Chapter 299: An Opportunity

The men hardly dared breathe when Gu Yi’an said, “I know I’m younger but I’m totally fine with you calling me Grandfather...”

The man who made that particular comment was scared stiff. He never thought that Gu Yi’an would be this strong and that he could send someone flying across the room!

Gu Yi’an smirked. “I heard that you guys are pretty dissatisfied with me...”

“I’ll give all of you a chance to challenge me now. Come at me altogether. I’ll have nothing else to say if the bunch of you can beat me, but you’d better keep your mouths shut otherwise. Or else I’ll show you what hell is!”

He watched the men, waiting for someone to come up for a challenge.

“Have all of you become retarded? You guys were talking big earlier. Afraid to take up my challenge now?”

The men started becoming restless at Gu Yi’an’s provocation.

We can just take up his challenge! We’ll just have to listen to him if we lose. It’s an opportunity for us to test his abilities now!

Most of them had similar thoughts, and the entire group of them swarmed towards Gu Yi’an after seeing the first man go up to him.

Gu Yi’an was as quick as lightning.

Before they knew it, all of the men were already groaning in pain on the ground. With respect and fear apparent in their eyes, no one else dared challenge Gu Yi’an again.

Brute strength was what determined hierarchy in the criminal world.

Gu Yi’an looked like a giant as he stood against the bright ceiling lights, and this made the rookie subordinate stare at him in awe yet again.

“Get up!”

All the men seemed to jump to their feet immediately at Gu Yi’an’s sudden command.

“All our effort to hide the items has gone down the drain. That guy already sensed something amiss. Are you guys waiting to be captured? Let’s move!”

The men went about moving the items right away while the rookie walked up to him and asked in genuine confusion, “Boss, did that guy really find us fishy?”

Gu Yi’an explained, “He isn’t an idiot. He’s among their best. We might have been able to fool others, but it’s almost impossible to fool that guy. We can’t tarry any longer. It’s best if we leave as soon as possible. We’re very close to the border anyway and I’m very sure he’ll notice something soon!”

This shocked the rookie yet again. Boss never fails to amaze me!

Gu Yi’an instructed the men to leave right after they were done packing, then he returned to the hotel on his own.

Compared to those artefacts, it was a lot easier for him to leave the country with only those paintings in hand.

The plan was to meet at Old Street at noon the next day after successfully crossing the border.

Gu Yi’an stayed in his hotel, patiently waiting for the news of their success.

The rookie texted him in about half an hour to report that they had finally cleared customs.

From the balcony, Gu Yi’an observed the warehouse they used earlier with a pair of binoculars, seeing Guan Zijue’s team kick the door open.

Gu Yi’an quickly texted the rookie and instructed the group to move as quickly as they could since the officers had already broken into the warehouse, and the group might be caught if they lingered too close to the border.

Gu Yi’an could see Guan Zijue’s expression very clearly through his binoculars, and the latter looked terrifying.

He heaved a sigh of relief at the fact that the artefacts were already sent out, because he did not want to face Guan Zijue like that.

At this point, Guan Zijue took out his phone, as if he was about to make a call.

He should be contacting the border police now.

Gu Yi’an then speed dialled Guan Zijue.

Gu Yi’an was one step ahead of Guan Zijue, and his phone started ringing right before he could make the call to the border police.

Seeing that it was Gu Yi’an calling, Guan Zijue picked up the phone after a moment of contemplation.


“What are you doing?”

“I was downstairs. I’m about to go to sleep now.”

What a blatant lie! How could anyone be out and about at this hour!

“Is that so? Chat with me then, since you’re not yet asleep!”

“Sure. Go ahead!” Guan Zijue sounded different on the phone. His voice had lost the edge it had when he spoke in the warehouse earlier.

Gu Yi’an did not expect him to sound so different.

“I’m bored. It’s daytime in England now and I’ve got nothing to do. Can I come back and meet you?”, asked Gu Yi’an as he continued watching the figure through his binoculars.

Surprise was apparent on Guan Zijue’s face when he heard this.

“You want to return?”

“Yes!” Gu Yi’an answered right away.

“Didn’t you just leave?”

“I’m worried about you. I don’t know if you’re taking care of yourself without me around. You have to be extra careful especially when you’re in the military. How would you achieve your dreams if you don’t recover well! I should supervise you strictly!” Gu Yi’an kept his eyes on Guan Zijue as he spoke, taking note of all the minute changes in his expression.

As he expected, Guan Zijue seemed taken aback by what he just said.

“Let me know before you come back.”

Gu Yi’an decided to tease him. “Let you know? Are you planning to come pick me up or is this so that you can send whatever woman away before I arrive at your place!”

“You… Gu Yi’an...” Guan Zijue stuttered. “What are you talking about? I just want to know when you’re returning. Remember to notify me. I’m planning to return to camp soon. What if I’m not there when you arrive!”

Lies. Why doesn’t he take good care of himself!

Gu Yi’an sighed. “Okay, okay. I’ll let you know. But as a doctor, I’d like to remind you that you should be taking good care of yourself, or else there might be lingering side effects which would affect your health! I don’t think you’d want that since it might affect your career in the military, so...”

“Take care of yourself, for me!”

This caused a huge ripple in Guan Zijue’s heart.

“Fine! I promise that I’ll take good care of myself. You too, take care of yourself!”

“Got it! It’s late now. Go rest.”

“Mm...” Guan Zijue then heard the call being ended.

He was surprised at the fact that Gu Yi’an had just called him. Did he miss me that much?

The corner of his lips turned up slightly at the thought.

Gu Yi’an continued watching him through the binoculars, wondering to himself, Would I still have made the call if it wasn’t to stall for time?

Gu Yi’an left on the very next day. He did not use facial prosthetics since he was quite a well-known artist, and he was able to pass through customs without any trouble.

Smiling, he thought, I guess it’s the celebrity effect.

When he left, he could make out the voices of some of the customs officers discussing his art pieces and how much his work could sell for.

Guan Zijue arrived at the customs checkpoint shortly after Gu Yi’an cleared it.

He heard one of the officers say, “That artist looks very young, but he has the skills. One of his paintings is named Bloody and I’ve seen it on the papers more than once!”

This stopped Guan Zijue in his tracks.

He walked up to the officer who spoke.

“Who were you referring to earlier?”

The officer was taken aback at Guan Zijue’s imposing aura and glanced at his shoulder mark.

What, a Major! He’s so young!

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