Chapter 291: You Don’t Have to Carry Me

Guan Zijue was speechless. Gu Yi’an made it sound like he was the one on the moral high ground when he was the one who literally tore the bedroom apart.

Whatever. I’ll just leave him be since he’s staying here anyway.

“I’d like to take a nap. May I trouble Great Doctor Gu to help me out here?”

Guan Zijue felt something amiss when Gu Yi’an glanced at him, and in the very next second, Guan Zijue was being lifted into Gu Yi’an’s arms.

Guan Zijue wanted to murder him. I know I’m injured but you don’t have to carry me like that!, he thought.

Gu Yi’an was delighted when he saw the horrified expression on Guan Zijue.

He carried Guan Zijue to the bed and said, “Be good and focus on your recovery! I’ll take good care of you!”

I’d be too annoyed to recover well if he carries me around like that all the time.

As if he could hear Guan Zijue’s thoughts, Gu Yi’an smiled and said, “You just have to get used to this!”

Guan Zijue grabbed the pillow beside him and threw it at Gu Yi’an.

Gu Yi’an laughed and continued teasing him, “Don’t get angry, it’s not good for you!”

He threw the pillow back at Guan Zijue, who had no idea what to do with this man in front of him.

Gu Yi’an seemed to be in a great mood after teasing Guan Zijue.

“I’m going to prepare dinner now. I guarantee it’ll be healthy and yummy!”

Guan Zijue shut his eyes as he thought about everything that happened. None of them had spoken about the time in America, as if they had already agreed not to discuss it.

According to his investigations, Gu Yi’an was Pingan, and from how Gu Yi’an reacted, it seemed to only confirm this.

After about an hour or so, he heard Gu Yi’an’s footsteps near the door.

He quickly sat up and got out of bed. I won’t let him carry me like that again. He’s only making fun of me anyway.

When Gu Yi’an saw Guan Zijue climbing out of bed as he entered, he rushed forward to pick Guan Zijue up again.

My gosh, there’s no way to escape from this guy. Instead of murdering Gu Yi’an, Guan Zijue now wanted to kill himself.

Gu Yi’an carried him all the way to the dining table and looked at him sternly.

“Guan Zijue, stop being so stubborn. What if your leg doesn’t heal well? You might not be able to take part in those high intensity trainings in future. What do you think you’re doing?”

Is it that serious?, wondered Guan Zijue as he eyed Gu Yi’an with suspicion.

“Don’t look at me like that. You’re not a woman so why would I be taking advantage of you? Stop overthinking it. All I want is for you to heal well. Don’t blame me if there are long-term side effects because you’re the one being stubborn!”

Annoyed, he then sat down and started eating.

What Gu Yi’an said reminded Guan Zijue of what happened the other night in his apartment. Feeling slightly awkward at this, he began eating silently.

Gu Yi’an had actually prepared a wheelchair for Guan Zijue as well. After dinner, Gu Yi’an helped Guan Zijue onto the wheelchair and the latter pushed himself back into his room.

Gu Yi’an wondered if he had been too harsh with his words earlier. However, he couldn’t help but get angry when he saw how bad Guan Zijue was at taking care of himself.

After cleaning up the dining table in frustration, he saw Guan Zijue still sitting on the wheelchair when he returned to his room.

He went up to Guan Zijue as he thought it was because Guan Zijue was unable to climb into bed. But when he approached, Guan Zijue said, “Help me get a caregiver!”

“What do you need a caregiver for when I’m here? Think your room is still too big and want to restructure it again?”

“A caregiver can help me with all the daily chores so you can focus on helping me recover!”

“No way!” Gu Yi’an retorted instantly.

After a moment, he asked, “Just tell me what you need help with. I might be able to help!”

“I want to take a shower. Can you help me with that?”

“Of course. We’re both men, so I won’t be taken advantage of by you. You might be the one taken advantage of if we get a woman to help with this!”

Guan Zijue creased his brows at this. What do you mean I’ll be the one who’s going to be taken advantage of?

“Whatever. Are you going to help me with it or not!”

He felt extremely grubby after having gone without a shower for two days now.

He should be thinking about recovery instead of taking a shower now!, thought Gu Yi’an.

He then said, “Let’s go. I’ll push you in and help you clean up!”

Being deep in thought, Guan Zijue was silent. He had initially planned to return to his camp after a month or so, but with the accident, he would probably have had to take a leave of about two to three months instead. Just like what Gu Yi’an said earlier, he was also worried that there might be lingering side effects if his injuries do not heal well.

Gu Yi’an sighed. I’m talking to the air. What is he thinking about now?

He coughed to remind Guan Zijue of his presence. Guan Zijue looked up and asked, “What?”

“I said I’ll push you in for your shower. Didn’t you hear that?”

“I heard it now!”

Slightly annoyed at this, a mischievous glint appeared in Gu Yi’an’s eyes.

He turned to look for something in the nearby toolbox and walked towards Guan Zijue with the pair of scissors he found.

Guan Zijue frowned in confusion. “What are you doing?”

Gu Yi’an smirked. “Take a guess?”

Why does he look so creepy when holding that pair of scissors?

What is he planning? He won’t kill me, would he?

Gu Yi’an reached for his trousers with that pair of scissors.

Guan Zijue’s expression darkened as he threw a punch at Gu Yi’an.

Gu Yi’an reacted quickly and stopped the punch in midair. “Relax! I haven’t even started!”

Guan Zijue could only watch as Gu Yi’an cut his trouser legs and turned it into a pair of shorts.

Gu Yi’an looked at his creation proudly after he was done.

“OK! Done! I’ll avoid the injury later, but you’ll be able to clean up better like that!”

Guan Zijue could feel his temples pulsating as he watched Gu Yi’an’s expression of satisfaction. I really want to wipe that smile off his face!

As Gu Yi’an pushed Guan Zijue into the bathroom, he said, “You’ll have to sit in the wheelchair since you refuse to let me carry you. Don’t be too stubborn though. I still have tons of tricks up my sleeve!”

Guan Zijue stared at him as Gu Yi’an laughed.

Gu Yi’an turned on the tap in the bathtub and turned around to get a clean towel, but he realized that Guan Zijue was frozen in place when he turned back.

“Bro, how am I going to wipe your body with your top still on!”

What! He wants to wipe my body?

“I’m guessing you want to go under the shower, right?” He then walked to the bathtub so that he could switch the water flow to the shower head.

Guan Zijue shot a cold glance at him and removed his top quickly, revealing a perfectly sculpted chest.

Gu Yi’an paused to look at Guan Zijue’s figure, finding himself getting a little warmer.

He swallowed his saliva and turned to wet the towel.

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