Chapter 289: A Dangerous Accident

Gu Yi’an nodded in response.

“I know you’re worried, Uncle. Can I ask you something as well?”


“It’s about Guan Zijue’s time in America.”

Guan Mingchang’s hackles rose. “That’s nonsense! I have no idea what you’re talking about!”

“Nonsense? I spent a year with Guan Zijue there when he was eighteen. I know very well where he was during that time.”

“What are you trying to do?”

Gu Yi’an laughed. “Guan Zijue is the one I’ve been looking for all these years. I’m not trying to do anything. He protected me in the past, so I just want to find him and protect him now. Any issues with that?”

Guan Mingchang adjusted his expression quickly and put on his poker face.

“Whatever you’re planning, just know that I won’t allow anyone to harm Zijue.” He then walked away.

Gu Yi’an pursed his lips. He did want to protect Guan Zijue, but the truth was that he seemed to still be the one who needed protecting even after so many years.

He was overwhelmed with emotion when he heard Guan Zijue call out ‘Pingan’, and it felt like his heart was about to burst when he saw Guan Zijue fall.

He didn’t even know he could be this emotional.

Gu Yi’an did a quick check on his injuries before Guan Zijue was sent into the operating room.

There was a fracture in his right leg and although one of his major arteries was damaged, Gu Yi’an had done the best first aid he could so it was likely that Guan Zijue would be able to survive. The rest of his injuries were minor.

Gu Yi’an heaved a sigh of relief when he reminded himself of this.

He then called Ye Zhongjue.

Ye Zhongjue was surprised to see it was Gu Yi’an calling, but he answered it even though he was at work. However, what Gu Yi’an said stunned him.

“What did you just say?”

“I was almost shot right in the streets of Emperor City and I’m very sure that I was their target. I’m at the hospital now, could you look into who’s behind it?”

Ye Zhongjue frowned at this. “Are you hurt?”

Gu Yi’an shook his head. “No. It’s Guan Zijue. He got hit by a car. I’ll send you the location where it happened after this. Thanks.”

“I’ll look into it.”

Gu Yi’an sent him the location immediately after they ended the call.

He saw Guan Zijue’s mother, Xia Xinsheng, when he walked back to the waiting area.

Gu Yi’an greeted her politely, “Hi, Auntie.”

Xia Xinsheng simply nodded, while Guan Mingchang’s expression was as dreadful as before.

Gu Yi’an was the first one to rush up to the doctor when the operation finally ended. “How’s the patient?”

The middle-aged doctor looked at him and asked, “Were you the one who did the first aid?”

Gu Yi’an nodded. “Yes. How is he now?”

The doctor said, “He’s in a better condition than most patients would be after such an accident. You know some things about first aid, don’t you? It was very well done. The operation was very successful.”

This made Gu Yi’an feel rather relieved, and Guan Mingchang’s expression lightened a little when he heard it.

They followed Guan Zijue as he was wheeled into a ward.

Guan Mingchang looked at Gu Yi’an and Luo Qiqi as he said, “Thanks for taking care of Zijue. You guys can leave now that the operation is over!”

Gu Yi’an and Luo Qiqi exchanged a look before exiting the ward.

Luo Qiqi was already making her way out of the hospital when she realized that Gu Yi’an was still standing outside the ward.

She turned back and looked at him in confusion. In fact, Gu Yi’an did not plan to go back tonight.

He followed her out of the hospital to tell her, “I don’t think I’ll be able to leave the city for now. You go ahead, Qiqi. I’d like to stay in the hospital to keep him company.”

Luo Qiqi nodded. “Yi’an, did you know Guan Zijue from before?”

Gu Yi’an looked at her for a while before he asked, “Qiqi, do you know I’ve been looking for someone all this while?”

“I know!”

“He’s the one I’m looking for!”

Luo Qiqi was surprised to hear this. She knew that he had been searching for someone and that someone was a very important person to Gu Yi’an, but she never expected it to actually be Guan Zijue.

She nodded at this. “I understand, Yi’an. I’ll go first.”

She then hailed a cab to leave.

Gu Yi’an returned to the corridor outside Guan Zijue’s ward looking rather grim.

Guan Mingchang saw him sitting on the bench when he walked out, but decided to ignore him anyway.

With Guan Zijue’s condition stabilized, Guan Mingchang decided to head home first since he was scheduled to go to the mountainous districts for an early morning visit tomorrow.

Ye Zhongjue called Gu Yi’an shortly after the older man left.

Gu Yi’an picked up the phone quickly.

“Hey Jue. Anything new?”

“It’s the Dark Night. To be more accurate, you were the target since that time in C City when you were handling the weapon shipment. They were looking into who you were since then. They don’t know your identity yet, but they know for sure that you’re from Sin Eliminators. The Dark Night has been on our tails for the past couple of years since they think that we caused Su Jincheng’s death. You’d better be extra careful. I’ll take care of everything else.”

I see. It’s weird that someone would actually dare to fire so openly on the streets like that. With the enmity building up between Sin Eliminators and The Dark Night these past few years, it would actually be great if Su Jincheng could come back to life like how Luo Qiqi hoped.

Gu Yi’an rubbed his temples. “Thanks, Jue. The Dark Night wouldn’t give up after failing just once. I’ll keep a low profile for now, so contact Qiqi if you need to reach me.”

Ye Zhongjue said, “We’re like family. There’s no need to thank me for this. Hanyu even said he wanted to come over after learning about all this!”

“Jue, tell him not to come over. It’s way too troublesome. I can take care of myself. Also, one more thing, I’ve found who I was looking for.”

“Is it Guan Zijue?”

“How did you know?”

“You’re so unaware. Guan Zijue treats you so differently. I’ve seen him a few times and I’ve almost never seen him with any sort of emotion. But he’s different when he’s with you. Congratulations on finding him! But remember, be very, very careful. You never know if there’s a trap somewhere!”

Gu Yi’an nodded at this. “Got it. Thanks, Bro!”

Ye Zhongjue smiled as he ended the call.

After hearing the doctor say that Guan Zijue might wake up anytime from now, Xia Xinsheng planned to go get some food for him.

She saw Gu Yi’an outside when she exited the ward.

She walked up to him and said, “Yi’an, could you help look after Zijue for a while? I want to go get some food first, in case he wakes up in the middle of the night and he’s hungry.”

“Auntie, it’s better if you stay here. You’ll be able to take care of him when he wakes up. I’ll go get the food. I’m a doctor too so I know what to get!”

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