Chapter 292: Like an Alien

Guan Zijue did not look like he was in a good mood, but upon closer observation, one would actually realize that he was trying his very best to put on a poker face.

Gu Yi’an went up to him and started wiping his back, seeing several of his older scars.

Although he was from the military, Gu Yi’an never knew that he had been through so much.

This reminded him of the time they spent in America, where Guan Zijue would always protect him when he was being whipped.

Guan Zijue tried to hide the anxiety in him as Gu Yi’an continued wiping his back with the wet towel. He did not want to show this emotional side of him, much less let Gu Yi’an find out what he secretly thought.

Guan Zijue started perspiring under all that mental pressure and beads of sweat appeared on his forehead. When Gu Yi’an was done, he spotted Guan Zijue’s expression and asked, “Is it too warm?”

Guan Zijue was taken aback by the question. Did he notice anything amiss?

Gu Yi’an, however, did not notice Guan Zijue’s tense expression. He simply wiped the sweat on Guan Zijue’s forehead. “Look at you perspiring!”

Guan Zijue heaved a sigh of relief at this. “Maybe it’s just too stuffy in here!”

“Oh...” Gu Yi’an nodded and wanted to start wiping his legs after giving the towel a quick rinse, but Guan Zijue stopped him from doing so.

“I’ll do it myself!”

Gu Yi’an realized that he would look exactly like a dog if he were to squat in front of Guan Zijue right now. Feeling a little awkward, he handed the towel over to Guan Zijue and said, “Then you take your time with it. I’ll go… take a shower!” before escaping the scene as quickly as he could.

Guan Zijue smirked at this. Before long, he could hear the sound of the shower being turned on.

Gu Yi’an was very quick with his shower since he did not want to leave Guan Zijue waiting for too long. He finished his shower and put on a bathrobe just as Guan Zijue was done.

“I’ll push you back to your room. I’ll get up earlier tomorrow to bring my stuff over, otherwise...”

Gu Yi’an gave a slight cough before continuing, “It’s not very convenient!”

Guan Zijue agreed to this. He knew that all of Gu Yi’an’s belongings were now at Guan Zixuan’s villa, and he was probably not used to wearing Guan Zijue’s clothes all the time.

Well, that works too, since he’d be staying over for more than just a day or two.

Hearing Guan Zijue agree, Gu Yi’an quickly picked up a clean bathrobe and draped it over him.

No matter how strong he was, Guan Zijue was the patient now and he should be taken care of.

Gu Yi’an then pushed Guan Zijue out of the bathroom quickly.

Instead of carrying Guan Zijue onto the bed again, he decided to help him up onto it by supporting him on the elbow since he was reminded of how much Guan Zijue disliked it earlier.

He only left after Guan Zijue tucked himself into bed.

For some reason, there was a feeling of satisfaction that bloomed in Guan Zijue when he heard Gu Yi’an in the other room. It was a feeling unknown to him when he was in the military, not even when he had completed or accomplished something.

He drifted into sleep shortly after.

Gu Yi’an checked in on him in the middle of the night, smiling as he realized that Guan Zijue had not moved an inch.

Moving too much in one’s sleep was not beneficial to recovery as the movements might aggravate the injury.

Gu Yi’an got up early the next morning to go to Guan Zixuan’s villa.

Luo Qiqi was still asleep when he arrived, and he left a note for her after packing his things, telling her that he would be at Guan Zijue’s place in the meantime, together with his address.

He was suddenly reminded of something when he stood in the living room with his packed suitcase.

He went upstairs and took out the painting ‘Bloody’, planning to give it to Guan Zijue as a present since he liked it that much. Gu Yi’an had painted this for him anyway.

He then left right after, stopping along the way to get some groceries. He was back in Guan Zijue’s apartment within an hour.

While putting the groceries in the kitchen, he heard a loud thud from the bedroom.

Guan Zijue was grimacing on the floor when he entered, probably because he fell on his injured leg.

Gu Yi’an rushed up to carry Guan Zijue up and put him in the wheelchair.

Gu Yi’an had already tried his best to be as quick as possible, afraid that Guan Zijue might need his help when he woke up. Unfortunately, he was still a little too late.

He frowned to look at Guan Zijue. “Is it painful?”

Without looking up, Guan Zijue said, “It’s nothing!”

This frustrated Gu Yi’an. Nothing? You wouldn’t still be on the floor if you could have gotten up on your own!

Though annoyed at Guan Zijue’s stubbornness, he knew it wasn’t right to get angry at someone who was injured.

But I hate it when he does this to himself! Why can’t he take care of himself?

“I’d like to ask you something, Guan Zijue. Do you still want me to take care of you?”

Seeing Guan Zijue silent, Gu Yi’an turned away in annoyance.

Guan Zijue then spoke suddenly. “Yes!”

Gu Yi’an froze upon hearing his response.

He turned back in disbelief, a slight hint of a smile hanging on his lips. “Really?”

Guan Zijue was blushing slightly as he nodded. “Mm!”

With this, Gu Yi’an became extremely gentle. He walked over to look at Guan Zijue’s injury and said, “It isn’t that bad. Be more careful and tell me if you need anything next time. I’m supposed to be taking care of you, so I’ll feel really bad if I do a bad job, okay?”

After Guan Zijue expressed his acknowledgement, Gu Yi’an went about making his bed for him, obviously in a much better mood.

All of a sudden, he smacked his own forehead. “What were you trying to do earlier? I forgot to ask how you fell.”

Guan Zijue was already up when Gu Yi’an left, and he had initially wanted to wait for Gu Yi’an to return so he could help push him to the washroom. However, he decided against it since he thought it might be too awkward. Thus, he tried to move to the washroom on his own.

Unfortunately, he had overestimated his abilities and he slipped when he tried to get into the wheelchair on his own.

Guan Zijue had never felt so sorry for himself, and he did not like it when he failed at such a simple daily task.

Gu Yi’an watched as Guan Zijue seemed to sink into deep thought. Was it such a difficult question? I’m a doctor so I’ve witnessed several similar situations. It’s totally fine to tell me about it!

“What’s wrong? Answer me, Guan Zijue! I’ll leave if you continue ignoring me!”

Gu Yi’an sounded like a kid.

Guan Zijue shook his head in resignation. “I wanted to go to the washroom but I slipped and fell. Push me to the washroom then!”

Gu Yi’an looked at him incredulously, as if he was looking at an alien.

“Is it that difficult to ask when I’ve already helped wipe you clean yesterday?”

Gu Yi’an shook his head at this and supported Guan Zijue to the washroom.

He then helped Guan Zijue to his desk before he started going about preparing breakfast.

Shortly after, a hot, steaming breakfast of scallion pancakes, eggs and milk were ready.

Gu Yi’an remembered that Guan Zijue did not like bread, and he left it out of their breakfast.

A tiny smile appeared on Guan Zijue as he watched Gu Yi’an make breakfast. It’s pretty nice having someone take care of you like that, thought Guan Zijue.

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