win-win. Gu Yi’an isn’t dead. You don’t have to be that dramatic!”

“But I shot him!” I shot him!

“Gu Yi’an would have wanted you to do that too. Why did you think he tried to rile you up? Right now, you’ll be seen as the victim, and your career won’t go down the drain either. Gu Yi’an simply has to get a new identity. I’ll have to remind you though, you should stop seeing him after this. I’m sure you know that the entire Guan family could be negatively affected if you continue to do so!”

Guan Mingchang left right after.

Anger and sorrow filled Guan Zijue. Was I not strong enough? Is this why I can’t be with Pingan?

Dad’s death was a sham, Guan Zixuan lied, even Gu Yi’an lied. All of them put on a show for me.

“Zixuan, whatever you said...”

“It was Ye Zhongjue’s plan. Bro, don’t mull over this. Go on ahead and pursue your dreams. This is what all of us would want to see...”

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