Chapter 297: Kneel and Call Me Grandfather

Guan Zijue had a new assignment the very day he returned to camp.

Though his superior was hesitant to send him on a mission so quickly, he insisted that he was up for it.

This was Guan Zijue’s first mission after taking a three-month break.

His job was to capture smugglers who were trying to ship a batch of antiques out of the country, and to retrieve those antiques. He left the military camp with his team immediately after being briefed about the job.

Gu Yi’an had left for Xishuangbanna to oversee the shipment since they were planning to move the items out of the country from the Xishuangbanna Prefecture.

Their men were unable to exit the prefecture because the customs were extraordinarily strict, but their employer had been rushing them to complete the job.

When Gu Yi’an arrived, he realized that there were a few items which were so large that it was impossible to bring them across the border so openly.

He told the men that he would come up with a plan tonight so that they will be able to bring the items across the border safely tomorrow.

However, Gu Yi’an was unable to come up with any effective plan even after racking his brains for a large part of the day. Feeling frustrated, he decided to go for a walk and take a breather.

As he walked along the streets, he saw a shop that sold clay figurines. Gu Yi’an approached to watch the artist mould the figurines and paint them.

An idea struck his mind as he watched the artist work. I know what we can do!

When he arrived back at the hotel, one of his men ran up to him, looking extremely anxious.

“What’s going on?”

“Boss, something’s up!”

Glancing at the passers-by, Gu Yi’an said, “Let’s talk inside!”

He then led the way with the other man following closely behind.

Once they were in his room, Gu Yi’an asked sternly, “What’s happening?”

“We’ve received news that an elite team has just arrived here. Their mission is to retrieve these antiques and capture the main culprit.”

“I’ve also heard that this team is one of the very best!”

Gu Yi’an then asked, “Do you know who it is exactly?”

“I don’t know, but we’ll have to leave tonight if we don’t want to engage them!”

Leave tonight? No, we shall not. Let’s see if they can spot us.

The first thing that went through Gu Yi’an’s mind was whether it was Guan Zijue on this mission, since his name was the only one that could cause others to quake in their boots.

But that’s impossible. He was still at home this morning. His family probably wouldn’t allow him to return to camp so quickly either. So it can’t be him.

Gu Yi’an thus decided to stay for one more day.

He had no reservations about clashing with that team as long as it wasn’t Guan Zijue.

“Go purchase a lot of dye. If I remember right, most of the items are porcelain vases and jades. Dye all of it, and for the rest of the paintings, mix them with mine. If the customs officers check them, I’ll just say that I painted replicas. They probably can’t tell the difference unless they get an expert to look at it. I don’t think they’ll do that since I have my reputation as an artist as well, so that should be enough. We’ll separate the items like that to make it less suspicious.”

The other man looked at Gu Yi’an in awe. He was still a rookie, and what Gu Yi’an just said had amazed him.

“Boss, you’re really smart! Separating the items is a great idea too!”

Gu Yi’an shook his head at this. “I was just inspired by the artist I saw on the streets who was moulding clay figurines and painting them. Also, tell the others to put on prosthetics so that they won’t be recognized!”

His subordinate nodded and left quickly.

Gu Yi’an then took out his facial prosthetics to put it on. Though he had turned into a totally different person, that extraordinary aura of his was still apparent.

He then left the hotel with his paintings in tow.

When he arrived at the warehouse where the goods were temporarily stored, his men had already prepared the dye and all of them had facial prosthetics on.

He spoke to one of them, “Mix those paintings with mine in here. Bring me the brushes, I’ll paint the rest.”

“Boss, you’re going to work on that alone?”

“Are you going to do it then?”

“I don’t know how to...”

Gu Yi’an then started painting on one of the porcelain vases. With what looked like a few strokes of the brush, the vase had been transformed into something totally different.

The other men could only marvel as they watched Gu Yi’an work.

With a tiny smirk, Gu Yi’an continued painting the vases as quickly as he could.

They were left with two more items unpainted after four hours of work. Sighing inwardly to himself, Gu Yi’an thought, I really shouldn’t be doing this to these beautiful jade artefacts. Fortunately, the paint can be washed off later.

He finished painting all of the items in the afternoon.

There was only one subordinate who watched Gu Yi’an in awe from beginning to end as he worked on painting everything.

That elite team wouldn’t be able to recognize these items even if they were to come in here now. They probably wouldn’t expect that we’d separate the paintings either.

He had already instructed his men to bring those paintings back to the hotel, together with his own work.

Gu Yi’an heard voices as he approached the adjacent room to the warehouse that was usually used by the subordinates when they took a break.

Instead of opening the door, he paused to listen.

“Did you see how he painted those items? He’s so effeminate, how can he be the boss like that? Where did the Poisonous Prince find this guy? It’s so unfair!”

Another voice then said, “You’re right! He looks so weak and frail, I wonder if he can even take a single punch from me. I can’t believe he’s taking care of the shipment. I hope he doesn’t cause any trouble!”

Yet another voice chimed in. “Look at how fair he is. He looks like a woman. He probably doesn’t even know how to use a gun, and he wants to lead all of us?!”

The first voice suddenly said, “Don’t talk so loudly! What if he hears us!”

“I’m not afraid of him. So what if he hears us? Can he beat us? I’ll send him flying with a kick!”

“I’m not sure about that. He might look like a woman, but it’s best we don’t underestimate him at this point. Who knows, he might be more skillful than Luo Qiqi and Xia Zi!”

“Hahahaha… I’ll call him Grandfather if he’s even half as skilled as them! He’s nothing but a weak and frail scholarly type!”

“Hahaha...” Everyone laughed at this.

I see, they’re dissatisfied with me and unconvinced that I can lead. That’s to be expected since I’ve been keeping a very low profile in the organization for the past couple of years.

But these men have no regard for authority. Have they forgotten the rules in Sin Eliminators?

I guess I’ll have to convince them!

A glint appeared in Gu Yi’an’s eyes but before he could do anything, that subordinate who had been in awe of Gu Yi’an walked over, wanting to push open the door in his anger since he had also heard everything.

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