Chapter 293: Coming Clean About the Past

Guan Zijue acted a lot more naturally this time when Gu Yi’an went to his room.

Gu Yi’an secretly smiled to himself as he pushed Guan Zijue to the dining table before serving breakfast.

He sat opposite Guan Zijue and stared as he waited for Guan Zijue to try the food.

The aroma of freshly made breakfast was tantalizing, and it was obvious from Guan Zijue’s reaction that the food was indeed delicious.

Gu Yi’an’s lips turned up in a smile as he continued watching Guan Zijue.

I did all of this myself!

Guan Zijue could sense that Gu Yi’an was in a pretty good mood and said, “Aren’t you going to have some? The food’s getting cold.”

Gu Yi’an nodded and started eating as well. Wait, didn’t I prepare all of these? Why did it feel like he was the one who made it now?

After breakfast, Gu Yi’an pushed Guan Zijue back into his bedroom.

Guan Zijue wanted to read a book initially, but Gu Yi’an refused, insisting that he should be resting instead.

Seeing Gu Yi’an being so insistent, Guan Zijue wanted to give a retort by using Gu Yi’an’s previous excuse when he was remodeling the room. Wasn’t he the one who said that compared to being in a quiet environment, having some background noise was beneficial to recovery?

However, he decided against it eventually, since Gu Yi’an would probably think up another excuse and there was probably no way he could win the ensuing argument.

Guan Zijue was thus sent back to his bedroom.

After Gu Yi’an washed the dishes, he took out that painting and planned to give it to Guan Zijue.

Guan Zijue raised his brows as he saw Gu Yi’an.

“What’s up with that expression?”

Gu Yi’an laughed. “This is my joyful expression. I can’t help but laugh since I’m so happy.”

Guan Zijue looked at him. “Okay, you can continue laughing then. I’m going to sleep!”

Gu Yi’an added hastily, “Oh come on. Don’t do that. You’re no fun at all. I have something to tell you!”

“What is it?” Guan Zijue asked without looking at him.

Gu Yi’an then revealed the painting he had been holding behind him. “Look at this.”

Guan Zijue was stunned when he saw the painting. He knew that Gu Yi’an treated this painting like a treasure since he didn’t allow anyone to touch it and even refused to sell it at the high price offered to him previously.

Guan Zijue asked, “Why are you showing me the painting?”

“Aren’t you surprised that it would appear here?”

“Why should I be surprised? You can be here, so why can’t the painting be here? Unless it doesn’t belong to you!”

Gu Yi’an was rendered speechless at this.

This belongs to me, but I want to give it to you since you wanted it so badly before!

“I brought it here because I know you wanted it. I’ll destroy it if you don’t want it!”

Gu Yi’an then pretended to start tearing the painting apart.

Guan Zijue simply stared at his hands in silence.

“What are you staring at?”

“I’d like to see how you destroy it. Tear it apart while I’m looking!”

What? Instead of stopping me from destroying it, you’re encouraging me to tear it apart?

Guan Zijue sighed. “Forget it. Put it there if you don’t want to destroy it anymore. I can’t do anything to you right now anyway!”

Slightly annoyed, Gu Yi’an sat in the wheelchair and threw the painting on Guan Zijue’s bed.

“Fine. I was actually planning to give the painting to you!”

“I don’t need it!” Guan Zijue rejected his gift instantly.

He doesn’t want it anymore?

“Then why did you offer to buy the painting previously?”

“I don’t want it anymore!”

“You… you...” Gu Yi’an was at a loss for words.

Guan Zijue shook his head at this. “I wanted the painting previously because I was searching for a kid named Pingan, and this painting reminded me of the time we spent together...”

So he wanted the painting because he was searching for me!

I’ve really wronged him then. I thought he was a huge bully at the time!

The possibility didn’t even cross my mind even though I’ve kept this painting with me for the same reason...

Gu Yi’an looked at Guan Zijue earnestly. “You wanted the painting because you were searching for a kid named Pingan. What a coincidence. Because the reason I kept this painting was also to look for the person who protected me while I was younger. I was too young at the time to remember what he looked like, so all I could do was paint his side profile. I thought that he would be able to recognize me upon seeing this painting!”

They watched each other in silence for a while.

Gu Yi’an was the first to speak.

“I’ve finally found you, Big Brother!”

Guan Zijue sighed. “Pingan...”

“Big Brother, you might not know this but I didn’t leave willingly at the time. Some of them told me that my dad was an English mafia boss, and that I simply look Chinese, while some of them said there was a man who wanted me as his godson. Whatever it was, they took me away and adopted me. I wasn’t happy about it at all. It felt like I escaped from one hell only to enter another.”

“There was no one who protected me there, and everybody wanted me dead. It was you who kept me going. When I thought about you, I could motivate myself to keep on fighting and living. It was Jue who saved me in the end. We killed the mastermind and took over the organization, which is now known as Sin Eliminators.”

Gu Yi’an smiled. “You might not believe that someone like me would actually have the heart to save others. I studied medicine so I could help the weak, and I also tried going back to America to look for you. I didn’t even know your name, and the underground wrestling rings were already dissolved. I thought I’d never be able to find you, but who knew that fate would let us meet again? All the pieces suddenly fell together when I heard you call me Pingan.”

Guan Zijue never knew how much Gu Yi’an had been through.

He should be someone who lives in a peaceful world of his own, away from all that cruelty and violence.

Guilt filled Guan Zijue as he looked at Gu Yi’an. He shouldn’t have had to go through all of that. I was unable to protect him in the end.

Guan Zijue’s silence made Gu Yi’an a little anxious. He knew about Guan Zijue’s background, but he wondered if Guan Zijue would look upon him with disdain now that he knew what had really happened.

I’m someone with a lot of blood on my hands.

“Do you think I’m very cruel? That I could be so bloodthirsty all because I wanted to live? Am I different from how you imagined me to be? Say something! Why were you even there at that time! Hey, I feel like I’m talking to myself here!”

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