Chapter 283: The Devil’s Incarnate

Guan Mingchang shook his head at how stubborn his son was. I won’t have to worry so much if only Guan Zixuan and Guan Zijue could learn a little from each other.

I’ll let it be since he has already decided.

It was difficult to point the blame at any single individual for the failure of the mission, but somebody had to take responsibility for it.

He waved a hand at Guan Zijue. “Go ahead then. I’ll look into the punishment for this. Yours would probably be the heaviest. You don’t have to go back to camp for the moment. Stay here in Emperor City and reflect on your actions for the next month!”

“Yes, Father!”

Instead of returning to his room, Guan Zijue turned and left the house.

Gu Yi’an and Luo Qiqi were having dinner when Luo Qiqi suggested, “Yi’an, want to go to a bar later?”

Gu Yi’an shook his head. “I’m going back to work on my art. You can go on your own!”

Luo Qiqi seemed a little disappointed at this. “Why do you always refuse to go for a drink when I ask? Is it so beneath you to do so...”

She then started nagging him. Gu Yi’an knew what he was in for, so he stopped Luo Qiqi as quickly as he could.


This made Luo Qiqi stare at him in surprise.

He said, “Fine, we’ll go for a drink after dinner. But let me make this clear. I’m only doing this once!”

“Okay, okay!” Luo Qiqi ran up and pretended to be extremely courteous to him.

Luo Qiqi is supposed to be Ye Zhongjue’s younger sister, but why did it feel like she’s my younger sister instead! I can’t shake her off no matter what.

Ye Zhongjue and Mo Suqing left the city in the morning, and Ye Zhongjue had actually asked Luo Qiqi if she wanted to go back with them. Luo Qiqi refused, and no one could convince her otherwise.

Gu Yi’an understood that going back to A City would only remind her of what happened in the past, which was why she preferred to stay here instead of returning to A City.

They left for a nearby bar after dinner, and Luo Qiqi ordered tons of drinks.

Opening a bottle of beer, she turned to Gu Yi’an and said, “Let’s get wasted tonight!”

Gu Yi’an did not plan on drinking initially, but seeing Luo Qiqi so excited, he picked up a bottle and knocked it against Luo Qiqi’s bottle.

“Let’s get wasted!”

The both of them then started chugging their drinks.

After a while, Gu Yi’an got so drunk that Luo Qiqi decided they should leave.

Before she could leave however, her attention was caught by somebody who just passed outside the bar.

That looked like Su Jincheng!

Luo Qiqi rubbed her eyes to take a closer look, but the figure was already gone.

She rushed out without a second thought.

Being drunk, Gu Yi’an did not notice Luo Qiqi acting strangely at all. He reached out a hand only to cause a few bottles to topple over.

It was so noisy that no one else realized what had happened at their table but a figure sitting in a quiet corner who was observing him silently. Holding a glass of red wine, the figure watched everything unfold.

The flashing lights in the bar shone across the figure, and it was none other than Guan Zijue.

He spotted Gu Yi’an but did not approach him.

In his daze, Gu Yi’an was able to finally grab a bottle to continue chugging his beer.

He then looked up in the air and said, “Qiqi, you go ahead. I need the restroom!”

After which, he stood up and staggered away.

Guan Zijue witnessed everything and he spotted a few suspicious men following Gu Yi’an as he left the table.

Worried, Guan Zijue decided to follow the group. He told himself to ignore everything at first, and though it was highly possible that Gu Yi’an would be able to beat those guys up, he still felt anxious.

He heard the men talking among themselves when he was about to reach the restroom.

“Did you see that guy? We’ll send him to a gay bar after we’re done with him. He’s bound to fetch a high price!”

“That’s right. He looks so pretty even as a man, I’m already hard!”

“Look at you guys. We can do all that after we’re done!”


Though the men had yet to do anything to Gu Yi’an, what they said made Guan Zijue extremely uncomfortable. He stared at those men cautiously.

When the restroom door opened, the men lunged forward instantly.

Guan Zijue heard Gu Yi’an’s laughter before he could even react to the situation.

Gu Yi’an was able to dodge, causing the men to topple over themselves.

He laughed in a drunken manner.

The stunned Guan Zijue watched everything unfold.

The men picked themselves up and yelled at Gu Yi’an angrily, “Damn you. How dare you trick us! We from the Money Gang are no easy targets! Kill him!”

They then lunged at Gu Yi’an again.

This time, Guan Zijue rushed out and blocked their attack swiftly. Pushing two of the men to the ground, he growled, “Get out!”

The men looked at him, dazed.

One of them then asked, “Who the hell are you? Do you even know who we are? How dare you foil our plans. I’ll make you...”

Guan Zijue sent him flying with a kick before he could finish. The man crashed against the opposite wall and crumbled to the ground.

Scared stiff, the rest of them made a hasty escape, thinking to themselves, He must be the devil’s incarnate! We should go!

Guan Zijue turned to Gu Yi’an after the group of men were gone.

The drunk Gu Yi’an mumbled to himself, “Are my eyes fooling me... Why does this person look so much like Guan Zijue? But… he shouldn’t be here!”

He then lowered his head as he tried to make sense of the situation.

This made Guan Zijue wonder to himself, He can recognize me and he’s speaking so clearly. I wonder if he’s really drunk?

He walked up to support the staggering Gu Yi’an, but Gu Yi’an dodged him nimbly.

He looked at Guan Zijue cautiously. “Who are you? What are you trying to do? Let me tell you something. I’ve got skills!”

Guan Zijue was speechless at this.

“Fine! You’re the best! No one can beat you!”

With that, Gu Yi’an allowed him to support him as they returned to his table.

Gu Yi’an reached out and touched Guan Zijue’s face suddenly. “Why do you look like Guan Zijue? Why won’t he let me off the hook? Why does he have to follow me to the bar? Isn’t he tired of tailing me?”

Though Gu Yi’an had spoken unintentionally, Guan Zijue’s expression darkened. However, he told himself, He’s so drunk I shouldn’t be taking him seriously! He probably doesn’t even know what’s going on.

Guan Zijue dragged Gu Yi’an out of the bar and looked around, hoping to spot Luo Qiqi nearby, but she was nowhere to be found.

After a moment of contemplation, he pulled Gu Yi’an to his car.

He’s so drunk. And where is Luo Qiqi? She just left and abandoned him. What is wrong with these two!

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