Chapter 30: Gu Jiannan Appeared in Mighty Empire

In the Mighty Empire HQ.

Gu Jiannan was in front of the building and tried to get in. However, the security didn’t think so.

“Sir, you can’t get in there without your ID and reservation in advance.”

Gu Jiannan looked at the hands of the guards on his arm; his expression could not be surlier. As the successor to the Gu Group, he did not care for being treated this way by two nobodies.

After a long time, the security still did not budge. In the end, Gu Jiannan changed his tactic. “Sirs, please kindly let me in! I just want to meet Mr. Ye and see if partnership is a possibility. If everything goes well, I won’t forget you.”

He was almost fawning upon them, but unfortunately, the two guards did not seem to notice.

This was hardly a surprise. They were security hired by Mighty Empire, not at all like the others elsewhere. Their work ethic was impeccable in A City. No one could slip in under their eyes!

Since this tactic was not going to work, Gu Jiannan quickly came up with another one.

A while later, a man in a delivery uniform approached Mighty Empire. The wide brim of his cap covered most of his face.

The security put their hands on his arm and commanded emotionlessly, “Raise your head and let us see your face!”

The man raised his head obediently. However, there was so much filth on his face that the two guards almost puked. They waved him through, saying disgustedly, “Go go go! Put the delivery on the front counter and come out. Do not loiter.”

The man nodded and went past the security.

When he was safely inside the building, he immediately headed to the nearest stairwell. Then, he took off his cap and clothes, revealing the neat and clean suit underneath.

He woke up his phone and, after taking a look at his dirty face, almost puked. He quickly put away his phone and walked towards a bathroom.

When he emerged from it a moment later, his face was free of any filth.

Needless to say, he was actually Gu Jiannan, who could think of nothing that would work except for disguising himself as a deliveryman.

He heard that the office of Mighty Empire’s mysterious president was located on the hundredth floor of the building.

Gu Jiannan tidied himself up and quickly moved towards the elevator.

Inside, he pressed the button “100” and watched the number of the floor indicator go up and up while he became more and more excited.

He was finally going to meet the legendary figure of Mighty Empire! However, the real reason he was here today was to sort out why Mighty Empire was giving Gu Group such a hard time recently.

If it was not for this reason, he would never have entered the building this way.

He would ask President Ye in person if he had authorized the abuse or if his subordinates had been acting on their own without him knowing.

The two guards at the front door started to feel something was wrong. One of them wondered out loud, “Where the hell is that deliveryman?”

After thinking for a moment, the other snapped his head up, “Oh no! It is the man in the suit!”

The one who spoke first quickly called the front desk with his walkie-talkie, “The building is infiltrated! A man in a deliveryman’s outfit slipped through a moment ago. He might be someone from another company!”

After receiving the warning, the front desk immediately relayed the message to Lin Ran.

Before Gu Jiannan reached the hundredth floor, Lin Ran had recognized him from the monitoring system.

Gu Jiannan was smiling when he was about to step out of the elevator. Ha! Even with such guards, he had managed his way here!

However, when he looked ahead, his smile instantly froze.

There was Lin Ran, with two guards on each side of him, forming a solid wall.

Gu Jiannan did not even see what exactly the hundredth floor looked like when Lin Ran ordered the four guards in a flat tone, “Get him out of here!”

The security dragged Gu Jiannan away while he shouted vehemently, “I want to see President Ye! Let me go!”

Of course, the security wouldn’t hear any of it. They kept dragging him along.

Gu Jiannan was dragged all the way out of the building. Then, the security left him alone.

Gu Jiannan’s expression was horrid. Darkness fell over his face. What a self-important bighead! How can he do this to me? He would take over the Mo Group one day and see if Mighty Empire dares to bully him anymore. Let’s wait and see if he can dominate A City forever!

Not only did Gu Jiannan fail to find out the reason why Mighty Empire had been giving the Gu Group a hard time, but he did not even see their CEO. An evil idea started to form in his head.

On the hundredth floor of Mighty Empire.

Lin Ran stood in front of Ye Zhongjue in silence.

Ye Zhongjue only looked up at him after a while. “So, what happened out there?”

Lin Ran cleared his throat and phrased his account carefully, “Boss, Gu Jiannan… he disguised himself as a deliveryman and entered the building. However, he was caught in time and dragged away.”

Ye Zhongjue gave Lin Ran a creepy smile, sending shivers down his spine. He lamented inwardly, Boss, would you stop smiling like that!

“In time, you said.” Ye Zhongjue gave Lin Ran a funny look and narrowed his eyes dangerously, “He reached the hundredth floor, for crying out loud! I feel ashamed for you!”

Lin Ran gave a trembly laugh and said pleadingly, “Boss, I’m sorry. I made a mistake, okay? Even so, I still tried my best. Please, forgive me this time.”

