Chapter 303: Growing Affection

As if realizing that he sounded rather harsh, Gu Yi’an caught himself and spoke in a gentler tone.

“You’ll need at least one to two weeks, maybe one month if recovery is slow. If you don’t take good care of it, not even the best doctors can help!”

Guan Zijue smiled at this. He knew Gu Yi’an was angry, but he had no idea he would be this angry.

“Okay, I’ll make sure to take good care of it. Don’t be angry!”

Gu Yi’an nodded and fell silent.

This time, Guan Zijue was a lot more careful with his injury, and Gu Yi’an continued taking care of him in his apartment.

The two of them fell into a routine where they spent most of the day together in the study.

Gu Yi’an teased Guan Zijue upon hearing the news that he might be promoted soon because of his contribution to Ye Daren’s capture and the successful return of the artefacts.

“Lieutenant colonel at thirty, how young.”

Guan Zijue simply smiled at this.

However, he had to wait for his injury to heal fully before he could return to the military and take on the role officially.

A week passed and Guan Zijue could finally walk on his own.

Even so, Gu Yi’an refused to let him return to the military. According to Gu Yi’an, he might end up a cripple if he returned to work in his current condition.

As if afraid that Guan Zijue was not going to heed his advice, Gu Yi’an continued staying in Guan Zijue’s apartment to keep an eye on him.

When they were out for a walk after dinner, Gu Yi’an suddenly asked Guan Zijue, “There’s a few movies released recently. I heard they’re all pretty good. Shall we go catch one?”

Seeing how excited Gu Yi’an was, Guan Zijue agreed to his suggestion.

They went upstairs to get a change of clothes and headed for the cinema shortly after.

The car windows were left open throughout the journey, and the wind tousled Gu Yi’an’s hair, causing Guan Zijue to steal a few glances at him along the way.

This is how I’d like to spend my days, but how long would this last?

Gu Yi’an went to buy the tickets and returned to see a frowning Guan Zijue being surrounded by a bunch of young ladies.

They swarmed around him, asking to take a photo with him.

Though Guan Zijue was a good-looking man, Gu Yi’an found the behavior of those ladies to be excessive. He felt rather uncomfortable at the sight.

Seeing the obvious frustration on Guan Zijue, Gu Yi’an walked up to him quickly and pulled him aside, staring at the bunch of ladies as he did so.

Those ladies switched their target immediately upon seeing Gu Yi’an.

Both Gu Yi’an and Guan Zijue thus ended up being swarmed by the group.

Guan Zijue’s expression was thunderous.

A few ladies were visibly afraid as he stared at them with that stormy expression.

Guan Zijue then pulled Gu Yi’an with him and headed towards the cinema hall as those ladies naturally made way for them.

Voices saying, “So handsome! Perfect specimen!” could be heard behind them as they left.

Gu Yi’an stole a glance at Guan Zijue and smiled to himself. I like him like that!

The movie began shortly after they settled into their seats.

The movie was titled ‘xXx’ and it was a science fiction thriller with exceptional computer graphics.

Gu Yi’an was enthralled as he watched, and a particular scene in the movie reminded him of the time he spent with Guan Zijue in America.

Something seemed to bloom in his heart as he watched the scene unfold.

He peeked at Guan Zijue, who seemed to be concentrating on the movie and nothing else.

Gu Yi’an couldn’t help but marvel at his good looks. It’s no surprise that those ladies went crazy over him earlier.

Big Brother looks really good. His beauty is hidden behind that cold and hard exterior. Gu Yi’an felt a sudden sense of satisfaction.

Though Guan Zijue concentrated on the movie mostly, he would steal occasional glances at Gu Yi’an.

Just as Guan Zijue’s attention was on the events happening on screen, he felt someone grabbing his hand tightly.

Guan Zijue looked down to see that it was Gu Yi’an doing it while pretending that nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

This made Guan Zijue’s heart race and his ears flush red.

He looked up at Gu Yi’an’s profile before trying to turn his attention back to the big screen, but it was almost impossible for him to continue concentrating on the movie.

Gu Yi’an did not let go of Guan Zijue even after the movie ended, causing Guan Zijue to be a bundle of nerves. He had never felt this nervous in his life and tried his best to calm his racing heart.

They were the only ones left in the hall after everyone else had gone.

Guan Zijue did not really know what to do at this point. He didn’t know what Gu Yi’an was thinking, and he didn’t really dare do anything else.

With the two of them left alone, Gu Yi’an closed in on Guan Zijue.

His lips almost brushing against Guan Zijue’s ear, he asked, “Why are you so nervous, Big Brother? Is it too hot in here?”

“No… No!” Guan Zijue stuttered.

Gu Yi’an laughed. “Really? Why do I think that you look nervous?”

Guan Zijue felt extremely uncomfortable in such a situation and tried to break free of Gu Yi’an’s grasp. However, Gu Yi’an tightened his grip.

Guan Zijue thus decided to stay still.

What Gu Yi’an did next almost made Guan Zijue’s heart leap out of his chest.

Gu Yi’an suddenly pressed his lips against Guan Zijue’s face, his warm breath making Guan Zijue anxious.

Guan Zijue did not dare move a muscle, wondering if he should stop Gu Yi’an or allow him to continue.

Subconsciously, he wanted Gu Yi’an to get closer without regard for any consequence.

Gu Yi’an spoke when his lips were against Guan Zijue’s face.

“Big Brother, you look mesmerizing. Why are you so good-looking? Those ladies were going crazy because of you. I’m not happy with that. Why is that? I don’t really know why myself. What should I do?”

Gu Yi’an spoke in a teasing voice.

Guan Zijue sighed at this, and the lights in the hall lit up right at this moment.

The cleaning lady spotted them and stared in surprise.

She then said, “Continue outside!”

Feeling awkward, the both of them dashed out at the speed of light.

Guan Zijue had never felt so embarrassed, but he wasn’t upset at what happened at all.

They rushed back to their vehicle and shut the door quickly.

Gu Yi’an then laughed.

“Big Brother, why did you have to run so fast? Are you scared? What are you afraid of?”

He pinned Guan Zijue below him as he spoke.

“You don’t have to be afraid, Big Brother. I’ll be sad if you are...”

He stared at Guan Zijue’s lips like a ravenous animal, and Gu Yi’an’s lips crashed against Guan Zijue’s before he even knew it.

He could feel Gu Yi’an’s warm breath and his steady heartbeat against his own pounding chest.

Gu Yi’an was a little rough with him, and before long, Guan Zijue tasted blood at the corner of his lips.

However, Guan Zijue continued to allow Gu Yi’an to ravage his lips because he knew that this was exactly what he wanted.

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