Chapter 287: An Embarrassment to All Males

Xiaojin’s face flushed red with anger. He stared at Luo Qiqi as he said, “You talk big. Be careful!”

Luo Qiqi looked at him with disdain. “We’ll know very soon who’s talking big.”

President Qian patted him on the shoulder to calm him down before Xiaojin could get any angrier.

Gu Yi’an settled himself into a nearby sofa to view the game.

President Qian said, “I’ll sit back just like Mr. Pingan here, so this can be a fair match!”

He then moved over to the sofa.

Luo Qiqi wanted to laugh when she heard ‘Mr. Pingan’.

Am I the only one who thinks that the name doesn’t suit him at all?

The game was about to begin as Xiaojin walked up to the table.

“Choose any one you like and bet big money on it!”

Letting me have the freedom of choice? Isn’t she afraid of losing at all? There’s no point in being nice then.

He chose something he was good at, Blackjack.

Gu Yi’an watched the game silently, as if he knew that Luo Qiqi would not lose.

In fact, he was confident that they’d still be able to get out of this place even if she lost.

After the first round, Luo Qiqi’s chips doubled while Xiaojin suffered heavy losses.

He watched Luo Qiqi cautiously. It’s no surprise she’s that arrogant. She does have some skills.

President Qian was up next. Having observed the game earlier, he could tell that Luo Qiqi was playing a psychological game. Xiaojin was not adept at that, and it was no surprise that he lost.

From how Gu Yi’an and Luo Qiqi behaved after arriving, he already knew that they were not ordinary individuals, but he definitely did not expect them to be this good.

Luo Qiqi smirked at President Qian. “What would you like to play next, President Qian?”

“Blackjack!” He answered calmly.

Luo Qiqi gave a bright smile. “Not afraid of losing like Xiaojin? I’ll place a large bet this time!”

President Qian ignored her and the match began shortly.

After one game, Luo Qiqi had fifty million dollars worth of chips on her hand. President Qian’s expression was dreadful.

All of a sudden, he asked, “How about we try the slot machines?”

Luo Qiqi glanced at Gu Yi’an. Though winning at slot machines was more dependent on luck, the overall odds were still in favor of the casino.

Gu Yi’an stood up and said, “Tired, Xiaoqi? How about you take a rest? I’ll try my hand at the slot machines with President Qian. We’ll bet all fifty million dollars of our chips on this match. Whether we win or lose, it’ll be the last game.”

Before they started, Gu Yi’an hit the slot machine lightly under the watchful eyes of President Qian. President Qian did not comment on this even though he had seen it.

After placing their bets, they watched the slot machine run, only to see Gu Yi’an raking in the winnings.

President Qian was surprised to see this. What’s up with the casino? Why are they letting others win?

In fact, the slot machine was indeed rigged, but it malfunctioned for some reason.

Gu Yi’an now had a hundred million dollars worth of chips on hand.

Luo Qiqi grinned like a Cheshire cat. What amazing earnings!

She looked at her watch and realized it was already seven thirty in the evening.

She thus collected all their chips into a bag and smiled at Gu Yi’an. “Let’s go, Yi’an!”

Before they could leave, President Qian scoffed at them. “Do you think we’ll let you go that easily?”

Gu Yi’an turned back to look at him. “Why not?”

He knew very well that no one would dare open fire in Emperor City, especially if they were running a business. They could not take such a risk.

President Qian balled his fists.

“Let’s see if you can escape!”

Luo Qiqi smiled broadly. “Itching for a fight?”

President Qian and Xiaojin were surprised at how smug Luo Qiqi was. Isn’t she scared?

Before they could react, Luo Qiqi threw the bag of chips into Gu Yi’an’s arms. “Hold this, Yi’an. It’s been a long time since I’ve exercised. I should make use of this opportunity today.”

Gu Yi’an turned away as he heard the men get beaten up by Luo Qiqi. What an embarrassment to all males, he thought to himself.

After the fight was over, Luo Qiqi dusted off her hands and walked away with poise, leaving the two men groaning in pain.

The room was monitored by security cameras, but seeing how Luo Qiqi defeated two men single-handedly, none of the staff dared get involved.

It was obvious that Gu Yi’an and Luo Qiqi were not people they should trifle with.

The staff were also very respectful when they exchanged their chips.

Luo Qiqi instructed them to credit the winnings directly into her bank account after passing them her bank card, smacking her lips in satisfaction as she received the notification on her mobile phone.

She then turned to leave the casino with Gu Yi’an, happy with her earnings.

Gu Yi’an felt something amiss immediately after they exited the casino. He pulled Luo Qiqi closer and said, “Qiqi, careful. There’s a bunch of people following us!”

Luo Qiqi was aware of this, but she wondered why anyone would follow them out of the casino. Were they upset that we won this much?

That didn’t make sense. Those from the casino wouldn’t have followed us so openly like that anyway.

Instead of getting into the car, they headed towards a tiny alley nearby.

The footsteps behind them quickened.

When they were in the alley, Luo Qiqi and Gu Yi’an turned around to see a bunch of men holding weapons.

Luo Qiqi smirked at them. Trying to surround us?

Gu Yi’an scratched his nose. “Are you taking the left or right?”

Luo Qiqi laughed. “I prefer to go left!”

Gu Yi’an nodded.

The men were annoyed that they were being underestimated like that.

Gu Yi’an did not realize that the men were the very same group of people who had targeted him that night at the bar.

Someone had actually hired them to give Gu Yi’an a scare.

It was the perfect opportunity for them to take revenge for what happened that night!

They lunged at Gu Yi’an and Luo Qiqi.

Gu Yi’an reminded Luo Qiqi, “Careful of the knives!”

He then sent one of the men flying with a powerful kick.

Luo Qiqi dodged nimbly and disarmed the man who was right in front of her. She grabbed his knife and stabbed it into his thigh, causing him to howl in pain.

Seeing how Luo Qiqi overpowered one of them so easily, the men started becoming frightful.

Luo Qiqi happened to be itching for a fight right at this moment.

She rushed up to start beating them up when they hesitated in their attack. She ran up against a wall and sent a few of them flying with her kicks.

Is this really a woman? Why is she so powerful?

Though Gu Yi’an did not rush at the men like Luo Qiqi did, no one was able to beat him either.

With one of them pinned under his left foot and another firmly immobilized, he asked in a gentle voice, “Who are you guys and why are you here? I’m giving you three seconds to answer me. I’ll spare whoever answers first.”

Though his voice was gentle, it carried a nightmarish undertone.

None of the men answered him.

Gu Yi’an laughed. “No answer? I’ll send the both of you to hell then!”

He then snapped one of their necks instantly.

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