Chapter 302: In The Flesh

Gu Yi’an nodded. “I get it, but what I’m going to suggest would be the safer option. It’s up to you to decide!”

“What is it?” Guan Zijue asked.

He knew that Gu Yi’an would definitely be able to come up with a good idea, but there were still rules they had to abide by, especially in the military.

Gu Yi’an took out facial prosthetics from his jacket.

“Did you forget that I’ve seen them earlier? I know exactly what they look like. Your team can enter the village with these and capture the criminals. I have enough of these, so whether we can capture them depends largely on your team.”

Gu Yi’an then continued with a smile, “Everything will depend on how successful we are tonight!”

Guan Zijue stopped him before he could alight from the vehicle.

“You’re going to be a part of this too?”

Gu Yi’an nodded. “Of course. It can’t be you since you’re supposed to give the commands. I might be able to help your team out and capture more of them!”

Guan Zijue disagreed.

“No, you’re not part of the team. You can’t go!”

Gu Yi’an was slightly taken aback. “You don’t trust me?”

It’s not that I don’t trust you, but...

Guan Zijue looked at Gu Yi’an’s arm and said, “You’re hurt. It’s too dangerous!”

Guan Zijue was insistent on this.

Gu Yi’an suddenly realized that Guan Zijue was simply concerned about his safety.

Oh. I thought it was because he didn’t trust me.

He smiled and said, “It’s fine. Don’t worry about it. A minor injury like that wouldn’t affect me!”

Gu Yi’an alighted before Guan Zijue could say anything else.

Guan Zijue shook his head in resignation and quickly instructed his men, “Be careful and look out for one another. Make sure you’re not exposed!”

His team of men then nodded and headed towards the village.

Guan Zijue instructed one of his men to park the vehicle on the nearby road opposite, since the smugglers would have to take that road when leaving.

Guan Zijue felt uneasy throughout the night, and nothing but anxiety filled him when he thought about Gu Yi’an’s injury.

After daylight came, Guan Zijue waited for a couple more hours before he spotted a truck coming towards them.

He heaved a sigh of relief at this.

The truck did not slow down as it approached since Guan Zijue’s men were driving it, and it stopped only when it was right in front of Guan Zijue’s parked vehicle.

“Why did you stop!” A voice from the truck asked.

A group of men then alighted from the truck. Though eighty percent of them were Guan Zijue’s men, most of them were unrecognizable due to the facial prosthetics. Even so, Guan Zijue could identify Gu Yi’an in a matter of seconds.

Guan Zijue smirked in satisfaction. I’m still able to find you.

He could tell that the leader of the team was the middle-aged man who was currently standing beside Gu Yi’an.

Suspicion flickered through the man’s eyes when he saw Guan Zijue’s military vehicle, but he adjusted his expression within a second.

Staring at Guan Zijue, he asked, “What are you doing?”

Guan Zijue scoffed. “Nothing! I’d just like to invite you to return to our homeland! And also to bring these artefacts with you too!”

The man’s expression darkened. “Do you think you can capture us? We have so many men here.”

Guan Zijue pretended to think for a second before he answered, “You’re right. I might not be able to capture you since you’re as slippery as an eel! Am I right, Ye Daren?”

The middle-aged man was shocked that Guan Zijue knew who he was.

“No one has seen me. How did you identify me?”

This was news to Gu Yi’an.

So this is our client, Ye Daren, in the flesh. I actually believed him when he said he was just the middle-man.

“It’s not difficult. You’re the type to keep your treasures close to you. You wouldn’t let anyone else touch them!”

Guan Zijue had, in fact, made an educated guess on the man’s real identity. He felt that it was highly unlikely that the client would allow a middle-man to oversee the transport of such valuable artefacts.

It was a lucky guess on his part.

Ye Daren ordered his men, “Kill them! I’ll reward anyone who kills that guy one million in US dollars!”

His men were stunned at the sudden turn of events and stood rooted to the ground.

Annoyed, Ye Daren yelled at them, “What are you looking at me for? Go on! I don’t believe that we can’t kill him with how many men we have!”

What happened next rendered Ye Daren speechless.

Guan Zijue’s men pointed their guns at the smugglers.

What’s going on here?, wondered Ye Daren.

It was only when he felt the cold, metal tip of Gu Yi’an’s pistol against his temple that he realized they were tricked. He had no idea when Guan Zijue’s men had infiltrated them at all.

This means that they were his men from the beginning.

Fear crept up on Ye Daren at the thought. He looked at the forested area some distance away and decided to take a gamble.

I hope these men won't shoot at me.

Ignoring Gu Yi’an’s pistol, he ran as quickly as he could towards the forested area in sight.

This surprised Gu Yi’an, however, he didn’t dare pull the trigger without Guan Zijue’s instructions either.

He glanced at Guan Zijue.

Guan Zijue reacted very quickly and went after Ye Daren immediately. He never expected for the man to be this courageous and attempt an escape in such a precarious situation.

Seeing Guan Zijue run after the man, Gu Yi’an followed behind them.

Though Ye Daren was a middle-aged man, he ran like the wind.

Gu Yi’an couldn’t help but wonder if it was because he was too used to running away. Practice makes perfect.

They were about to enter a heavily forested area when Guan Zijue suddenly tripped and almost fell into a hunter’s trap. Fortunately, he was able to hold onto a tree and prevent himself from falling into the trap.

The fall reminded Gu Yi’an of Guan Zijue’s injured leg and he rushed up to Guan Zijue in concern.

Guan Zijue held onto his leg in pain, looking up at Ye Daren who was just getting further and further away.

In his anger, Gu Yi’an aimed his pistol at Ye Daren and shot at him twice before Guan Zijue could stop him.

Gu Yi’an frowned. “Don’t worry, he won’t die from that. He’d just be immobilized.”

Two of Guan Zijue’s men reported on Ye Daren’s condition quickly after going up to check on him.

“Boss, he got shot in both legs!”

Guan Zijue heaved a sigh of relief. Great. He’s not dead!

“Round them all up in the truck. We’re going back!”

Gu Yi’an cut off a piece of his jacket with the knife he had and bandaged Guan Zijue’s leg quickly before carrying him on his back.

He knew Guan Zijue did not like to be carried, especially when he was in front of his subordinates, which was why he chose to carry Guan Zijue on his back instead.

Even so, Guan Zijue felt rather awkward at this.

Attempting a hasty explanation as he looked at the surprised faces of his men, he said, “He’s my younger brother!”

He had no idea why he felt the need to explain, but he felt that his subordinates no longer looked so shocked after hearing the explanation!

Everything went smoothly after this, with Ye Daren being sent to border control and the artefacts returned. Guan Zijue and Gu Yi’an thus headed back to Emperor City.

Guan Zijue would never have thought that he would injure himself again so quickly.

Seeing Gu Yi’an’s expression, Guan Zijue knew immediately that he was annoyed.

“Yi’an, how long does it take for my leg to heal this time?”

Gu Yi’an glared at him. “And then? You’re going to get yourself hurt again, right?”

Guan Zijue did not know what to say to that.

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