Chapter 301: I Hope You Can Understand

“You...” Guan Zijue was obviously annoyed. “Why did you do that!”

Gu Yi’an smiled. “To get those goods off my hands!”

In fact, he had no other option but to do so.

The reputation of Sin Eliminators was on the line, and they were an organization known to complete their jobs well. They were obliged to see it through since they had already taken up the job.

Now that the goods were transferred and his men had left, he would not have to be involved in anything that happens after.

Gu Yi’an smiled mischievously.

“Though the goods have been transferred, I know there’s a place you have to pass through if you’re planning to come over!”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that I can lead you to the smugglers and help you retrieve the artefacts. How about that?”

The corner of Guan Zijue’s lips turned up. “Okay. Where are you now?”

“I’m near Old Street. Tell me when you’re here. I’ll wait!”


The call ended there with no one mentioning the events of the night before.

Gu Yi’an thought he would have to wait until nightfall for Guan Zijue to arrive, since there were processes to be followed in the military, and he did not expect for Guan Zijue to arrive so quickly.

He saw Guan Zijue standing outside the hotel when he received the call.

“I’m coming down now. Wait for me!”

Grabbing his jacket, he rushed downstairs.

Guan Zijue’s heart skipped a beat as Gu Yi’an approached.

He was very aware of how he felt towards Gu Yi’an, and he couldn’t help but feel that way even though he knew they were on opposing sides of the law.

Warmth immediately filled Guan Zijue’s heart when he saw Gu Yi’an.

Gu Yi’an smiled as he walked up to him, asking, “Shall we go upstairs first?”

“No mask today?”

Is he still annoyed over what happened?

“Nope. I’m supposed to meet you, aren’t I!”

“You didn’t meet me last night?”

Gu Yi’an raised both his hands. “I swear I didn’t know it would be you. You were still at home when I left in the morning. You would be the last person I expected to see there last night!”

Guan Zijue raised a brow, egging Gu Yi’an on.

“Also, I was so frustrated to see you there. What are you even doing out in the field when you’re supposed to be resting! You even lied to me and said you went downstairs for a walk...”

Gu Yi’an made it sound as if Guan Zijue was the one at fault.

Guan Zijue shook his head at this. “I didn’t want you to worry! Didn’t you lie to me too? We’re even!”

“Okay!” Gu Yi’an responded happily, as if this was exactly the answer he was waiting for.

Fine. I really can’t get angry at this guy, thought Guan Zijue.

“Let’s go. My men are waiting in that forest!”

Gu Yi’an glanced at his watch. “No need to rush. Let me go upstairs and get a change of clothes before we leave!”

With how fragile the artefacts were, it was unlikely for the group to arrive at the village before nightfall. They had plenty of time on their hands.

Guan Zijue found that Gu Yi’an had not changed at all. He was just as playful when he was younger, but underneath that innocent facade was someone who knew very well what he was doing.

Gu Yi’an was always able to stay out of trouble and keep himself safe. Even as a child, he knew how to protect himself very well.

No one would expect for Gu Yi’an, the doctor and the artist, to actually be such a dangerous man!

Gu Yi’an tugged Guan Zijue upstairs and changed right in front of him.

This made Guan Zijue blush.

“It’s a little stuffy here. I’ll go open the windows!”

Guan Zijue had already opened the window before Gu Yi’an could stop him, and a bullet came flying through the air.

Guan Zijue dodged it easily, but it grazed Gu Yi’an’s arm and left a streak of blood where it passed.

Guan Zijue then shut the window immediately, walking over to Gu Yi’an in concern.

“Is your arm okay?”

Gu Yi’an pulled some tissues from the tissue box nearby and dabbed at his injury. “It’s nothing!”

He knew that there were people from The Dark Night stationed opposite, which was why he did not open the windows.

One would be able to see what was happening outside but others were unable to see what was going on in the room.

Gu Yi’an decided to play it safe by not opening any windows, and who knew that a bullet would really come flying in!

“It’s fine. This is just a minor injury. I’ll just be more careful in the next couple of days!”

Seeing Guan Zijue unconvinced, Gu Yi’an decided to change the subject. “Big Brother, you look good in civilian clothes!”

The sudden compliment made Guan Zijue feel awkward, but Gu Yi’an was successful at changing the topic.

Gu Yi’an quickly put on his jacket and said, “Okay, we should go now.”

When they arrived at the forested area, Gu Yi’an noticed that everyone on Guan Zijue’s team was in civilian clothes.

An image of Guan Zijue in military uniform suddenly appeared in his mind. He would be so good-looking in that uniform!, thought Gu Yi’an.

Guan Zijue tugged at him. “Go on. What are you waiting for!”

Gu Yi’an blushed slightly as he glanced at Guan Zijue, stuttering as he answered, “No… it’s nothing!”

He then boarded the vehicle as quickly as he could.

Why is he acting like that all of a sudden?, wondered Guan Zijue.

They then headed towards the village.

Guan Zijue’s team had no idea about Gu Yi’an’s background, and they saw him simply as a guide, someone who was able to point them in the right direction.

To prevent any further awkwardness, Gu Yi’an decided to put on his earpiece and listen to music throughout the entire journey, while Guan Zijue remained silent throughout the trip.

The village came into sight after a while.

Guan Zijue’s eyes lit up as he spotted the truck. This won’t be a wasted trip.

He could understand Gu Yi’an’s intentions.

He knew that Gu Yi’an did not want to end up having to fight him, but at the same time, he had to ensure that the reputation of Sin Eliminators was not sullied by a botched job.

When they arrived, Gu Yi’an spotted Guan Zijue staring at him.

He gave a deliberate cough and asked, “What? Why are you staring at me?”

Guan Zijue turned away and ignored him.

What’s wrong with him today? He’s acting like a totally different person.

What Gu Yi’an did not know was that Guan Zijue was entirely different when he was on a mission. During missions, Guan Zijue was more like a machine instead of a human.

“I don’t want to disturb the villagers. I plan to ensnare the group when they’re on the move tomorrow. What do you think?”

“That’s a good idea, but there’s a risk to it. The goods are very fragile, and it’s very likely that they’d be damaged in the process!”

Guan Zijue frowned. “What do you suggest then? This is the best idea I have. I’m in the military, but we can’t endanger innocent people just because they aren’t our countrymen! Yi’an, I thought you’d be able to understand!”

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