Chapter 305: With Photographic Evidence

Guan Zijue nodded and said, “Okay. Be careful on the way back.”

Guan Mingchang and Xia Xinsheng left before Gu Yi’an returned with their glasses of water.

“Where did they go?”

“They already left. They were just checking up on my injury.”

Gu Yi’an decided to tease him and said, “They’ve timed their visit very well.”

Guan Zijue raised his brows.

You’re the one who seduced me in the first place. But I really didn’t expect for my parents to come knocking on the door.

A shocking piece of news appeared in the newspaper the very next day.

Someone who was suspected to be a military officer was alleged to be having a sordid affair with an unknown male lover of his.

Though the photo that accompanied the report was not a high quality one, it was clear that the person in the image was Guan Zijue.

Gu Yi’an never expected things to take such a turn.

Deciding to hide the report from Guan Zijue, Gu Yi’an stuffed the newspaper under his pillow.

When Guan Zijue asked him for the newspaper, Gu Yi’an said, “It wasn’t delivered today somehow. How about you read a book instead!”

Guan Zijue simply nodded at this, not suspecting anything.

Gu Yi’an heaved an inward sigh of relief. But it’s impossible to hide this forever. What do I do when he finds out?

At this moment, Guan Zijue’s mobile phone started ringing.

Gu Yi’an’s heart almost leapt out of his chest. Who’s calling at this hour?

He failed to stop Guan Zijue from answering the call.

Almost immediately after picking up the phone, Guan Zijue looked up at Gu Yi’an with wide eyes that were filled with dismay.

Gu Yi’an did not know what to say to him.

Though Guan Zijue looked calm on the outside, Gu Yi’an could feel the undercurrent of roiling emotions in him.

Placing the phone aside, Guan Zijue asked, “Where’s the newspaper?”

Gu Yi’an went to his room to get the newspaper right away.

“Give it to me!”

“I think it’s best if you don’t read it!”

“I said, give it to me!”

Gu Yi’an then passed the newspaper to him unwillingly.

He regretted everything that happened after seeing the report.

I was too careless. How could I have let this happen?

He wanted to destroy whoever it was who wrote that report.

Things might get sticky if they were aware of Gu Yi’an’s identity.

Though the photo quality was bad, anyone familiar with Guan Zijue would be able to tell it was him at a glance. There was no way he could get out of this, and the promotion he was promised would probably be taken away now.

It was Guan Zixuan who called earlier. From the photo, he could tell it was Guan Zijue and Gu Yi’an since he was very familiar with the both of them. He called to ask how Guan Zijue was planning to settle this.

Though being gay was acceptable in modern society, it was different in Guan Zijue’s case since this would affect his career prospects in the military to a large extent.

Guan Zixuan was also worried about their father finding out.

As expected, Guan Mingchang called right after Guan Zijue finished reading the damning report.

He sounded calm over the phone as he asked, “Zijue, can you give me an explanation?”

He refused to believe that it was his son!

“Dad, there’s nothing I have to say about it!” Guan Zijue answered after a while.

Guan Mingchang was instantly enraged. “Guan Zijue, what do you mean? Is this all you have to say?”

Guan Zijue decided to remain silent. He knew that whatever he said at this point would only serve to make his father angrier and that it was best to let Guan Mingchang vent his anger first.

This wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t agree on letting Gu Yi’an take care of Zijue!, thought Guan Mingchang.

“Guan Zijue, pack your things and return to camp immediately if you want my forgiveness. I’ll take care of whatever happens next. I don’t even know if I can protect you this time. You’d better reflect on your actions!”

“I understand, Father. I’ll go back to camp right away!”

After a short pause, Guan Zijue said, “Dad, I hope you won’t take it out on Gu Yi’an. This has nothing to do with him!”

Though he knew saying this would make Guan Mingchang livid, he hoped that his father would spare Gu Yi’an and not make things too difficult for him.


“Is he that important to you? Is he so important that you choose to go against me for him? Nothing to do with him? Why did he appear on the papers then? Are you still not satisfied after embarrassing me like that? I’m already trying my best to help you out here, and I really don’t know what will happen next. You actually have the gall to talk to me like that?”

“Dad, it has nothing to do with him!”

“Trying to drive me mad, are you? Go back to camp now!”

Guan Mingchang hung up immediately after.

Guan Zijue looked back at Gu Yi’an and said, “Yi’an, I’d like to have some time alone.”

“Okay. I’ll be in my room. I won’t disturb you!”

Guan Zijue shook his head. “Yi’an, don’t you understand? Someone must be behind this. There’s no way they would let us go that easily. I’m returning to camp now. Please listen to me and go back to England for now, okay?”

Gu Yi’an refused.

“No! I know this affects you a lot, but I won’t leave until I know that you’ll be fine!”

“You!” Guan Zijue desperately wanted Gu Yi’an to return to England because he knew that Sin Eliminators was based there. If his father tried anything, Gu Yi’an would be protected well if he was there.

However, he did not expect Gu Yi’an to be this stubborn.

“Are you going to insist on staying here?”

Gu Yi’an nodded.

“Fine. You can stay, but not in my apartment. I’m returning to camp now!”

Gu Yi’an stared at him, not moving an inch.

“I won’t allow you to do that! You’d be placed under investigation if you go back now. You’d be in a much more precarious situation if someone reveals my identity!”

Guan Zijue stood up.

“Yi’an, I’m in the military. I’m not scared of being put under investigation. What I’m afraid of is that they no longer trust me. I like you, but I’d never betray my team. I’m not going to act like a coward. Also, my father has his ways. Yi’an, I’d suggest for you to leave as soon as possible!”

The fact that they were unable to be together openly only made Gu Yi’an feel worse.

Right, he’s in the military and I’m a fugitive. But why doesn’t he understand?

I know he wants to protect me, but I’m not a woman. I don't need to be protected like this!

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