Chapter 284: I’m Not That Thirsty

Guan Zijue drove towards his own apartment in Emperor City.

Gu Yi’an was as quiet as a sleeping child throughout the ride.

He looked almost exactly like Pingan when Guan Zijue happened to glance at him.

Guan Zijue shook his head at the thought. Why do I keep mistaking him for Pingan?

Having been in those underground wrestling rings doesn’t prove that he’s Pingan.

But then again, the painting he saw felt so familiar that it brought him back to when he was eighteen.

As Guan Zijue looked at Gu Yi’an, the latter creased his brows suddenly.

Gu Yi’an mumbled, “Jue… Qiqi… Hanyu...”

He didn’t say anything else, but he looked like he was in a lot of pain.

An idea struck Guan Zijue. Alcohol lowers one’s inhibitions and can make them tell the truth. Can I try to get the truth out of Gu Yi’an?

He quickly asked, “Gu Yi’an, were you in the underground wrestling rings in America when you were younger?”

The drunk Gu Yi’an mumbled, “Mm.”

Guan Zijue continued, “What was your name then? Where were you and did you have any good friends there?”

He looked at Gu Yi’an expectantly.

Gu Yi’an opened his mouth to speak, and said, “I’m Xiao… ughh...”

He started vomiting before he could finish.

Guan Zijue could only watch in annoyance as Gu Yi’an vomited in his car.

Gu Yi’an’s head was much clearer after vomiting, and he opened the door to get out of the car.

Guan Zijue’s expression was dreadful. He called a tow truck to tow his car away and stared at Gu Yi’an who was now by the roadside.

Though drunk, Gu Yi’an had been aware of what Guan Zijue tried to ask him earlier. He also knew that if he did not happen to vomit, he would probably have told Guan Zijue the truth.

It’s fortunate that I vomited.

I just vomited in his car, so Guan Zijue will probably skin me alive if I tell him that I’m aware of everything.

It’s better to pretend to be drunk.

Gu Yi’an then continued pretending to vomit by the roadside.

After a while, a bottle of water appeared near him and he looked up to see Guan Zijue’s stormy expression.

Gu Yi’an gave him a wide grin. Anyone who saw that grin would definitely think he was drunk.

He reached for the bottle of water and used it to rinse his mouth.

Guan Zijue watched and wondered to himself, I wonder how drunk he is. Looking at him now, I probably won’t be able to get much information out of him.

After Gu Yi’an was done, he returned the bottle to Guan Zijue with a wide grin.

Guan Zijue threw it into the trash bin nearby and pulled Gu Yi’an up. He hailed a cab and headed back to his own apartment with Gu Yi’an in tow.

Gu Yi’an did not do anything else during the ride. He simply shut his eyes as if he was asleep.

Guan Zijue was about to drag Gu Yi’an out of the cab when he saw Gu Yi’an frown. He then decided to be a little more gentle.

Back in his apartment, Guan Zijue decided to take a quick shower.

Gu Yi’an was sleeping on the sofa when he was done.

Guan Zijue frowned and chastised himself. I can’t blame a drunkard can I? I’m the one who brought him back here anyway.

He looked at Gu Yi’an again and decided to wake him up, dragging him to the bathroom.

He took off Gu Yi’an’s jacket and was about to undo his trousers when Gu Yi’an stopped him suddenly.

Gu Yi’an looked at Guan Zijue in alarm, as if he was about to be taken advantage of.

Guan Zijue was speechless at this. Why would I take advantage of a man? I’m not that thirsty.

He pulled Gu Yi’an towards him and took off his trousers before pushing him into the shower.

Gu Yi’an stood there as he got drenched, staring at Guan Zijue like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

Those innocent and naive eyes made Guan Zijue’s heart skip a beat. He looked at Gu Yi’an fair skin, realizing that he was much fairer than the average male.

After a while, he realized that he was having a reaction as he watched Gu Yi’an.

He turned away immediately in embarrassment.

Guan Zijue never thought that he would physically react to a male, ever.

He exited the bathroom and took some time to calm himself down.

He then reentered the bathroom after some time and wrapped Gu Yi’an in a towel as quickly as he could before dragging him out.

When they reached the living room, Gu Yi’an fell forwards as soon as he spotted the sofa.

Guan Zijue grabbed him with a frown as he looked at Gu Yi’an’s wet hair.

He then took a hairdryer to blow dry Gu Yi’an’s hair.

When he was done, Gu Yi’an was already sound asleep in his lap.

Guan Zijue was flustered.

He had never been this compassionate to anyone else apart from Pingan, but for some reason, he wanted to treat Gu Yi’an kindly.

He placed the hairdryer aside and wondered if he should let Gu Yi’an sleep in his room. 

It’s not an issue if they share the same bed, but it would be an issue if he had a reaction again.

Guan Zijue wasn’t gay, so he couldn’t understand why he had reacted to Gu Yi’an in such a manner.

Gu Yi’an had already curled up into himself on the sofa as Guan Zijue was considering his options.

It wouldn’t be comfortable for him if I left him here like this. He might fall ill if he sleeps here.

Guan Zijue suddenly regretted his decision of not having a guest room in his apartment. He then dragged Gu Yi’an towards his own room.

The rooms in Guan Zijue’s apartment were rather large, but it did not have a guest room. He seldom had friends over, and he never expected for this to happen.

On the bed, Gu Yi’an turned and made himself comfortable. Guan Zijue frowned at this. Comfy now, are you? Where do I sleep though?

He didn’t want to sleep outside, but he couldn’t help but recall that he had had a reaction when Gu Yi’an was in the bathroom earlier.

After a while, he decided to sleep on the bed. He told himself, My bed is so large, so it should be fine if he doesn’t touch me.

Gu Yi’an’s breath was a distraction for Guan Zijue, and he buried his own head under the blanket to try to sleep. Not used to having another individual beside him, Guan Zijue took a long time to finally fall asleep.

Gu Yi’an opened his eyes the next morning to see a handsome face right in front of him. Shocked, he pushed Guan Zijue away, causing the latter to roll out of bed.

This woke Guan Zijue immediately.

He stood up and looked at Gu Yi’an, “Gu Yi’an, what are you doing?”

Gu Yi’an looked at him in confusion. He remembered that they were in a vehicle last night, but he couldn’t remember anything else afterward.

He frowned and asked, “What are you trying to do?”

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