Chapter 285: Picking up a Drunkard

This annoyed Guan Zijue. He stared at Gu Yi’an. Gosh, this guy is so...

Anger suddenly rose in him. I shouldn’t be blaming a drunkard for this, but I’m very unhappy about being pushed out of bed in the morning!

Guan Zijue spoke through gritted teeth, “I picked up a drunkard last night, and you puked in my car and made a mess in my house. You just pushed me out of bed earlier. What do you think I’m trying to do! ”

Gu Yi’an then realized that he was the drunkard.

He scratched his head apologetically and smiled. “I see. I misunderstood you. But, why are we on the same bed?”

Gu Yi’an looked so innocent that Guan Zijue wasn’t able to get angry at him. “Why can’t I sleep in my own bed?”

Gu Yi’an asked naively, “Why didn’t you go to the guest room?”

This frustrated Guan Zijue. “It’s my house so why should I go to the guest room? I don’t have a guest room anyway!”

Gu Yi’an was taken aback by Guan Zijue’s anger. Fine, I get it, there isn’t a guest room. No need to be that riled up. I’m just shocked that I shared a bed with a man!

He then sat up and said, “Regarding last night, thanks. I’ll be going then!”

His sleeping robe fell open when he stood up and Guan Zijue saw him in all his glory again.

Guan Zijue turned away in embarrassment. “Get going then!”

Gu Yi’an shrugged and turned back to ask, “Oh, where are my clothes?”

Guan Zijue’s back was towards him as he answered, “In the bathroom. Look for them yourself!”

He heaved a sigh of relief as he heard the door close. Seeing Gu Yi’an again elicited a reaction.

He took a deep breath as he looked at the obvious bulge under his pyjamas.

Gu Yi’an found his clothes in the bathroom, but they reeked badly of alcohol.

He put them down and headed for the bedroom again.

Guan Zijue tensed as he heard footsteps approaching.

Seeing Guan Zijue’s back towards him, Gu Yi’an asked, “Do you hate me that much? I know I troubled you last night. How about I hire a cleaner to help you clean up?”

“No need!” Guan Zijue answered stiffly.

Gu Yi’an continued, “My clothes reek of alcohol. Could you lend me an outfit for the time being?”

Guan Zijue took a deep breath as he tried to calm himself.

“Find one in the closet against the wall. You’re free to take whatever you like!”

Gu Yi’an thought that Guan Zijue would refuse his request, but the positive response was a pleasant surprise.

“Thank you very much!”

He started looking through the closet for an outfit.

Both of them were of similar build, but Guan Zijue was a little more muscular than Gu Yi’an since he was in the military.

Gu Yi’an realized that almost all of the clothes in the closet were black. Though he preferred white, he had no choice but to select a black tracksuit.

Guan Zijue thought he would leave after getting the outfit, but to his horror, Gu Yi’an started changing right there.

It’s fine. He’s going to leave soon.

Gu Yi’an was not used to seeing himself in an all-black outfit, but it was still better than wearing clothes that reeked of alcohol.

He admonished Luo Qiqi silentlyThe only reason he decided to drink so much was because he knew Luo Qiqi had a high alcohol tolerance, but he never expected for her to abandon him in the bar like that.

He looked at Guan Zijue and said, “You haven’t had any food right? Let’s go get some food. My treat, okay?”

“No need!” Guan Zijue answered.

However, Gu Yi’an was insistent. Wouldn’t it be too ungrateful if I just left like this?

“I can make something if you don’t like to eat out. I’m a good cook!”

Guan Zijue just wanted him to leave.

“I said there was no need. Don’t you understand?”

Gu Yi’an was stunned. He couldn’t understand why Guan Zijue was acting that way.

“Fine, I’ll go. Thanks for last night. I’ll send your clothes back after I get home!”

“No need for that. I won’t wear it again since someone else has already worn it!”

This hurt Gu Yi’an a little.

Did he have to say that? Even though we didn’t start on good terms because of that painting, I just wanted to thank him.

It’s just an outfit anyway. I shouldn’t think too much about it. Gu Yi’an then left silently.

Guan Zijue suddenly regretted everything he just said and did when he saw Gu Yi’an leave.

What’s done is done. I should avoid Gu Yi’an in future. I can’t seem to control my emotions when he’s around.

He hoped that he would never see Gu Yi’an ever again.

Guan Zijue stayed home for the next few days, afraid that he would happen to meet Gu Yi’an on the road.

When Gu Yi’an arrived back at Guan Zixuan’s villa, he saw Luo Qiqi on the sofa, looking downtrodden. It was obvious that she did not get a wink of sleep.

Gu Yi’an thought that she had spent the entire night looking for him and went up to comfort her, but Luo Qiqi looked up at him suddenly, her voice hoarse as she spoke. “Yi’an, I saw Su Jincheng yesterday!”

This stopped Gu Yi’an in his tracks. She must have been looking for Su Jincheng then, and she did not find him.

Gu Yi’an asked, “Qiqi, let’s put that on the back burner. I think you should get some sleep first.”

Luo Qiqi stared at him. “Don’t change the subject, Yi’an. I think it’s really Su Jincheng. Tell me I’m right. He isn’t dead. He’s still alive!”

Gu Yi’an’s heart went out to her. He knew Luo Qiqi was being irrational, but he couldn’t help but feel sorry for all that she’s been through.

He hugged her and said gently, “We haven’t found Su Jincheng’s body, so we don’t know if he’s alive or dead. It’s possible that he’s alive, and you may be able to find him if you continue searching for him. Let’s not think about this for now. Take a nap and we’ll go get some food later. We’ll have the energy to look for him after we’ve eaten...”

His soothing voice was able to calm Luo Qiqi down as she rested her head against his chest.

Gu Yi’an then knocked her out.

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