Chapter 300: Get My Morals Back

Seeing the officer keep quiet, Guan Zijue said sternly, “Answer my question.”

Stuttering, the officer said, “It’s that artist who shot to fame in the past couple of years, I think he’s called Gu Yi’an, or something that sounds like that. His work is worth quite a bit of money, and he was just here earlier!”

The information was like a bolt from the blue for Guan Zijue.

He suddenly realized where those paintings went, and he also realized why he found those ceramics familiar. It was because Gu Yi’an painted them.

This meant that he was in Xishuangbanna Prefecture too, and he must have been nearby when he called last night.

If I’m right, that ordinary-looking man I saw last night would have been Gu Yi’an. It’s no wonder he felt so familiar to me.

Pretty smart of him to take the paintings with him since no one would suspect an artist like him.

Why did it have to be Gu Yi’an?

But I can’t give up on those artefacts either!

Guan Zijue wondered if Gu Yi’an would still have called if it weren’t to stall for time last night, and it hurt to think that he might have been simply made use of.

Feeling bitter, Guan Zijue decided to give an update to his superior in order to obtain approval to retrieve those artefacts that were now in Myanmar. It was highly likely that the items were not yet shipped out of Myanmar at this point, and he was confident that his team would be able to retrieve the goods as long as timely approval was given.

Guan Zijue then called border defence to notify them of the possibility of an operation.

At this point, Gu Yi’an was already on his way to the meeting point.

He was able to spot his men rather quickly upon arriving at Old Street, and it was obvious that everyone had much more respect for him now because of what happened last night.

“Where are the goods?”

“They’ve been loaded onto a truck nearby, and it’s parked right outside a hotel,” answered one of the men.

“Mm.” Gu Yi’an then headed towards said hotel.

I can’t believe they stored the goods so openly like this. But then again, no one would expect for valuable items to be stored in such a manner.

He signalled to the men that it was time to leave after doing a quick, cursory check on the goods and instructed them to get two Jeeps to follow.

The rookie subordinate went up to him and asked, “Boss, aren’t we going to take a break? Aren’t these items going to be shipped to Africa?”

Gu Yi’an glanced at him and said, “No, there’s a change of plans. We’ll hand the items over to the client. He’s planning to get another group to take over after this. All we have to do is to collect our payment and we’re done!”

“Oh...” The rookie nodded. Before long, their entire group had boarded the truck.

With Gu Yi’an there, nobody dared speak throughout the bumpy journey.

The location agreed upon with their client was a tiny forest clearing near a mountainous region.

Gu Yi’an alighted and looked around, frowning at the seemingly empty space.

Ceng Hanyu had informed him that their client had hired The Dark Night to take over after the goods were out of the country, and this made him wonder if the client did it on purpose.

It was impossible for their clients to be unaware of the current enmity between Sin Eliminators and The Dark Night.

What does this particular client have up his sleeve?

After a moment of contemplation, Gu Yi’an called Ceng Hanyu.

“Hey, Hanyu, have you informed the client?”

Ceng Hanyu sounded sleepy over the phone as he answered.

“Yes. Why? He’s not there yet? Let me call him. Hold on!”

At the same time, Gu Yi’an spotted a group of individuals nearby.

“It’s fine, Hanyu. They’re here!”

Gu Yi’an watched cautiously as the group of men approached.

A middle-aged man walked up to him and said, “Hi, I’ll be taking over the goods from here!”

Getting a middleman to do the job instead of meeting us himself?, Gu Yi’an chided their client inwardly.

“You can take a look at the goods. There’s also something else I'd like to know!”

The middle-aged man smiled at this.

“Anything can be discussed as long as the goods are fine!”

Gu Yi’an nodded and waited as the man checked the goods on the truck.

Gu Yi’an could tell that the man knew his stuff. Though he was surprised at seeing what looked like colorful ceramics at first, expressions of revelation and admiration quickly followed.

“As expected of the Third Young Master in Sin Eliminators. Remarkable intelligence surpassing that of any ordinary individual. I’ll update my superior now and you’ll get the payment right away.”

Gu Yi’an nodded at this.

He received Ceng Hanyu’s text almost immediately after the man ended his call, saying that they had gotten the payment and that the job was done.

He smiled at the middle-aged man and turned to leave. Their group boarded the two Jeeps and retraced their route back to Old Street because he knew that Guan Zijue would definitely pass the street if he were to come over.

Through the rear view mirror, he saw the other group board the truck and drive towards the closest village.

Gu Yi’an knew that if anyone were to strike, the best time would be when the group was taking a break at the village.

He addressed all of his men when their group arrived back at Old Street and after returning the rental Jeeps. “Our job here is done. Go back to England and await your orders. I’d also like to remind everyone that it’s best to keep your mouths shut. You never know when a slip of the tongue might kill you!”

The men nodded at this. “Got it, Boss. We’ll take note of this!”

Gu Yi’an then turned to leave, checking into a nearby hotel.

After entering his room, the first thing he did was to call Guan Zijue.


Guan Zijue did not sound happy.

Gu Yi’an wondered, Is he already aware?

“You sound upset. Who upset you?”

Guan Zijue scoffed. “No one. How’s the scenery in Myanmar?”

Gu Yi’an gave a wry laugh. So he already knows.

Trying his best to appease Guan Zijue, he spoke in a polite tone, “The scenery in Myanmar is pretty good...”

“Enough talk!”

“I know what you’re planning. Do you really think those artefacts can be shipped out successfully?”

Gu Yi’an shook his head at this. “I guess you already know my identity then.”

“You already knew I was here! You even called on purpose. Gu Yi’an, you don’t have a conscience!”

I actually thought he was being sincere. Who knew that he was lying to me all this time? I’ve been played for a fool.

“Don’t get mad! It’s my fault. I’ll go get my morals back!”

Gu Yi’an had no idea that he had hurt Guan Zijue deeply this time.

“Pingan, how much do you need? I can get the money for you. Can you send the items back? I don’t want to have to fight you!”

Guan Zijue had racked his brains for a win-win outcome, and this was already the best he could come up with.

“Big Brother, the goods are already with our client!”

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