Chapter 288: My Pingan

The other man froze in fear.

He felt as if Gu Yi’an would be able to crush his skull in the next second.

This man is a demon!

“Wait! I’ll tell you everything! We were hired by someone else. It just so happened that you had a scuffle with our boss about two weeks ago in the bar and he wants revenge too, which is why he told us to accept the job!”

He spoke quickly, hoping that Gu Yi’an would let him go after he came clean.

The man’s accomplice crumpled to the ground instantly as Gu Yi’an released his hold. He looked around at the others. Trying to kill me?

He then smirked and turned to Luo Qiqi after hearing what the man said. It’s all because she abandoned me that night!

Luo Qiqi shrugged and had an expression which seemed to say, I didn’t do that on purpose!

The man on the ground hastily ran back to his accomplices after Gu Yi’an stepped away from him.

This made Gu Yi’an wonder, Am I that terrifying? These thugs are so easily scared.

“I’ll let you guys go this time. Go back and tell your boss to come to me directly if he wants a challenge. None of you guys would be able to succeed in killing me like that.”

Luo Qiqi laughed as the group of thugs beat a hasty retreat. “I thought it was somebody from the casino, and I thought I’d be able to get some proper practice this time. Who knew they were all as timid as mice!”

Annoyed, Gu Yi’an said, “You should go bullfighting in Rome then!”

Luo Qiqi rolled her eyes at him. “Whatever. Let’s go before anyone from the casino catches up to us!”

Gu Yi’an nodded. “You’re right. We should leave. They should already have realized what we did by now.”

No one seemed to have been able to tell when he had cheated at the slot machine earlier.

He used something that functioned similarly to a magnet while at the slot machine to rig it so that he would win.

Although no one would be able to tell he had rigged it when playing the game, it would still be very obvious that he had cheated after a while.

Gu Yi’an and Luo Qiqi spotted a man a short distance away as they walked out the alley.

Who else could that be but Guan Zijue? Why is it always him?

Guan Zijue seemed to spot something nearby and rushed towards him suddenly, paying no attention to the oncoming car on the road.

This stunned Gu Yi’an momentarily, but all he heard was Guan Zijue’s cry before he could react.

“Pingan, careful!”

Gu Yi’an heard the bullet swoosh pass as Guan Zijue yelled at him, and all he saw was Guan Zijue being hit by the oncoming vehicle.

Luo Qiqi pushed Gu Yi’an to the ground at the same time and they were able to dodge the bullet, although it scraped Luo Qiqi’s arm a little.

Gu Yi’an stared at the man who was lying in a pool of blood a short distance away as tears stung his eyes. “Big Brother...”

A second bullet swooshed past, and Luo Qiqi dragged Gu Yi’an to hide behind another nearby car.

Luo Qiqi knew that whoever it was would have left after failing at the second attempt. They were in the city, and any sniper would not dare to pull the trigger for a third time.

She looked at Gu Yi’an. “Yi’an, what’s wrong?”

This snapped Gu Yi’an out of his daze. He rushed towards Guan Zijue and held him.

Luo Qiqi was surprised to see Gu Yi’an like this. Did he forget all about first-aid?

She calmed herself down and said, “Gu Yi’an, stay calm. You’re a doctor. Aren’t you supposed to staunch the bleeding first? Are you forgetting all about first-aid?”

What she said seemed to be effective in reminding Gu Yi’an what he should be doing.

He took a deep breath and tore off a part of his shirt to help staunch Guan Zijue’s bleeding as best as he could.

Both of them hopped onto the ambulance when it arrived and followed as Guan Zijue was sent to hospital.

When Gu Yi’an requested to operate on Guan Zijue, Luo Qiqi stared at him incredulously. “Yi’an, are you an idiot? Are you sure you’re able to remain calm throughout the operation? You won’t be able to save him with how flustered you are!”

I’m unable to save him?

I seem to be endangering Guan Zijue every time I see him. He failed in that mission because of me, and he wouldn’t have had to take care of me throughout the night if I didn’t get so drunk at the bar.

He seems nasty on the outside, but he had never really done anything horrible to me either.

He probably already found out that I was Pingan, or else he wouldn’t have done that earlier.

He asked to buy that painting and about my scar, and he kept asking me if I had been in the underground wrestling rings in the past. These were all tell-tale signs.

I get it now.

Gu Yi’an never really told anyone about his past, and he believed that Guan Zijue would not have revealed it to anyone else either.

He realized that Guan Zijue was the man he had been searching for all this while, the teenager who had protected him when he was younger.

Gu Yi’an left without bidding goodbye because he did not want Guan Zijue to worry too much, but he didn’t think that they would be separated for such a long time.

Every second felt like a minute to Gu Yi’an as he waited outside the operating room.

Guan Mingchang arrived after a while and spotted Luo Qiqi before seeing Gu Yi’an crouched in the corner. The older man walked over to him and said, “Come with me, I need to tell you something!”

Gu Yi’an followed without a second thought.

Guan Mingchang looked very stern.

He had looked into Guan Zijue’s earlier mission and he knew that the suspect had been released on bail by Ye Zhongjue before his name was cleared.

He also found out that the suspect was Gu Yi’an.

He learnt that before Gu Yi’an became an artist, he was a surgeon with an extremely high success rate, but he did not know why Gu Yi’an decided to switch career tracks all of a sudden.

He could also tell that Guan Zijue seemed out of sorts every time it came to Gu Yi’an.

Instead of staying home to reflect on his actions, Guan Mingchang realized that Guan Zijue had actually been using his time to investigate a man named Gu Yi’an.

He stared at Gu Yi’an as he wondered what could make his son act that way.

Guan Mingchang thought Guan Zijue refused to get married because he wanted to focus on his career first, but now, he wondered if it could have been because of this other man in front of him.

Guan Mingchang looked like he was about to kill Gu Yi’an at any moment.

“Uncle, what’s the matter?”

Guan Mingchang asked, “Are you Gu Yi’an?”

“Yes, I am.” Gu Yi’an answered steadily.

“Do you know that Zijue was punished because he failed in an earlier mission, all because of you!”

This surprised Gu Yi’an. Punished?

It’s no wonder Guan Zijue seemed to have so much time on his hands recently.

Guan Mingchang then said, “It’s obvious you’re not aware. I’m not one to interfere in whatever he does, but let me give you a warning. I won't let anyone who hurts my son get away!”

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