Watching him putting on a piteous face, Ye Zhongjue could only shake his head. This fella should be awarded with a Best Assistant of the Year!

He cast Lin Ran a deadpan glance, preventing him from spitting out what he was about to say.

In the end, he laughed nervously and repeated, “I’m so sorry!”

“Then get out of my sight and go to work!” thundered Ye Zhongjue. “Put Gu Jiannan on the list of people who will never be admitted. Understand?”

“Yes, sir!” answered Lin Ran emphatically.

“Alright then. You can go now.” Ye Zhongjue rubbed his forehead, feeling a slight headache. He hoped he did not catch a cold the day before yesterday.

Lin Ran was about to leave the room, but he stopped himself and asked, “Boss, are we still going after the Gu Group?”

“Uh-huh,” replied Ye Zhongjue noncommittally.

Lin Ran watched Ye Zhongjue closely, not sure if he understood him right. He rolled his eyes over and thought about it. I think he meant yes… After all, he put Gu Jiannan on the list, didn’t he?

Lin Ran returned to his work. Ye Zhongjue consulted his watch. It was well past four, almost time to get off work.

He still got some papers to browse and sign, so he quickened his pace, hoping to finish all of them before leaving the company and picking Mo Suqing up at Trend Magazine.

Just before it was time to get off work, Mo Suqing’s phone rang. She was a little surprised to find the caller to be Ye Zhongjue.

Leng Xiyao looked at her. “What are you doing? Your phone is ringing.”

Mo Suqing gave her an awkward look and mouthed the words, “It’s Ye Zhongjue!”

Leng Xiyao nodded knowingly, “Then you should pick it up! Aren’t you newlyweds supposed to be inseparable now?”

Mo Suqing rolled her eyes at her. The girl had made making fun of her a habit of hers. She knew perfectly that it was a conditional marriage.

Seeing Mo Suqing stare at herself, Leng Xiyao laughed more heartily. “I guess you are afraid to pick it up because you feel guilty!”

“Why would I feel guilty? Who says I’m afraid?!”

While Leng Xiyao stuck her tongue out at her, she picked up the call. “Hello? What’s up? You are still at work, aren’t you?”

“Yeah,” answered Ye Zhongjue in a low voice. “Stay in your company when it’s time to go home. I’ll go pick you up.”

Mo Suqing considered for a moment, watching Leng Xiyao peering at herself, and said, “Alright, I’ll wait for you.”

After hanging up, Leng Xiyao slid over and beamed at Mo Suqing. “Tell me, what did he say? What’s that supposed to mean, ‘I’ll wait for you’?”

She mimicked Mo Suqing’s voice, but with much more sweetness.

Mo Suqing shivered and got goose bumps all over her arms. She pushed Leng Xiyao lightly in a playful manner and said, “Yao, stop it! He called to say—”

Mo Suqing cast a sidelong glance at Leng Xiyao and decided against telling her the truth in the last moment. If she did tell her, she would definitely wait up to steal a look at Ye Zhongjue.

“Well, he told me to wait for him at home after work, so that he and I could go have dinner together.”

“Tut!” Leng Xiyao shook her head as if bored. “I thought it was something more interesting. Speaking of which, when do you plan to introduce him to me?”

Staring at the screen, Mo Suqing tapped the keyboard and spoke, “I will when there is a chance, and I promise you will be the first one whom I introduce to him. The problem is, he and I are not really that close.”

“Nonsense!” exclaimed Leng Xiyao, the volume of her voice going right up. “You have already slept together, and that’s not close? So what will you do when you two do become close?”

Leng Xiyao’s words immediately attracted a lot of attention. Mo Suqing would cover her mouth if she knew it would make a difference.

She had got used to Leng Xiyao saying the first thing that came up her mind, but she was very uncomfortable at being watched like a giant panda.

Leng Xiyao gave an embarrassed laugh, “Sorry, Suqing, you know I like to talk trash…”

Some coworkers had started laughing. Mo Suqing shook her head disapprovingly. “Think before you talk next time, okay? Now, quickly finish up your work; it’s almost time to go home. You don’t want to work overtime, do you?”

At the mention of going home, Leng Xiyao pursed her lips and said, “I would rather work overtime…”

Seeing her reluctant expression, Mo Suqing leaned closer. “What? Why don’t you want to go home all of a sudden?”

Leng Xiyao pursed her lips even more. “Suqing, I want to move out.”

“What?” Mo Suqing was a little stunned. “Why? Don’t tell me someone mistreats you at home?”

“That’s right!” Leng Xiyao gave some random stuff before her a sweep and said indignantly, “You have no idea! There are more and more things that my uncle tries to control! I practically have to ask his permission for everything I do! I feel I have no privacy anymore. This morning, we had a big fight over this.”

Leng Xiyao sounded truly upset.

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