Chapter 304: Letting Emotions Get the Best of You

Gu Yi’an was enjoying every moment of the kiss, smiling like a kid who got exactly what he wanted.

His sudden actions seemed to have triggered a deep-seated desire in Guan Zijue as he turned the tables and pinned Gu Yi’an underneath him instead.

The kiss was yet to be broken.

Guan Zijue returned his kiss with fiery passion, and the temperature seemed to rise in the car.

Both of them sat up and stared at each other after they were done with the kiss, their eyes shining as they tried to catch their breaths.

Gu Yi’an seemed to want to say something, but a knock on the window interrupted him.

Guan Zijue rolled down the window to answer the knock, his face still slightly flushed from what happened earlier.

Gu Yi’an felt a little unhappy that a stranger was able to witness how Guan Zijue looked at that moment.


The stranger outside was genuinely surprised at the blunt tone.

He said, “You’re blocking my vehicle...”

Gu Yi’an glanced at the rear view mirror and realized they were in fact in the way.


He quickly started the engine and sped off right away, leaving the stranger shocked at the apparent rudeness.

Did he need to get so angry? I was just about to ask him to move his car a little!

Recalling how the other man in the car looked, the stranger then realized they might have been in the middle of something and he just might have interrupted them.

He shook his head at the thought before returning to his own car.

Gu Yi’an floored the accelerator on the way back, feeling rather frustrated that he was interrupted twice in a row.

Seeing him annoyed, Guan Zijue’s lips turned up at the corners.

He’s acting like a child.

Gu Yi’an was upset that his plans for the night had been foiled. He initially wanted to take Guan Zijue to the movies and tease him before suggesting that they go for supper.

The scenario in his mind was that they would go for a walk after a romantic supper, and because Guan Zijue’s injury had not yet fully healed, he would suggest for him to go rest in the car.

At this point, he would pounce on Guan Zijue and assault him with a french kiss. That would have been the perfect night for Gu Yi’an, but who knew that his plan would fail so spectacularly?

He was so upset that he was no longer in the mood for supper.

Gu Yi’an alighted quickly when they arrived back at the apartment and walked to the elevator without much ado.

Guan Zijue shook his head at this and followed behind him. He’s throwing such a tantrum.

Gu Yi’an seemed to be waiting for Guan Zijue to question him about his actions earlier, but to his surprise, Guan Zijue did not say a word.

Why isn’t he talking about it at all!

When they were back at home, he glared at Guan Zijue before venting his anger on a sofa cushion and going back to his room.

Guan Zijue scratched his head. Did I do anything wrong again?

It seems like he’s the only one who’s angry.

He’s just an overgrown child.

But it seems like I’m the only one who’s able to see this side of him. Guan Zijue smiled at the thought.

Night fell, but no one had spoken.

Guan Zijue was simply lying in bed with his eyes open while Gu Yi’an stared at the night sky.

Gu Yi’an realized that neither of them had gotten a good rest last night when he saw those dark circles under Guan Zijue’s eyes the next morning.

This made Gu Yi’an feel instantly sorry about everything that happened. Was I too impulsive?

“Um… I didn’t do that on purpose last night. Don’t mind it!”

“You didn’t do it on purpose? Gu Yi’an… tell me then, what were you thinking?”

Gu Yi’an did not know how to answer the question. He was afraid that Guan Zijue couldn’t understand how he actually felt, especially when it seemed he had indeed been too impulsive the night before.

He looked Guan Zijue in the eye.

“I mean exactly that. I was too impulsive last night. You can hit me to vent your anger if you feel uncomfortable about it!”

He stared at Guan Zijue as if he was waiting to be hit, but this instantly frustrated Guan Zijue.

What? He’s just going to cover it up and say that he didn’t do it on purpose? He’s even asking me to vent my anger on him?

This guy is immoral. I can’t believe I wasted all that time searching for him in the past.

Guan Zijue glared at Gu Yi’an in his anger.

Gu Yi’an retreated as Guan Zijue walked up to him, thinking that Guan Zijue was really about to hit him.

He hit the edge of the dining table and couldn’t retreat any further.

What’s with that face? Is he really going to hit me? I was just kidding!

Big Brother has never hit me. He has always been protecting me. No one else protects me like he does.

Is he really going to hit me now?

Gu Yi’an looked up, planning to argue his way out of this, but Guan Zijue shocked him by kissing him on the lips.

He stared at Guan Zijue in genuine surprise as Guan Zijue continued the assault on his lips.

In the next moment, Gu Yi’an smiled and shut his eyes, accepting the kiss.

Guan Zijue then pushed Gu Yi’an onto the dining table...

They were engaged in a passionate kiss and got more and more intimate.

“Big Brother, shall we go to the room...”


Gosh, it’s the dining table!

“Big Brother, we’re supposed to eat here!”

“Eating you is more fun!”

“Don’t! Big Brother, I’ll get reminded of this every time I eat here!”

“If we go to the room, you’ll think about this every time you go to sleep. It’s fine here. Or, how about the countertop!”

What followed was nothing but the sound of heavy breaths and the occasional grunt as they engaged in passionate love.


They went everywhere together for the next few days.

They held hands when they took walks and were literally inseparable.

As the days passed, every corner in Guan Zijue’s apartment seemed to remind Gu Yi’an of their intense desire for each other.

Gu Yi’an knew that Guan Zijue had to return to work soon, but he could not bear to let him go.

Guan Zijue felt the same. To him, Gu Yi’an was a precious treasure. He couldn’t help but wonder how often they would be able to meet after he returned to the military.

The doorbell rang when they were messing about on the sofa one day.

It was still day time but the playful Gu Yi’an decided to mess around with Guan Zijue and tease him all of a sudden.

After quickly adjusting their outfits, Gu Yi’an got up to answer the door.

It was Guan Zijue’s parents at the door, Guan Mingchang and Xia Xinsheng.

They seemed to have noticed something amiss the moment they stepped into the house, as if there was something different in the air.

However, none of them commented on it out of respect for their son’s space.

Guan Zijue was holding a book on the sofa when he saw his parents walk in.

Standing up right away, he asked, “Dad, Mum, why are you here?”

Gu Yi’an went to get two glasses of water for Guan Mingchang and Xia Xinsheng as they sat on the sofa.

Guan Mingchang said, “How’s your injury? You’re returning to work soon so I thought I’d come over and check up on you. I hope it doesn’t leave any lingering side effects. You know I have high hopes for you!”

Guan Zijue nodded and said, “I know, Dad. I won’t disappoint you!”

“Good. Since you’re perfectly fine, I’ll be leaving now!”

“Dad, stay for dinner with Mum since you’re already here!”

Guan Mingchang shook his head. “I don’t want to disturb you. My secretary is waiting for me downstairs and I have a meeting to attend anyway. Take good care of yourself!”

Guan Zijue nodded and got up, planning to walk his parents out.

However, Guan Mingchang gave him a disapproving look. “It’s fine. You’re not fully recovered yet.”

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