Chapter 307: One After Another

Gu Yi’an then said, “I see.”

“Yup!” Luo Qiqi nodded profusely.

Gu Yi’an continued, “Got it. I’ll check into a room nearby and keep an eye on the situation for now. Let’s see how everything goes!”

Luo Qiqi nodded and said, “Okay, that works!”

The truth might have sounded grating to Gu Yi’an’s ears, but Luo Qiqi could fully understand him. She knew that it was almost impossible to turn your back on someone you loved.

Before meeting Su Jincheng, she had never imagined that she would ever leave Interpol.

Now that Su Jincheng has disappeared, she refused to believe that he was dead.

Even someone like her could let her emotions get the better of her. Even though she had no ties to The Dark Night, she felt that she no longer wanted to return to Interpol after Su Jincheng was gone.

There were just some things which couldn’t be fixed.

All she could do was to console herself and try not to be too upset over it. She didn’t know how best to help Gu Yi’an in his current situation either, but she gave her honest opinions and suggestions.

Gu Yi’an checked into the room directly opposite Luo Qiqi’s and stayed inside for the entire day.

He thought that the Guan family had the news covered up quickly, but a second report surfaced the very next morning.

There were four photos that appeared together with the report, and every single image was a high-quality one of Guan Zijue and Gu Yi’an looking extremely intimate with each other.

What’s worse was that Gu Yi’an’s identity was exposed in the report.

Sin Eliminators finally made its public appearance in the newspaper.

Though ‘Third Young Master of Sin Eliminators’ might sound unfamiliar to many, the name was not unknown to those who worked in counter-terrorism.

The public were, of course, outraged at the news. They were appalled at the fact that someone from the respectable Guan family had ties with such a criminal!

Third Young Master, Poisonous Prince and Young Master Yu were the top three figures in Sin Eliminators, and the ‘Third Young Master’ had only become more noticeable in recent years.

An air of mystery and danger surrounded them, making others curious about them but at the same time feeling afraid of the consequences if they were to really meet these individuals.

Through the reports, Gu Yi’an felt that someone seemed to be specifically targeting him.

He had really dragged the Guan family through the mud this time.

When Gu Yi’an tried calling Guan Mingchang, his secretary said that the older man was already undergoing investigations because of the news.

Gu Yi’an’s heart sank.

The entire Guan family might fall from grace!

In the meantime, Ye Zhongjue was racking his brains thinking of how to salvage the situation since his wife’s sister and his mother-in-law were directly implicated in this.

It was easy to resolve the matter if Gu Yi’an had absolutely no ties with the Guan family, but this was obviously not the case judging from those photos printed on the newspaper.

Ensuring that nothing could be traced to Guan Mingchang was the best Ye Zhongjue could do at this point, but Guan Zijue’s career was likely to be negatively affected by the saga.

All Gu Yi’an wanted to do now was to give Guan Zijue a helping hand, but he didn’t know what to do, and he was in a precarious situation himself.

Organizations like Interpol and The Dark Night seemed to have Gu Yi’an as their target as they began sending their people to Emperor City.

Gu Yi’an was still trying to think of a solution when Ye Zhongjue called.

He answered wearily, evidently in a bad mood.

Ye Zhongjue cut to the chase and said, “You don’t have to worry about the Guan family for now. They have very deep roots so it’s not that easy to remove them from power. I’ll try my best on my side, but remember to be careful. Many people are eyeing you in Emperor City. I know you can hold your own in a fight, but you can’t win against that many people alone. I’ve already thought of something, so all you’ll need to do is to work with me on it. It will help us sever all ties with the Guan family and allow Guan Zijue to get that promotion of his. You’ll just have to agree to it.”

“What is it? I’m willing to do anything as long as it can get the Guan family out of trouble!”

“What if I need you dead?” Ye Zhongjue asked.

“Sure!” Gu Yi’an answered without hesitation.

“Good.” Ye Zhongjue then ended the call.

Though Gu Yi’an didn’t know what Ye Zhongjue was planning, he was confident that Ye Zhongjue would be able to come up with a solution that would work.

Gu Yi’an wanted to leave the hotel to take a look at what was happening outside, but Luo Qiqi seemed to have gotten instructions from Ye Zhongjue not to let him out of the hotel.

Luo Qiqi said, “You’d be walking into their trap if you go out! You’ll have to kill me if you insist!”

Gu Yi’an thus had no choice but to stay in the hotel.

Ye Zhongjue finally called with an update on the next day.

As Gu Yi’an had expected, it was The Dark Night behind everything. They wanted to make use of the situation in Emperor City to push Gu Yi’an into a corner after his identity was exposed during their previous job in C City.

They wanted to make use of the counter-terrorism organizations and Interpol to trap Gu Yi’an so  that they would be able to capture him easily.

It was none other than The Dark Night who shared all the incriminating photos with the newspaper.

Ye Zhongjue was almost buckling under the stress. It was no easy task trying to save both Gu Yi’an and the Guan family at the same time.

“Jue, what’s your plan? Things seem to be getting worse. Can you share anything with me?”

“Have you heard of anesthesia bullets?”

Gu Yi’an nodded quickly. “Of course! I’m a doctor!”

“Good. My plan is to let Guan Zijue shoot and kill you. Don’t worry, I won’t let you die for real. It’s just for everyone else to witness the fact that Guan Zijue shot and killed you. This not only benefits Guan Zijue, but it would also make those organizations remove you from their killing list. I’ll get you out safely, so you just have to work with me on this. Both you and the Guan family will emerge unscathed!”

“Okay. But I’m worried that Guan Zijue would refuse to shoot me!”

“You don’t have to worry about that. I have my ways!”

Gu Yi’an had no idea why Ye Zhongjue sounded so confident about the plan, but he was willing to work with him as long as it ensured Guan Zijue’s safety. He didn’t even mind it if he really died in the process.


Guan Zijue had been under investigation since the day he returned to camp, but the officers were unable to get any useful information out of him.

He refuted all allegations of having ties with Sin Eliminators and of betraying his organization and country.

He didn’t know what happened outside of camp at all until the day he was released.

He was rather puzzled when his supervisor told him to go back home to have a look, only to be greeted with a home decked in white cloth used for mourning.

Guan Mingchang had passed away. His portrait was the first thing Guan Zijue saw when he walked in.

He collapsed to his knees with a loud thud.

Why did this happen? It was just a few days. How did it happen!

He looked up at Guan Zixuan with tearful eyes. “How did Dad die?”

It was obvious that Guan Zijue could not accept the fact. He sounded furious. Guan Zixuan said, “Bro, it’s best if you don’t know. I’m afraid that you won’t be able to take the news!”

“Tell me!” Guan Zijue yelled at him.

“Bro, Gu Yi’an isn’t who you thought him to be. Ye Zhongjue told me that Gu Yi’an had never been to the underground wrestling rings in America, and whatever he did was simply to bait you into believing his story. He was planning to destroy the Guan family!”

Guan Zijue stared at his brother, wide-eyed. “What are you talking about, Zixuan?”

“Bro, I don’t want to lie to you! Gu Yi’an is actually Gu Yixiong’s only son. Dad killed Gu Yixiong in the past, so Gu Yi’an swore to take revenge for his father. He had been collecting information about our family for the past few years, and he happened to find out about your time in America. This was an opportunity he couldn’t pass up...”

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