Chapter 306: You’re Into Men

They stared at each other for about five minutes as neither of them wanted to give in.

The silence was broken by Gu Yi’an’s phone which rang suddenly.

It was Guan Mingchang. “I’d like to meet you. It’s about what happened with Guan Zijue.”

Gu Yi’an glanced at Guan Zijue as he answered, “Okay. I’ll call you later!”

Guan Zijue asked, “Who was it?”

“It’s Jue. I guess I’ll have to go back to England for the time being. Be careful when you’re on your own. Get Guan Zixuan to contact me if need be. I’ll rush back here immediately.”

“Okay. Go on then.”

Silence once again ensued.

Guan Zijue knew that Gu Yi’an would not leave if he was still in the apartment.

He thus said, “I’m going to pack my things now. You should pack up too!”

They were packed and ready to leave in about ten minutes.

As they stood outside the door, Guan Zijue said, “Take care!”

“You too!”

They then left with their suitcases in tow.

It felt as if they were never going to meet each other again after this.

After walking for quite a distance, Gu Yi’an dragged his suitcase with him into a tiny alley and made a phone call.

A female voice answered. Assuming that it was Guan Mingchang’s secretary, Gu Yi’an said, “I’d like to speak to Mr. Guan!”

“Please hold on.”

He heard Guan Mingchang’s voice shortly after. “I’m waiting at Yongfu Teahouse.”

Gu Yi’an nodded. “Don’t worry. I’ll be there in ten minutes.”

He then dragged his suitcase with him as he made his way to Yongfu Teahouse.

Guan Mingchang was visibly surprised to see Gu Yi’an arrive so quickly.

“Take a seat!”

Gu Yi’an sat and greeted Guan Mingchang politely. “Hi Uncle!”

“You don’t have to be so polite. I think you should already know why I want to meet you.”

“I know!”

“Since that’s out of the way, I don’t want to waste anymore of your time. I’m going to be very direct and ask you to leave Guan Zijue.”

Gu Yi’an rejected the request without a moment of hesitation.

“Impossible. I’ll never leave him!”

Guan Mingchang was displeased.

“Don’t you know the severity of this? Do you know you could ruin him? Is that what you want to see?”

“I won’t let him get hurt!”

Guan Mingchang scoffed at this.

“Who do you think you are? You might have some skills, and you may have your connections in England or in America, but it’s a different world here.”

Gu Yi’an remained silent.

“You have absolutely no power here in Emperor City, so it’s impossible for you to help Guan Zijue. It’s nothing but a pipe dream. The only way forward is for you to leave him. I may be able to help him out if you do that, but that promotion is probably no longer happening. Please spare a thought for him. You’ve already done enough damage!”

“I won’t leave him no matter what!”

Guan Mingchang did not expect Gu Yi’an to be this stubborn.

“Gu Yi’an, you have no idea what I would have done to you if it wasn’t for Zijue who asked me to spare you. I’m only giving you a chance now because I don’t want to upset my son. You’d better know what’s best for you!”

We got caught because we weren’t being careful enough. The nature of our relationship is not one that would be traditionally accepted either, not to mention we were even on opposing sides of the law. I was too naive to think that we could actually be together.

Gu Yi’an then smiled.

“Fine. I can leave him. But not before I know that he is safe and well. I’ll leave Emperor City only after I’m sure of that. I hope you can understand!”

“Okay. I’ll let you know. I hope you will keep your promise and leave Zijue and Emperor City after that!”

A bitter feeling crept up on Gu Yi’an as he watched Guan Mingchang and his secretary leave in silence.

He walked out of the teahouse dragging his suitcase with him. The sun in Emperor City seemed to be scorching hot today and he felt as if he was being baked underneath it.

He called Luo Qiqi after a while.

He had no idea what Luo Qiqi had been up to recently, but she was still in Emperor City.

Judging from her voice over the phone, it was obvious that she was out of touch with recent events.

“Qiqi, where are you now? Are you still with Xia Zi?”

“How can I disturb A’zi and Guan Zixuan? Haven’t you already left? What’s up?”

“Where are you now? Let’s meet!”

“You’re still in Emperor City?” Luo Qiqi sounded genuinely surprised at this.

“Mm! Where are you? I’ll go over right now!”

Gu Yi’an headed for the hotel right away after Luo Qiqi gave him the address.

When he arrived, Luo Qiqi answered the door with a head of tousled hair.

Gu Yi’an gave her a look of disdain before entering the room.

“What’s with that look on your face? I’m not the one asking for help now.”

Gu Yi’an frowned at this. “You passed your days like this?”


Putting his suitcase aside, he quickly cleaned up the room before looking at Luo Qiqi again.

“Qiqi, I might need your help on something!”

Luo Qiqi hopped onto the bed and asked, “What is it? I’ll try my best if it’s within my means!”

Using his phone, Gu Yi’an showed her the piece of news from this morning.

Her head snapped up almost immediately.

“What? So you’re actually into guys? It’s no wonder you didn’t seem the least bit interested in relationships. Look at that. Oh, my heart can’t take it!”

Before he could respond, Luo Qiqi continued.

“You’re such a beast, Gu Yi’an. You made a man like Guan Zijue gay? My gosh!”

Gu Yi’an already felt drained at this point. Why can’t I have a proper conversation with this girl.

As if suddenly reminded of Gu Yi’an’s earlier request, Luo Qiqi asked, “So what did you need my help with?”

“Guan Zijue was supposed to be up for a promotion, but that probably won’t happen because of this scandal. You’ve been in the system before, so do you know what we have to do to remedy such a situation?”

Luo Qiqi frowned at this. “So you’re asking for my help on this? You’ve found the right person! The easiest way is for you to leave Guan Zijue. His career would definitely be affected if the both of you remain together!”

She instantly realized that she spoke too fast.

Trying to salvage the situation, she then said, “Sorry, I didn’t mean that. I mean, if you’re together… Well, I don’t know how to lie, so let me just be frank with you. Let’s not talk about how you guys are on opposing sides of the law. Guan Zijue is in a position where this would affect him greatly. Also, how long can you keep your identity under wraps? Guan Zijue would be finished once you’re exposed. It’s like a ticking time bomb!”


Luo Qiqi nodded. “Definitely, and that’s not even the worst that could happen. If you leave Guan Zijue though, there would be nothing for anyone to talk about since they wouldn’t be able to obtain any sort of evidence, and with how powerful the Guan family is, they’d be able to cover this up in a matter of minutes!”

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