Chapter 298: A Familiar Figure

Gu Yi’an stopped him quickly, mouthing the words, “Don’t!”

That rookie subordinate could not understand why Gu Yi’an could take this lying down when all he wanted was to beat up the other men.

They then heard a sound at the warehouse door as Gu Yi’an pulled him to the side.

Whoever was knocking on the door sounded like they were being pretty rough.

The rookie walked to the door to open it after a frowning Gu Yi’an signalled for him to do so.

He did not understand the dissatisfaction the rest of the men had towards Gu Yi’an. In his eyes, Gu Yi’an was peerless. He could feel the hidden aura in Gu Yi’an and he was confident that Gu Yi’an was simply keeping his real skills under wraps for now.

A group of men dressed in military attire entered.

One of them, who looked like the group leader, walked up to Gu Yi’an and asked, “Are these yours?”

Gu Yi’an nodded slowly. Judging by the manner in which they entered the warehouse, he could tell immediately that these men were mercenaries and not part of the elite team that was sent here.

“We’re checking through every single warehouse in Xishuangbanna Prefecture tonight. I hope you can cooperate with us.”

“Of course. We’ll definitely cooperate!”

The mercenary leader smiled at this, thinking to himself, Very adaptable, unlike some others who refused to work with us. It’s not like their items are even valuable in the first place.

The rookie was sweating profusely by now. Even though all the items had been painted over, he was still anxious at being captured.

Gu Yi’an glanced at him and shook his head. Well, that’s to be expected if this is his first time on a job.

Gu Yi’an waited for the mercenaries to finish checking the goods, relieved that the men were careful not to damage any of the items as they went about their duties.

One of the mercenaries reported something to his leader after they were done.

After which, the leader said with a smile, “There’s nothing wrong with these goods. Thank you for your cooperation. But we’d like you to assist with our investigation. You’ll be free after we’re done with that.”

Gu Yi’an nodded at this. “Sure. Just me alone, or do you want me to get all my men as well?”

The mercenary leader answered after a moment of contemplation, “Just you alone!”

In fact, he was simply thinking of doing less work since they had to check through every single warehouse in Xishuangbanna Prefecture tonight. Having less people to question would mean having an easier job.

Gu Yi’an agreed quickly. “Okay, I’ll go!”

He then left with the mercenary team.

Gu Yi’an spotted a familiar figure as they passed by other warehouses when they went on their way.

His heart leapt into his throat when he spotted the figure.

It was Guan Zijue!

Isn’t he in Emperor City? Why is he here?

Gu Yi’an could not process this. Why is he here instead of taking proper care of himself? Was the mission so critical?

Gu Yi’an could even give him all the items if Guan Zijue wanted them. They simply had to pay liabilities to the employer on the other end.

What frustrated Gu Yi’an was the fact that Guan Zijue was in the field when he should be resting and focusing on recovery.

He’s right there but there’s nothing I can do!

Guan Zijue turned around when he felt a pair of eyes on him, and the mercenary beside Gu Yi’an stepped up to give his report.

“Major, it’s nothing but a batch of ceramics in the other warehouse. I’ve also searched the entire place but there isn’t a single painting to be found. I’ve asked one of them to come with us, so you can ask him directly.”

Guan Zijue nodded and signalled for him to continue with his duties.

Guan Zijue glanced at Gu Yi’an, and even though the latter had facial prosthetics on, the figure reminded him very vividly of Gu Yi’an for some reason.

They looked entirely different. This man had such a common face that I wouldn’t be able to recognize him if he was in a sea of strangers. Gu Yi’an had an aura about him that others could never replicate, not to mention the fact that he was also extremely good-looking.

Guan Zijue had never seen Gu Yi’an put on facial prosthetics, so he treated the man before him as he would a stranger.

He never would have expected Gu Yi’an to have facial prosthetics on, nor would he have expected that such an ordinary man would, in fact, be Gu Yi’an.

He asked, “Those goods are yours?”

“Yup!” Gu Yi’an answered.

“You’re planning to sell them in the country, or?”

“My family deals in ceramics, and our products are rather popular in Myanmar. I’m planning to ship the items to Myanmar for sale.”

“Do you know what we’re searching for?”

Gu Yi’an shook his head at this, pretending to be confused.

However, Guan Zijue felt that something was not quite right.

This man was way too calm.

Everyone else seemed to be quaking in their boots when they saw Guan Zijue, but the man before him was able to remain calm when the others seemed to be crushed under Guan Zijue’s imposing aura.

Is he simply unique, or is he the person we’re looking for? Could he be that smuggler?

After a moment of contemplation, Guan Zijue said, “Let me see those ceramics!”

Gu Yi’an answered calmly, “Sure!”

He then turned to lead the way. “Come with me!”

Guan Zjiue found his figure to be extremely familiar. It was almost as if he was looking at Gu Yi’an in the flesh.

But this man isn’t Pingan. Guan Zijue frowned at the thought. I must be mad. Why would I mistake anyone else for Pingan!

They arrived at Gu Yi’an’s warehouse within a couple of minutes.

Voices could be heard as they approached.

“What are you afraid of? I’m not scared of him. We Sin...”

Gu Yi’an opened the door with a loud creak before the man could finish.

He glared at the man icily as he led Guan Zijue into the warehouse. A bunch of idiots. Talking so loudly right after those mercenaries left. Did he want to tell the whole world who they are?

Gu Yi’an adjusted his expression as he turned back to Guan Zijue.

“Those are our ceramics, and those rooms are for our men.”

Guan Zijue looked around the warehouse and walked to the rooms to take a look inside them.

There was nothing in it except for beds, and those beds did not even have any sort of bedding or mattresses on them. It was impossible for any paintings to be hidden in these rooms. Furthermore, those paintings were too valuable to risk smuggling them in such a way since it might damage the work.

Guan Zijue then walked over to take a closer look at the ceramics before he nodded at Gu Yi’an to signal that everything was in order.

Everyone else heaved a sigh of relief after Guan Zijue left.

Gu Yi’an instructed that rookie subordinate to close the door and asked in a chilling voice, “Who was it who spoke earlier?”

Some of the men were taken aback by that glacial tone of his, and some of them looked down, pretending that they were unaware of everything that had happened.

No one would have said anything if it weren’t for their dissatisfaction with Gu Yi’an. They were usually very careful on jobs like these, and what happened earlier could have been a costly mistake if it wasn’t for the sound of the door opening.

The door opened so timely that it might even have been Gu Yi’an who timed the creak perfectly in order to conceal their voices.

Some of the men looked at Gu Yi’an stubbornly, as if they did not do anything wrong.

Seeing no one answer, Gu Yi’an scoffed.

“Not answering? Think I won’t be able to find the culprit just because everyone is silent?”

Someone was sent flying before he even finished his sentence. The man who spoke earlier was knocked against the wall.

Everyone else stared in shock. How did he do that?

They were shocked at how powerful Gu Yi’an was, and no one knew if he had even used his full strength.

We wouldn’t be able to beat him for sure!

Gu Yi’an then said, “I heard that I’m too effeminate to be your boss...”

All the men trembled upon hearing this.

Gu Yi’an continued. “I also heard that someone would kneel in front of me and call me Grandfather if I was even half as skilled as Xia Zi and Luo Qiqi...”

He spoke calmly, but there was a bloodthirsty aura that seemed to pervade every word.

No one dared to say a single word.

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